Eromanga-Sensei Volume 10: Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

The day is one Saturday in the middle of October.

In Chiba Prefecture, I was standing near the Umezono Residence. The high school is a white, Western-style building on a peaceful hill next to cherry blossoms.

When you look up, it seems like a majestic church.


I sighed softly and looked down. The name of the school was engraved on the door.

Nanohana Private Girls High School.

A Catholic school.

It seems to be a middle-high school and high school for Ojou-sama.

In short, it’s a school for girls.

Looking around, the Ojou-sama in uniform spread an aura that made it difficult to reach. Uhhh...In the could see the illusion of white lilies.

“...Kah, I’m really out of it.”

“Hello... What are you doing, Masamune!?”

Elf, standing next to me, touched me with her elbow.

“But, I’m just a commoner, a high school student, right? A school for girls... Besides, it’s an upper-class girls’ school. It’s almost like a new world.”

There was someone who seemed to come out of another world in front of me—Yamada Elf, Best-selling author, our neighbour, and...a friend.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve just left in the thoughts.”


“But it’s okay because I’m here!”

The elf laughed from her heart.

“Look at this outfit. I chose it for today!”

Elf was wearing a black dress as a religious sister. Her sleek hair was also very modest today.

I see, so you could say you’re a ‘Japanese lady’, even if you are a blue-eyed blonde.

This way, it seems more appropriate for this place filled with walking around girls.

She...she looks pretty good in everything.

Like a sweet loli, bathing suits wear a uniform, whatever she wears, even naked. There’s something that makes her look like it’s her ‘Elf’ fashion.

“Nanohana School seems to provide the students with strict security. Fufu, you won’t be arrested as a suspicious person if you’re with me.”

“Can I really trust you?”

“That’s right, yes.”

Elf is a shorter one, but I think she’s qualified to take that position. Being with her would make you feel at ease even if you were moving to another world.

Although I won’t tell her because it would only make things worse.

“...Are you in the thought again?”

“Shut up.”

I... I didn’t know what I was thinking.

[Mou...Nii-san, you’re too close to Elf.]

Sagiri’s voice came out from my Tablet. It was only supposed to be transmitting audio, but she seemed to notice Elf’s sudden approach.

Girls are scary.

Elf moved her face closer to Sagiri (on the Tablet).

“Fufufu? ...Sagiri, are you worried that I’m seducing your fiancé? ...Hey, hey ~ I thought you were in love; I wonder if there’s any chance of interrupting you.”

[No. No chance.]

Sagiri stated it twice.

[But, you’re Elf... so.]

“ an honour, Eromanga-sensei.”

[I don’t know anyone with that name].

There were sparks scattered between the two of them.

There were three people at the door: Sagiri, Elf, and me.

Even though it’s late, let me explain the situation.

A month ago, I promised Muramasa-senpai that I would accompany her to her school’s cultural festival. A day later, I asked her if I could join her.

Then, at the end of September...

Letter of invitation to the Private School for Girls, Nanohana.
Izumi Masamune-sama. Izumi Sagiri-sama.

They sent such a magnificent invitation.

An authentic invitation printed with black ink on stiff, glossy paper.

I was surprised to see it, because first... Well, I’m going to Muramasa-senpai’s girl’s high school!

No, it’s a big drawback because it’s a girls’ school cultural festival.

As a light novelist, Izumi Masamune, I should be happy to be interviewed.

As a male high school student, Izumi Masamune, nervousness and shyness would come first.

Because of a high school for girls, it’s scary.

Everyone greeted each other with a soeur system... There’ll be red and white roses too, right? (*5)

(TL Note: *5 Masamune refers to the Catholic school system for girls in Maria-sama ga Miteru).

Sorry. To me, that’s the image of a high school for girls. The influence of masterpieces is very significant.

Still, it sounds like a mighty name... White Roses.

No, no, let’s go back to the previous talk before you get annoyed.

Was it about invitations?

First of all, I was surprised that Muramasa-senpai attended a girls’ high school. Then I was surprised to see the name of her school.

Nanohana High School

Although it’s not as well-known as the famous schools in Tokyo, it’s a school known for being high class.

Actually, Muramasa-senpai always wears a kimono. Umezono Hana is really a Japanese style girl. But she attends a Catholic school.

