• Ayumi Miku

Eromanga-Sensei Volume 10: Senju Muramasa and Culture Festival of Love Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1:

My name is Izumi Masamune. The second-year high school student. Sixteen years old.

I’m a novelist even though I’m still going to school. My pen name is Izumi Masamune. For a lot of reasons, two years ago, I began to live together with my hikikomori little sister.

But one year ago, something big happened. I found out about her 'secret'.

My novel’s illustrator, 'Eromanga-sensei' is also my little sister, Izumi Sagiri.

After that, many things happened ---

It’s now in September. Our novel, 'The Cutest Little Sister in the World', is being made into an anime.

'Have Sagiri come out of her room and we watch our anime together'.

That was our dream. It’s becoming reality.

There are about seven months until it’s finished. Slowly, day by day…our dream – is coming. By our own two hands. Every day has been so busy.

By the way ---

I forgot to tell you about the most important detail.

We became a couple. We got engaged.


Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Sagiri looked at her engagement ring and laughed happily.

Seeing her like that made me feel so surreal. Our happiness is just that simple.

I was thinking about what happened after I proposed. But as it turned out, it didn’t go as smoothly as in a light novel.

Well, it’s not like my story began in a normal way anyway.

From a novelist’s point of view, I’d say my situation is near the climax. If we were in a light novel, I think the author must be out of ideas.

Like, he doesn’t know what to write next.

Ahaha….well, just, you know. Who cares anyway? As long as everything is okay.

Because Sagiri is waiting for me.

That’s enough.

I’m not a character in someone’s story. Even if I were, I wouldn’t just do as he likes.

Right…If I have to write my own story --- then it would continue as a normal, happy, romantic comedy story.

Yes, my wish – is just that Sagiri is happy.

Summer break is over…

There are seven months and one more day until “The cutest little sister in the world” is finished.

“I’m home.”

I returned from school. Sagiri came out of the living room and ran toward me.

“Welcome back, Nii-san.”

“Oh ya.”

I hugged her small body and repeated myself:

“I’m home, Sagiri.”


She laughed.

Her smell made my heart race.

“What’s up?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Is that so?”

I let go of her. I don’t want to, but I can’t enter the house at this rate.

Then, she took something out of her pocket and gave it to me.

“It’s for you, Nii-san.”


Wh..what is this? A delivery notice?

From AmuAmu, 'Demon Blade figure'.

“Wow, you pretended that there was no one home again? I feel pity for the delivery man.”

“Because I can’t come out…”

“Well, but…”

Can’t be helped…

While Sagiri did improve a lot, she still can’t go out of the house. She did manage to do so a few days back,

but that was an emergency.

Now, even if I am in the house, she can come downstairs. Recently, we

could even eat meals together. It was such an amazing improvement ---

And that’s all.

For now, that’s Sagiri’s limit.

No need to rush. We can take it slow. Even she said it herself, that she 'wants to go to school in the future'.

“So, Nii-san --- make sure to call him again.”

“….I’m so embarrassed. I bet he already noticed that you just pretend not to be home.”

“Tell him to come tomorrow night, when you are home. I can’t come out and take it.”

“Yeah yeah, I know.”

I lead her back to the living room. I used to go straight back to my room as soon as I returned home, but recently I usually take a detour into the living room.

-- Together with my lover.

I put my bag on the sofa.

“What did you do today, Sagiri?”

“Um, a lot. I have a rough stretch of a new character.”

“Can I take a look?”

“…Do you want to see it? Eh ~ what should I do ~?”

“I want to. Please.”

“ --- Sure. Here.”

“Ah ~ nice! So cute! I already have a new idea for her.”

“Really? That soon?”

“Ahaha, no need to rush. Oh, by the way, I planned to go shopping after I finished changing. Is there anything you want for dinner?”

“…Anything, as long as it’s something you want to eat.”

By the way, Sagiri still calls me 'Nii-san' instead of 'Masamune'.

