My childhood friend who never went to school made it a condition of going to school to kiss her every day.

This is an immoral love comedy starting with a kiss!

Hiroki, a second-year high school student, goes to his childhood friend Yuki's house every day. No matter how many times he calls out to her, she doesn't come out of her room, so Hiroki does the last thing he can do.

"Is there anything I can do for you? I'll do anything."

"......Then kiss me every day. If you do, I'll go to school."

Unsure of her true intentions, I did what I could in Yuki's room, on the roof, and in the classroom after school. I kissed her again and again without anyone finding out.

"This is my first time, so......I might not be able to do it well."

"I'm sorry I'm not a good kisser, I'll work on it."

"......Can we do it every day?"

We're not in a relationship. Then why are you kissing me? What do you really want? A love comedy which starts with a kiss.