That’s surprising! Too surprising!

But if you think about it, she must also be an Ojou-sama who lives in a mansion.

That’s reasonable, isn’t it?

Although the image is different.


...Well, this is why.

Today is the mid-October Saturday. On the morning of the second day of the ‘Nanohana High School for Girls’ cultural festival.

I looked around at the door again.

The place was surrounded by trees and white picket fences. It wasn’t a school. It was a church, a palace... that word would be appropriate.

The gate where we stood was crowded with people for the cultural festival...but it was quiet. It was a festival, but it wasn’t crowded, there was an atmosphere that wanted you to feel comfortable.

Elf coughed.

“It’s a girl’s breeding place surrounded by beautiful fences...a flower bed that looks like a school.”

She said it in a classy way. It was Elf, after all.

“Nii-san, I want to see it too! I want to take a closer look at the beautiful ladies who attend a high school for girls!”

She said it is a terrible way! It was Eromanga-sensei, after all!

“Bear with me, or else I’ll be arrested as a suspicious person.”

We were spotted by a sparkling Ojou-sama.

[Fuu, jeez...]

It would be better if the Tablet, which has become the ‘eyes’ of Sagiri, was carried by Muramasa-senpai, a student of this school.

It’s not like I’m taking pictures, but this would be the first time a man was in a girls’ high school.

“That’s why Sagiri will be locked up until we’re with Muramasa.”

[Ahhh, how unfair...]

*Pan*Elf closed the Tablet PC. Then the voice that said ‘Show me the Ojou-sama’ stopped.

It was like a seal that trapped the demon inside the Tablet.

By the way, we are at the entrance of the middle school. Apparently, there is another high school entrance, but the middle and high school buildings are the same.

It was a little strange for me, being a person.

When I was in middle school, third-year students were the senior ones... In this school, there are even older students... since it’s also a high school.

How does it make you feel for high school students?

I wonder if it’s the same as an elementary school where you spend six years.

Since this school is so big, there are a few occasions when middle school students meet high school students, so they spend little time being aware of this?

That’s what I thought.

It was like I was trying to write a novel about this school.

It would be a beautiful place to be used as a scenario. I wish you’d forgive me for this slight workaholic illness. Although I’m not sure if it’s a bad thing compared to Eromanga-sensei’s past level.

Elf was also observing the surroundings. It seemed that she thought the same as me.

“Elf, let’s go inside before there are many people.”

“Right, we’re a little early.”

We went to the reception desk after we passed through the front door.

Apparently, the reception building was called the administration building.

When we passed the door, there were several security guards dressed in black who monitored the visitors.

We followed the signs to the administration building and went into what appeared to be a luxurious hotel building.

“Welcome to the Nanohana School for Girls Cultural Festival. Please fill out your entry form.”


This wasn’t a high school reception anymore.

Please present your invitation to the reception desk and take your entrance ticket...

“Fuu... We finally got in.”

I see it’s hard for a suspicious person to get in.

“It wasn’t a myth that security was tight. This is the first time I’ve been in a school like this.”

“Is that so? Is that strange? Isn’t that what Japanese schools are like?”

“Do you think it’s common?”


You know, Elf’s a real empty-headed girl.

Speaking of which, I think she’s a pure Ojou-sama.

“Hey, Masamune. We’re meeting here, right?”

“Ah, we’re all supposed to meet Muramasa-senpai at the administration building at ten.”

“Oh, let’s go to her room. I want to see what she does.”

“As I was saying, let’s wait here.”

“Eh~... but there you go.”

Well, Elf was convincing herself. I checked the time on my watch.

“We still have time.”

“Well, come on, Masamune!”

Elf took my hand and ran joyfully.

“Hey! Where are you going? Aren’t we going to wait for all of them?”

“We must not return until it is the time! Kufufu... I thought of something interesting.”

Elf laughed and pulled me out of the building.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Wh...what is...”

I ran slightly to keep up with her.


Elf’s warmth came to me from her hand—the feeling of her soft little fingers.

...Well, I was upset.

If the meeting had happened at this hour, none of this would’ve occurred.

I don’t know if I should say this, but I like people who are easy to deal with. Still, Elf does occasionally make me feel relaxed.