She said she felt more comfortable that way.

I do understand how she feels, and it does save me a lot of headaches.

But…what if she still calls me 'Nii-san' after we get married?

No! I like it! I feel very happy!

Yes! That’s how I feel!

But others probably wouldn’t take it well…

-- Masamune, you let your wife call you 'Nii-san'?

-- Ugh…I can’t believe it…what a siscon.

I wonder what Elf’s gang would say.

No, I was getting distracted.

“'Something I want to eat?' so, you are asking me to cook something that I like?”

“Yes...We promised, didn’t we? That you will teach me how to cook.”


Indeed, we did.

“Then let’s do it today – cook something that I like.”

“Un! Ehehe…cooking with Nii-san…would be a precious memory.”

Recently, we are just like this.

We are very happy – like we are living inside a romantic story.

By the way, after I bought ingredients for my favorite 'Garlic Chives Hotpot', Sagiri had a weird look on her face.

What’s with her?

The next day, Sunday, we planned to hold a hotpot party.

Someone called me early in the morning. It came from Muramasa-senpai’s landline.

I thought it came from Senjyu Muramasa – real name Umezono Hana, so I took it with a cheerful heart.

“Yes, Muramasa-senpai?”

But I didn’t hear her voice. Instead, it was a low, male voice.

“It’s me.”

“Eh….eh…you, you are…?”

“I’m Umezono Rintarou. This must be Izumi Masamune-sensei’s phone number.”


I froze, swallowed hard, and shook my head. Then, I managed to understand the situation.

Crap crap crap ~~~!!

Umezono Rintarou is Senjyu Muramasa-sensei’s father, and he is also the famous novelist 'Umezono Rintarou'.

“U, Umenozo-sensei! It’s been a long time! How are you?”

“Hm, you don’t have to call me sensei.”

“Then…. Muramasa-senpai….’s father?”

“Huh? Step-father?”

“No no, the other kanji!”

Please don’t make that simple mistake!

“You have no reason to call me father. I don’t care what kanji you used – use something else. You can use Umenozo-san, Rintarou-san, or even Rin-chan.”

Rin-chan is too much!

“….Why are you calling me, Umenozo-san?”

“It’s something important – come here now.”

He must mean his home…that’s very far.

“…..Right, right now?”

“Right now.”

“Actually, I’m very busy….”

“I know. Come here. Now.”

He isn’t even going to explain. I gave up and said:

“…I understand. May I ask something?”

“What is it?”

“….Are you angry right now?”

“I’m very angry right now.”

“I knew it! Now I really don’t want to go!”

“Stop messing around and come here.”

“Yes yes! I will come as soon as possible!”

And so…

I was called by an angry novelist and rushed to the Umenozo household.

A few hours later, I have arrived at the Umenozo household. It is a samurai’s settler, which gave it an ancient atmosphere.

I stopped in front of the main door, which doesn’t have a doorbell or an intercom.

-- Really, what would a delivery man do in this case?

Thinking back about the last time I came here, I shouted:

“Anybody home –--!?”

It’d be great if Muramasa-senpai opened the door.

A few minutes later, the door opened…. Contrary to my hopes, a man in a kimono appeared.

A dignified appearance, a face covered in wrinkles, a pair of sharp eyes.

That is Umezono Rintarou. He is Muramasa-senpai’s father, and also the one that called me here.

He looked at me for a moment, then said:

“Come in.”

He turned and left without waiting for a reply. I had no choice but to follow him. Then, we stopped in the living room.

“Sit down.”

“Yes yes….”

I sat down in front of him.

There was no chessboard, but it felt like we were going to play a game.

He didn’t bring me any tea. That was expected: he did say that he was 'very angry'.

The man in front of me, for some unknown reason, is very angry with me.

That’s why he called me to his place.

Of course, I had no idea what I did that pissed him off so much. It’d be great if it was just some kind of misunderstanding.

Ah, I’m so nervous. The tension is so thick that I could cut it with a knife.

My stomach began to hurt.

“So, er…”

I couldn’t stand it anymore and opened my mouth.

“Eto…by the way, Muramasa-senpai is…”

“She went to the editorial department. That’s why I called you today. I don’t want you to see my daughter.”

“I, I see…”

He doesn’t want me to see Muramasa-senpai?

So, whatever the reason is, it must be related to Muramasa-senpai in some way.

By the way, why did she go to the editorial department? She never went there before….Wait; I remember Kagurazaka-san said that Muramasa-senpai met her at work once not long ago…

She didn’t speak more about it, though. Did Muramasa-senpai meet Kagurazaka-san for 'something aside from work'?


--- While I was trying to ignore reality, suddenly Rintarou-san said, “Um” loudly.

I hastily recollected myself in a panic.

“So, the reason I called you here…”

Here we go…

“Do you know about Hana-chan’s newest novel?”

The 'Hana-chan' that he spoke of is Muramasa-senpai

“Huh? No…this is the first time that I have heard about it.”

“Is that so? I only found out about it yesterday. Last night -- Ayame-chan -- no, my daughter's editor, Kagurazaka-kun called us. She said she wanted to publish Senjyu Muramasa’s newest big hit, and that it will be a best-seller.

I see. While Muramasa-senpai is a famous novelist, she is still a middle school girl. Of course, she would need her guardian's permission to publish something. Just like me and Sagiri.

Besides, I heard that Kagurazaka-san is his savior's daughter…that's how she could read Muramasa-senpai's script before anyone.

But "big hit"? What exactly is it? Even for Muramasa-senpai, claiming it will be a best-seller at this point was unusual. Where did Kagurazaka-san's confidence come from?

Rintarou-san continued:

"I told her that I can't give her an answer without reading the manuscript. Bring it to me. "

Ah, so he has read it too, huh.

With a *swoop*, he showed me a stack of paper. Not hand-written, but printed on A4-sized paper. Because senpai never uses a computer when writing, it must have been typed by the editorial department.

"This is the one. They brought it to me yesterday."

"Ha ha…and…have you…read Muramasa-senpai's newest novel?"

"I did. It only has about a hundred pages. Clearly she hasn’t finished it."

"What is it…about?"

I'm afraid that THIS is the reason that he is angry with me.

"Before I answer your question, Izumi Masamune-sensei, I have a question for you --- what is the relationship between you and my daughter?"

"E? Eto….partner, senpai and kouhai, good friends…?"

"That's all?"

He glared daggers at me.

"That…is all."

There is no way I could tell him that your daughter confessed to me, but I rejected her.

"..What are you…trying to say?"

Rintarou-san lowered his voice:

"I will be blunt. Are you my daughter’s love or not? Did you two do something impure?"

"No, of course not!"

What the heck is he talking about!? Even though I'm a high school student, what he said is the same thing as sexual harassment.

"Is that so? But I have a reason to doubt you, Izumi Masamune-sensei. If you have any proof you can show me, now is the time."

"I am engaged! I will not do anything with other girls!"


…Crap? His eyes clearly changed when he heard me mention my { Engagement }

This is bad…

I'm trying to explain myself, what the hell?

Facing the ice-cold glare of Rintarou-san, I slowly gave him my cell phone.

Its wallpaper was a picture of Sagiri. It was taken not long ago when she was wearing an apron and making a meal.

"This is my proof! She is my fiancée! She is very cute! If, if that's still not enough, I could call her and have her speak with you!"

Rintarou-san's only reaction was a "this guy is disgusting" expression.

"There is no need for that. I believe you. You have cute fiancée -- is that so? I see."

"Wh…what is with your reaction…?"

This is terrifying.

"By the way, in my daughter's newest novel…the main character is a first-year high school student."

-- Ah, that means Muramasa-senpai used herself as the base for that character.