She’s scary. Maybe more than any light novel heroine that I know.

...Wow! Good! You need to be strong...

I forced myself to get my pulse back. I said to distract myself:

“Okay, I’m coming.”

“Look at that. Look, they’re setting up a stage.”

Elf stopped and pointed at it. It was a scenery you’d see at corporate events. On the stage, high school students and teachers were inspecting the equipment.

“That’s right. What are they going to do? Some kind of band contest?”

“There’s a sign next to it. It’s hard to see, it’s covered... can’t you read Girls’ Contest on the corner?”

“You have a good eye... I can’t see it from here.”

“Eh... Interesting! I wonder if I can participate, even if I’m not a student. Kufufu! I don’t know if I could win ~~~~.♪”

What a ridiculous confidence.

But, well.

“Why not? You’re Elf; you could easily win.”

“...Oh, naturally... I’m sure I’ll win.”

Elf placed her hand on her chest, and then her cheeks blushed.

She was so happy about what I said.

She laughed about getting rid of her shame.

“Fu~~~. Do you really think I could easily win, even if it’s a school full of beautiful girls? I’m sure not only middle school students will participate, but high school onee-sama as well.”

“It’s probably not a swimsuit contest since it’s a school of Ojou-sama. But even if it was, you would win. Based on my memories of beach camp.”

Pam, I got hit in the head.

“H..hey! Don’t think of me going out in my erotic bathing suit... you pervert!”

“I...I wanted to show you how much confidence I have in you!”

Was it too unreasonable?

“That time, it was because we were alone! Idiot!”

Elf folded her arms and smiled, “gosh.”

Then she put one hand on her cheek and said:

“Well, all right. I’m glad you evaluated me so highly.”

I looked her in the eyes.

“Yeah, I see. Esp, you’re too close!”

I backed off after I was surprised.

“It’s okay. Sagiri isn’t listening right now.”


I was shocked to hear those harsh words from Elf. I couldn’t breathe...

She whispered to me:

“It’s okay... I’ll keep it a secret.”

“I wish you’d stop saying things like I’m cheating on her!”

This is too bad! Besides, because of Senpai’s novels, these words have become horny words for Sagiri!


I’m sure she understood... That’s why Elf laughed at her holding her stomach.


After taking a break.

We crossed the school grounds and arrived at the school building. As we walked, we saw many ‘stalls’ opened by the students.

Since we are at a cultural festival, I should call them stalls...

But they weren’t ‘posts’.

It was a restaurant that had become a fancy open café, and it looked like they were cooking inside.

There wasn’t typical food like yakisoba or takoyaki on the menu. There were cookies and rolls lined up, with rosaries and tea on the menu with long names.

Perhaps it was since the people chatting in the cafe seemed noble in some way.


“Hey, Elf! It’s a horse! A horse!”

“Uh... you’ve probably never seen one before?”

“If I saw them, don’t look at me with pity! It’s not that...”

Once again, my claims of abnormalities were rejected.


“There are horses in school!”

“We’re in a school, of course; there are horses!”

“No, no! There are absolutely no horses in a normal school! What school are you talking about?”

“From school, I went when I was at home.”

“I see, you’re a real Ojou-sama!”

There’s not much to talk about with you.

I mean, Yamada Elf-sensei... isn’t she just a fantasy writer, but weren’t you writing a romantic comedy based on a modern school setting? Were you? No?

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Of course, there wouldn’t be horses in a Japanese school.”

“Don’t surprise me. I thought your common sense was like something out of another world.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Elf apologized.

The girls from the riding club passed in front of us.

After we saw them leaving, Elf pointed to the school building.

“Now, let’s hurry up and see that.”


“It is settled...”

Elf made adorable eyes.

“We don’t know how to live in this new world. Let’s go and see it! Of course, without warning, kufufu, it will be amazing~~~♪!”

Apparently, Elf was saying, ‘I think there will be something interesting’.


In that case, I’d still be standing here taking this school by surprise, you.


And so we both entered the school building in the middle of Nanohana School, without waiting for Kusanagi-senpai, Megumi, and the others.

“Oh, it’s normal.”

“Simple and elegant.”

Looking around. There was nothing that seemed to have come from another world other than a church’s appearance.

The first floor had lockers, a linoleum corridor, and classrooms.

It was a simple church.

It was what we imagined as a ‘normal school’ with the addition of church elements.

The only thing different was the image of the Virgin Mary in the vertical window.

The painted glass could be seen from the stairs’ entrance, creating a feeling of being in a church.

Above all, it seemed that the round designs and the use of white colour seemed to be too much used.

From inside the school building, I got the feeling of being a kind and imperishable place.

Girls who attend a school like this are sure to grow up pure and beautiful.

“This white ‘box’ gives the impression that everything is white. It’s the artist’s magic.”

Elf said as if she felt a sense of my overall impression.

“Don’t even say it.”

“A beautiful light novel cover with the heroine is the same as reading something nice.”

“Don’t even say it!”

In a way, this was the central theme in a novelist’s mind.

How much do the illustrations affect the readers’ impression of the book?

From the reader’s perspective, it is a challenging task that should not even be attempted in theory.

However, there is something that must be said:

“Hey, Elf-sensei. If you have a ‘box’ so white, the ‘content’ should be worthy of it.”

At least, I always think about writing a shameless text because of the ‘cover’ drawn by Eromanga-sensei.

“It’s a new way of thinking. Well, the ‘content’ of this school is the eccentric Japanese literature girl, Muramasa-chan.”

“............ Don’t say that.”

The box and the contents are entirely different!

I already told you, Elf.

“How will Muramasa-senpai’s school life be? I can’t even imagine...”

“I imagine it’s cold. ‘There’s a uniform, but I wear a kimono. In my spare time, I don’t talk to anyone and only write to myself’.”

“Aren’t you imagining something too bad?”

Sorry, Muramasa-senpai. But I can imagine her writing in isolation from class.

...We continued to move forward as we talked.

On the second floor, there were classrooms for the first years. Banners were pointing to each room.

The corridors were decorated with coloured cloth and paper, making them brighter than the playground and the first floor.

The students’ inexpensive handmade decorations gave me a sense of comfort—the atmosphere of a school festival that I have experienced several times.

“Oh... there are so many people. It finally feels like a festival.”

“Yeah? It still seems more perfect than other schools. See, it’s not a normal school festival. The balloons and flags are lined up outside the windows.”

“Oh... I don’t think so, do I?”

“Perhaps you should be careful not to disturb the appearance of the school building? The appearance of this school and the common ‘cultural festival’ decorations do not fit.”

“Oh, that’s right... As we walked outside, I didn’t feel like we were at a cultural festival.”

I think cultural festivals have to give a feeling of being cheap and handmade.

In that sense, until we got here... everything else was completely wrong.

The vision I had of a cultural festival came across in front of me.

All the students were Ojou-sama, and there wasn’t much room for men, but, well, it’ll be fine.

I felt like I was in a new world, the stress upon me increasing.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it looks like fun.”

“Kufufu, it’s exciting to see a haunted house, an accessory shop and a fortune-telling house! Hey, Masamune! Want to take a look?”

Elf attached her arm, and I tried to act cool and pushed it away.

“Hey, hey, didn’t you say you were going straight to Muramasa-senpai’s class?”

“Yeah, that was it. No, no.”

We went upstairs while she was pulling it through her hair.

Muramasa-senpai’s classroom was in its third year. So it should be somewhere on the fourth floor.

When we reached the fourth floor, we walked slightly along the busy corridor as we looked around.

“Mm, hey, Masamune, will it be this one?”

Elf pointed to the front. I looked in her direction.

“What? ...What the hell is that?”

In the middle of the ‘quiet’ corridor full of Ojou-sama... only that room was different.

The sign read “Third Year Cosplay Cafe ♡”

A beautiful girl in a maid’s outfit with cat ears was drawn on it.

“Wow, that, a decade ago Akiba appeared inside a school of Ojou-sama.”

“Doesn’t feel comfortable... and it’s a third-year group... don’t tell me...”

“It’s Muramasa’s group, isn’t it?”


We just stood there and looked at each other.

It was surprising that Muramasa-senpai, a Japanese style literature girl, attended a school of Ojou-sama. Her class was that ‘Cafe Cosplay ♡’? This was a bit of a double hit. There was no match.