"The story is about a love between that character and an older man who already has a fiancée - a forbidden love."

"Senpai ---!"

What the heck did you write? No wonder he is mad at me!

"It, it it it is a misunderstanding!"

"I haven't finished yet."

"I totally understand it now! I know why you are mad, Umezono-san! Why did you call me here!?"

"Hm, it's good that you understood so quickly. Then, go die."

"Kyahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! When did you prepare that sword? That's illegal!"

"I was joking. It's just a copy of a real sword."

"But the blade looks very sharp! And…your eyes weren't laughing at all!"

"It was a joke…for now at least."

"Don’t add that afterward!"

"Don’t yell. We can't talk that way."

The great novelist returned his blade to the scabbard. Then, like a swordsman, he put it near his hip and continued:

"Well…you said you understand, but I highly doubt it. So, take a look. Read it; then you will understand what I meant."

"Sure, sure…"

He gave me the manuscript. Doesn’t look like I have any other choice.

-- Senjyu Muramasa's novel. No name.

I swallowed hard and began to read. The only sound in the room was the sound of the moving paper. With my eyes, I began to read Senjyu Muramasa's words.


Until I finished reading, I said nothing. Even after I put it down, my eyes still stared into empty space. It felt like I had just watched a wonderful movie.

I recovered and asked:

"the next part…"

"There isn’t one. I told you she hasn’t finished it."

"But, but the editorial department brought it here last night, right? If it was Muramasa-senpai, then she must have finished writing it by now -- the finished manuscript must be hidden somewhere…"

"Looks like you think it's interesting."


I was taken aback for a moment. It took me a few seconds before I could reply.

"Yes, it is."

That's how Senjyu Muramasa's story should be.

"But…but…I feel very conflicted. I don’t know how to say it…"

I wanted to say what I thought about this novel, but I couldn’t find the right words.

The great novelist said in my place:

"It's no good."

It's very strange to hear it. But I totally agree.

"Yes! It's no good! I can't believe it!"

Why am I having such a stupid conversation with Umezono Rintarou?

But that was all I could say. Because the newest novel of Senjyu Muramasa -- is totally no good.

In short, it's not a light novel. It's also not a romantic story.

It's an abomination.



The room became silent again.

After some time, Rintarou-san said:

"I want to hear your opinion. There is no need to mince words. Just tell me what you think as a simple reader, not as a novelist."

"…It's super erotic."

That was the first thing that came to mind.

"…I…when I was learning how to write, I read a lot…But this is still the first time that I have read such an erotic story…To think she could write such a detailed description of…that steamy part…I have to say…the author of this novel must be a huge pervert!"

"Ha ha ha, the author is my daughter. Do you not want to live, kid?"

"But you told me to not mince words?"

"There is a limit to everything!"

"But this is something only a huge pervert could write! Like, I want to sit down on the same chair as the one I like!"

"I don’t deny it, but can you not compare my daughter to Japan’s number one pervert? And? Now, do you understand why I am angry?"


I was about to have a nosebleed! In this novel, the female protagonist was based on Muramasa-senpai and the male protagonist was based on me, and they both love each other….

So they did a lot of erotic stuff! Not to mention she wrote it in a super erotic way!

I have a fiancée already -- but even I have to admit that reading her story made me blush. I can totally understand the character's feelings. It felt like they were my own feelings.

Ohhhhhhhh…..So dangerous.

"… I don’t believe that after reading this, you will believe me…"

No wonder he misunderstood.

If I were a father and my middle-school-aged daughter wrote something like that….I would tear the boy apart with my bare hands.

As long as I am alive, Rintarou-san will be mad.

"But…my relationship with senpai is not the same as the one in this novel."

"Is that so…Then I believe you. Seems like I misunderstood."


"What? Did you think that I wouldn’t believe you?"

"…Er…Actually, yes."

Rintarou-san sighed.

"I know how good my daughter is as a novelist. That story just now was written totally based on her imagination. Plus, seeing your reaction confirmed that. I just wanted to make sure. Now, I'm at ease. Looks like I won’t have to spend the rest of my life in prison."


I'm relieved. In short…I won't die…yet.


"Ho, however?"

Are you kidding me? Do you want me to scare to death?

"The content of this story is just her imagination. But there is another problem."


"The male protagonist of this story --- is based on you, correct?"


I broke into a cold sweat.

"…Yes. I believe that is true."

"Hm. I see. Then…."

Then? What do you have in mind?

"…Maybe I shouldn’t let her publish it."

Is that all you have to say?

I almost said it aloud. Still, our conversation continued.

"By the way…did Kagurazaka-san really plan to publish this novel? So that kids can read it?"

"So you are against it?"

What a difficult problem. Such a good novel: it's wasteful to not publish it.


"Recently, I have seen many people that gave bad reviews to light novels…I thought it was because they were not well-written.”

But this is unacceptable.

It was too much. Not only teenagers, even adults -- would be badly affected.

This is totally against Japan’s morals.

"I know what you want to say. This story is very interesting…but it will affect the readers too much. It will change their way of thinking, leading them to think that forbidden love is beautiful. Sooner or later, this power won't be controlled by Umezono Hana anymore. In short…this story will brainwash the readers."

"Brainwash…. I think all light novels are the same."

"It's the same for any commercial product. Brainwashing the consumer and make them think the same as the in-story character --- from a certain point of view, it's just like that."

This great novelist was so blunt: he didn’t mince words at all. I think he should look on the bright side a bit.

Like…how I was saved by Yamada Elf-sensei's light novel. That novel is one of those stories that have a good effect on the reader.

In that novel, I could see the author's hidden message. She said "I hope my readers can feel better after reading my story. I hope my readers can laugh out loud."

Of course, I wouldn’t deny that she wanted her readers to keep buying her novels, but considering my situation back then, her story allowed me to recover.

I don’t want to call it brainwashing.

Rintarou-san had asked my opinion. He wanted to know if he should allow Senjyu Muramasa's newest novel to be published, knowing that it will badly affect the readers.

But then he said,

"This novel does lead the readers to a bad moral ground, but I think that is also the proof of its value. There is no reason to refuse to publish it. I bet it will be a big hit. Maybe it could even win a prize."


"What you are worried about won't happen. I take my previous words back: its power is not as great as you think. While it can affect some readers, and it can cause chaos, and maybe it will be remembered for a long time; there will be only one person that has a change of heart because of it."

"…Me, huh."

"Yes, you. This novel was written by Hana-chan to brainwash you only."

That's why he called it brainwashing.

"You are the one she wrote it to. You are the one that she was trying to brainwash. Other readers won't have that experience when reading that story."

But this is still a great novel.

"That's why I said it's fine to publish it. But…"

Suddenly, with a *creak*, the door opened.

"Ma, Masamune-kun."

Black-haired beauty appeared. She was Senjyu Muramasa, real name Umezono Hana, daughter of Umezono Rintarou.

The next person was her editor, Kagurazaka-san. Did they both come back from the editorial department?

"Sen, senpai…?"

"…Ah! That manuscript!!!"

Seeing what I had in my hand, Muramasa-senpai panicked. The reason is as clear as day. She -- likes me.


To her, the current situation is the one I like is reading my erotic novel (which has the main characters based on us).

She immediately blushed, trembled, and rushed into the room, yelling "DON’T READ IT!!!"

A few minutes later, inside the Umezono household's living room, Muramasa-senpai was crying and holding the manuscript firmly. There was only me and Rintarou-san present.

Kagurazaka-san was waiting in another room.


With cautious eyes, she took a look around. I couldn’t take it anymore and ask:


"…Read it?"


"This novel…have you read it?"

"Ah….I…yes, I did."