Elf thought with a hand on her chin.

“Um...that Muramasa, I didn’t overthink about the meeting place is in the administration building instead of her classroom, but I thought there must be a reason. ... That’s why I thought it would be fun to go see her without warning. But it wasn’t until I read that ‘Cafe Cosplay’...”

“You, don’t you think you really have a bad personality?”

“ expected, I can’t foresee what’s waiting for us inside. Are you ready, Masamune!?”

Elf licked her lips and spoke like an Elvish scout about to enter a cave. Apparently, she had recovered from the surprise.

“Well... then, let’s go.”

The classroom that Muramasa-senpai belonged to... ‘Café Cosplay ♡’.

We went to the dungeon, surrounded by strangers.


“Huh? The door is closed. I wonder if they’re ready.”

“Come on, it’s still early. Let’s go back.”

“Eh... but we’ve come this far. Excuse me!”

Elf stood in front of the door and knocked inside.

Then the classroom door slowly opened.

“Yes? Who is it?”

A student looked her in the face.

It was like something Sagiri often did. It was impossible to see inside the room. She was also wearing a maid’s outfit...

“I was invited by a friend, aren’t you ready yet?”

Elf spoke nobly.

“This... We are preparing... please wait...”

The girl went back to the classroom. It looked like they were having a conversation inside.

“Yes... yes... a girl with blond hair... I think... can enter? All right, well, everybody takes your positions...”

The girl came back to us.

“Excuse me! We’re ready. Please let me guide you!”

The door opened.

“Please come in.”

We go inside this ‘Café Cosplay ♡’.

“Welcome, Ojou-sama, Goshujin-sama!”

All the maids greeted us in unity.


We both took a breath for ‘a number of reasons’.

We had decided to prepare for an unknown dungeon.

One of the reasons for our surprise was the clothes they were wearing.

Their colours were black and white. A long skirt. It was a classic maid’s outfit that didn’t have the cheap look of the poster at the entrance.

...These maids were actually Ojou-sama. In other words...

“Th...these girls, they bought real maid’s outfits for... a cultural festival.”

...That was the case.

It was a cosplay that only an Ojou-sama could get. This maid café was something that could only be enjoyed at this school.

It was unfair.

Besides... The second reason, this ‘café cosplay ♡’ wasn’t just for maids. They all wore unique props with animal designs, cat ears, dog ears, and tails.

I thought that those weird things wouldn’t combine with real maid clothes and result in something cheap. Still, if the designer’s fashion sense is good, it will enhance the charm of high school maids.

And the third reason...


I had seen her somewhere. A large-breasted maid with cat ears was pointing her finger at me.

Of all the maids in this entire school, she was the one wearing the most revealing outfit...

It was Muramasa-senpai.


...My eyes...! My eyes... must be torn out!

I fell to such destructive power, I could only stand there with a blank mind. No one could bear this.

By my side, Elf was able to speak my thoughts that I could not put into words.

“Ma, Masamune... where are you looking?”

“No, that’s not it!”

Like when she appeared in a bikini earlier, Senpai took a defensive pose by covering her breasts. This only made her breasts slightly sagging.

She didn’t notice that this expression made her more revealing.

“Li...listen! Elf! Masamune-kun!”

“No, it doesn’t matter what you say. That’s an erotic maid’s outfit! Even though everyone else here is a pure maid, you’re the only erotic cosplayer!”

Please stop your vulgar accusation! Although it is true,...

“I’m saying it’s not true! This was a prank for the class! I didn’t have these clothes, and I wasn’t supposed to wear them!”

“Then why are you wearing it? Right now, all I can think about is you were going to welcome us as you did. You’re a perverted maid.”

“Kuu, fuuu ~~~~~. It’s a misunderstanding. It was planned......”

I had tears in my eyes. I don’t know what to do......Elf, you know Senpai wouldn’t wear those kinds of clothes by herself.

Anyway, it must be something similar to when she wore that bikini at the beach.

“This, uh, Muramasa-senpai?”

When I called her, Senpai turned to me.

“ understand this is a misunderstanding, right?”

“You look good in those clothes. And you have nice cat ears too.”


Senpai rushed to the back of the room while crying.

In the middle of the hall, Elf hit me on the side with her elbow.

“You fool, it was too much.”

“I was just following you...”

“It was counterproductive. That was a mental attack.”

“Whatever you say...”

For now, I wanted to know what happened with Senpai.

The situation was too chaotic.

If this were a light novel, there would be a guide scene coming out now to better understand the situation.

“I will be with you until Hana-chan returns, Onii-sama.”

There was one person who called us at the entrance.

“I mean, this .............”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Usami Suzune.”

The girl named Suzune was wearing bunny ears in her classic maid’s outfit.

Her skin was silky smooth, and her bangs were trimmed correctly.

She was a Japanese princess. She was a girl with a super classic Japanese style...

“I, too, am delighted. I am a guest of Murama... no, of Umezono-san... My name is...”

The sudden appearance of this ‘Maiden’ made my heart race.

“Izumi Masamune-sensei and Yamada Elf-sensei.

“Hey, why...”

“I like light novels.

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, I love them.”


I doubt that Muramasa-senpai told her classmates about me.

So...this girl assumed it without any clue.

Unlike Elf, ‘Izumi Masamune’ has only been to a few events...

This was something that only the fans of light novels would know.

Or rather, the Ojou-sama who like light novels?

Do these strange forms of life exist in this world?

“Masamune, Masamune.”

Elf pulled my cheeks.

“Huh? What?”

“Aren’t I also an Ojou-sama who likes light novels?”

Elf pointed the finger at her face. She knew what I was thinking.

“Yes, yes, you are right. Elf-sensei is also an Ojou-sama.”

“Not only that, I’m a real Ojou-sama!”

“But there are girls who are better looking as Ojou-sama than you are.”

“Ah! You made me angry! What you said made me angry!”

When Elf and I started to fight, Suzune laughed elegantly.

“You guys are funny. Just like I heard from Hana-chan.”

“This, as I was saying. Nice to meet you. I’m Yamada Elf.

“Nice to meet you. Should I call you Sensei?”

“Don’t worry, Elf is fine.”

“Ara, is that right?”

“Of course. But you and Mura...”

Elf stopped talking and looked at Muramasa-senpai.

Senpai, who ran out to the back of the room, was hiding behind a curtain. It was a cute image that was far from her usual cool look. So Elf laughed and changed the way she asked questions.

“Are you a friend of Hana-chan’s too? If so, you are my friend too. So please don’t use any honorifics.”

Perhaps she considered the possibility that Muramasa-senpai was hiding her nickname from her classmates.

Elf was a good girl who thought before she spoke.

But because of that, when she talks to someone other than me, it seems that the issues keep popping up.

As Elf said... This girl, Suzune, was a friend of the Muramasa-senpai.

Although I don’t think there has been much communication for me to make such a statement...

However, Suzune smiled and said so. The polite tone also decreased a bit.

“Yep. So, Elf-chan and I are friends. On the other hand, I’m Hana-chan’s best friend.”

“Hey, best friend.”

She seemed to be her best friend.

...What a surprise.

I was worried about Muramasa-senpai becoming isolated from the class.

“Hana-chan is very popular in class.”

“Very popular!?”

As expected, Elf was also surprised. She pointed towards Muramasa-senpai, who was hiding behind the curtains.

“That’s a lie, isn’t it? It’s just, she... ‘I don’t care about people or novels, it’s stupid,’ isn’t that how it sounds? I thought there would be a 100% chance for other girls to hate her.”

“You demi-human! That’s enough!”

The person who was hiding behind the curtains got angry.


Suzune laughed because of the amusing exchange of words between the two of them.

I think it hit her right on the head...I think she sprained and coughed. Still, this Ojou-sama did not lose her elegance.

“That’s right! It’s just like Elf-chan says! ~fufu...”

Suzune, who was laughing out loud, straightened up and spoke to Elf.

“But, Hana and I have been together since we were three years old. I’ve eventually gotten used to it.”

“Oh, I see, that’s right.”

“Yes. Besides, most of us in this class have known each other since childhood.”

I finally got it.

Of course, the Ojou-sama who attended this Ojou-sama school was supposed to go to kindergarten for Ojou-sama.

Naturally, they would have known each other for a long time...