She blushed even harder. Understandable, considering that she wrote an erotic novel with a female lead based on herself.

…The atmosphere was unreal. My head automatically replayed the scenes in the novel I had just read and merged it with the girl in front of me.


Looks like she understood just from seeing my reaction: She yelled at me.

"Wh, what impure things are you thinking about!"

"But, but I can't help it! After reading something like this…! I can't help but imagine a girl based on you and a man based on me …doing THAT kind of stuff."

"Ah…ah! Don't say it ~~~~!

She hugged her manuscript tighter and waved her hand. Rintarou-san added:

"Hey kiddo, you are very brave, aren't you? You dare to say that in front of me?"

"But, but I didn’t say anything wrong? By the way, I'm the victim here!

This is sexual harassment from a senpai!"

"I, I didn’t plan to let you read it yet!" Said the sexual harasser, crying the whole time.

"And, and why are you here! And why did you read my secret novel!?”

She was totally in at-home mode. Her normal, strict persona isn't fake, but I have a feeling that when she is at home, sometimes she likes to get spoiled.

I explained:

"Umezono-san -- your father, I mean -- called me here. He seemed to have a misunderstanding regarding our relationship due to your strange novel…then I read it too…And…well, you know."

"Papa!" Senpai turned to her father.

"But as your father, I'm worried."

"Senpai, anyone who read that novel would think the same."


Muramasa-senpai facepalmed. I want to do the same too.

"By the way, I think Kagurazaka-san is at fault too."

"Yes. If she didn’t ask me to publish it, then I wouldn’t have called Izumi Masamune here today."

"Um…Umezono-san…can you please change how you address me?"

"Then I'll call you Izumi-kun. Or do you want to be called Masamune-kun, just like Hana-chan?"

"Izumi-kun is fine. Thank you."

While Muramasa-senpai is still flushed, both Rintarou-san and I have recovered.

To get a clearer picture, I asked:

"Eto…senpai. It's hard to say this, but may I ask…why did you decide to write that story?"

"In…in front of…my father?"

I could understand her hesitation. But...

"Hana-chan…sorry, but I want to hear your reason too. As the guardian of Senjyu Muramasa, father of Umezono Hana, I can’t act like I haven't seen your story."

That's right.

"Senpai, sorry, but…"

"…I, I understand."

Muramasa-senpai nodded. Then, she looked at the manuscript in her hand and began to speak.

"…Where should I begin…right…my aim…Masamune-kun, this novel was written for you only."


Senjyu Muramasa is a novelist who writes only for herself. She didn’t plan to publish anything, nor does she care about her fans.

But this novel was written for Izumi Masamune to read.

"Before I finished, I didn’t plan to let anyone read it. And I certainly didn't expect you to read my unfinished manuscript.”

Senpai once said a sneak attack was too low for her.

Seeing how she is still in her at home-persona, I couldn’t help but notice that she is really cute.

"Wait for a second, senpai. If that story was meant for me…in other words…"

She was still talking, but I have to ask:

"Muramasa-senpai, you want…to do THAT…with me?"


Steam came out of her ears. At the same time, a fist slammed onto my head.


"You perverted kid! Don’t forget that I'm right here!"

Rintarou-san is clearly mad. But I have to say something back:

"But this is very important! It's true that what Muramasa-senpai is about to say is important too, but there are some things that she won't say unless people ask her. If I don’t ask, she could avoid that topic entirely!"

"True. There are many details that I wanted to ask about myself."

"I know, right. For example…"

I glanced at Muramasa-senpai. She was hiding behind her hands.

At first glance, she looked just like an innocent girl, but I won't be fooled.

She was the one who wrote the most erotic story in Japan.


Seeing Muramasa-senpai trembling in embarrassment, my voice became harder.

"Ah…for example…um…it's hard to put it into words…well….what the girl said to the boy in those H scenes…

should I say that you are very knowledgeable…or is that your special skill?"