They must be more precise about the nature of Muramasa-senpai than even we are.

“We all know ‘Muramasa-sensei’ very well; you don’t have to worry about anything.

Apparently, she was also aware of Elf’s considerations.

......Mwu......all the girls I meet are very sharp-minded.

As I looked down the room, the maids gathered around Muramasa-senpai (hidden behind the curtain), talking happily.

“Hana-chan! Come out!”

“Look! Your boyfriend is here!”

“Did you say, non-boyfriend .........?”

“We’ve been practising together to say ‘Welcome Goshujin-sama’ with a pose which would attract men!”

“I wanted to do it! But I didn’t know I’d wear clothes like this!”

“Aha... I was surprised too.”

“Suzune was the one who prepared that daring outfit ~~~~~.♪”

“So it was you who brought this erotic maid costume!”

Although she looked like an Ojou-sama at first sight, she was really bold.

Suzune’s reaction to this was to pat herself on the head.

“Tehe... ♡”

Damn...... she is so cute.

It was a fierce gesture that Eromanga-sensei would have been delighted to see.

“I’m glad you came early. Since you were dressed like that, you had to show Onii-sama...”

A moment later, she would change her clothes. Suzune lowered her shoulders.

Mm, apparently Suzune didn’t have the personality it seemed.

Or something like that.

- Onii-san ♡

- Onii-sama ♡

Yes, I got an aroma like the one of Megumi. Although it’s not like she’s around or anything, I think. I can’t confirm it. Let’s leave it at that.


Suzune waved her finger in circles like an anime heroine while winking.

“Once again, nice to meet you, Masamune Onii-sama, Elf Ojou-sama, welcome to the third year of ‘Café Cosplay ♡’.”

FLOWERS... I wonder if it has anything to do with the name of Umezono’ Hana’.

Was the name Muramasa-senpai...used to name this cafe?

It is surprising.

“Our place is still closed, but since you are friends of Hana-chan, it will be a special service. Besides, it will serve as our rehearsal. This way, please.”


What? Have you started already?

Suzune took us into our seats.

A round table with a white tablecloth at the centre had a vase with a white flower.

There was an upper-class atmosphere due to the antiquity of the classroom. Elf and I looked at each other.

Suzune, who guided us, smiled and said:

“Then I’ll explain the process to you. First, you will pay with a ‘Nanohana Ticket’ included in the invitation. Please understand.”

“Ah, yes”.

It was not a big deal.

There were ten tickets. Apparently, they have a policy at the school not to exchange money directly.

“Yes, yes. It’s like pretending to be money.”

I relaxed my cheeks by having Elf help me.

“On the other hand, Masamune, is this ticket equivalent to a thousand yen?”


So expensive?

“Yes, the ticket is worth a thousand yen. If you run out, you can go to the reception to buy more.”


The menu included drinks and snacks, everything in exchange for tickets.

......Are you considering that it’s all about a ticket... is it expensive or cheap?

In other words, a thousand yen ticket is the smallest piece of money in this cultural festival?

I felt a little anxious because of the prices at this Ojou-sama’s school.

“This is our system. We have a rate, every thirty minutes, you have to pay for two Nanohana tickets.

“A fare!?”

Was there something like that?

“Yes. The fare includes everything you can drink from the house drinks.”

“House drinks?”

“Here’s the menu with the soft drinks. For any other drinks and snacks, you must use another ticket.”

“In short, it’s 2000 yen for the seating alone...if we want something more than the basic menu, it’s another thousand... No, but how much would it cost to order something from an Akiba maid cafe...?”

How should I know? I’ve never been there before.

“But isn’t this a charging system like in the maid cafes?”

I was very much in conflict with Elf’s question.

“Yes, this...sounds familiar... A fee for the drinks in the house...where have I heard it...”

To be specific, from a group of writers of light novels.

“Yes...I wonder what it is... it’s not a word you use in your daily life... Kuh, it’s on the tip of my tongue...!”

“Ahh, yes, I forgot to tell you.”

Suzune said, in a maiden’s voice, to those of us who were sitting on our hands:

“The choice of the maid costs two tickets.”

“This is a cabaret!” *2

Elf and I said at the same time...

“I remembered! I heard it from Shidou Kunimitsu!”

“Do you usually have these conversations?”

“Ah...well, it’s not that bad! Damn, I couldn’t remember immediately because the words’ school for Ojou-sama and cabaret’ were so different...!”

Damn, that’s expensive! Almost half of my tickets will vanish with this fare and the whole nomination alone!

“It’s cruel, Onii-sama. Call it ‘Coffee Cosplay ♡’.”

“A fare system is completely cabaret. Who thought of that?”

“I did.”

“So it was you too!”

She... I thought it was like Megumi, but it’s completely different!

Instead, it’s the opposite.

Megumi is just a girl trying to appear mature with her fashionable bitch attitude. On the other hand, this girl is a full-blown Ojou-sama, but with a rotten heart?

“...... This...... Onii-sama? Maybe you think I’m a dirty girl?”

If you looked at that embarrassed face, then you would think it was just a maid...

“It is not so. I don’t know anything about those adult stores called ‘kyabakura’ (*6).”

(TL Note: *6 Companion Services.)

Liar. The way you said it, you definitely know it.

“Our system is focused on entertaining upper-class families.”

“Is that so?”

“For example, when Hana-chan’s father came in, I had to call his daughter’ Cat Ears Maid, Hana-chan’ (professional name (*7)), and on behalf of the work, she was taken care of. She fed him a cake and sat next to him to give him tea......”.

(TL Note: *7 Nicknames or pseudonyms used by the girls in the escort services)

After all, it is a cabaret. Having said that...

“Somehow, I understand. It’s a system which is sure to delight the parents.”

“Right? In the name of the cultural festival, an embarrassed daughter who doesn’t obey will be spoiled by her family... it’s a dream store. Do you understand?”

“You’re a dirty old man on the inside.”

I know someone who looks more like her than Megumi.


“Mou, Onii-sama, I told you, you are cruel.”


This conversation proved to be exhausting. I was surprised.

Suzune’s beautiful voice came to me from above.

“That’s why, Onii-sama, could you nominate a girl?”

As option A, I would choose you.

The option crossed my mind for a moment.

As expected, Elf seemed to want to say something, so I stopped because it seemed to be something said by Sagiri.

“This...then, to Hana-chan.”

“Yes! Hana-chan has been chosen!”

Suzune raised her voice with excitement.

Then, in the back of the room, the Cat’s Ears maid, Muramasa-senpai, who was discussing changing clothes, shouted, “Huh!” in a crazy voice.

Her companions pulled her out by opening the curtain and pushed her from behind.

“Come on!” “Hana-chan, you’ve been chosen!”

“Come on ♪”

“Huh? Huh? Huh? .........?”

So, Hana-chan (professional name) came to us.


Muramasa-senpai was standing completely red next to our table. When Elf said ‘Hello’ to her, she froze completely.

It took her about thirty seconds to get into an awkward movement.

“Chi...Chi...Chicos...les, les, I told them where they should wait for me first. What happened to the others...?”

“Kufufu...Sorry, sorry, it was because Masamune was curious about your daily school life ~ and wanted to see it! So we rushed over here.”

“Hey, Elf, don’t blame me.”

“You wanted to see it too, Masamune, didn’t you?”

“That’s right.”

“We share sin.”

Well, she’s right.

Muramasa-senpai looked at us. Suzune was behind her, looking at us with pleading eyes.

“Did you guys... talk to Suzune?”

“Hey, isn’t she is your best friend?”

“Um, best friend, huh? That meddlesome nuisance.”

Senpai denied it out loud. Elf quickly translated the not-so-clear parts.

“Heh, they really are best friends.”

And she repeated it.

Now it was easy for me to understand such conversations.

Although my understanding is not at the level of understanding you yet.

“Fufufu... You think so?”

Suzune approached from behind and grabbed Muramasa-senpai’s shoulder.

“Stop, don’t bother. I’ll forgive you for the clothes if you go to that corner...”

Senpai took her handoff.

“Um, I... I’m sorry.”

Suzune made a deliberate sad expression.

“I refuse her.”

Of course, all these things were acted out, so it was quick.

“But two famous people came to this school. I want to talk to them a lot.”

Suzune looked at Elf.

“Right...♪” *2

As you can see, the two of them already get along well.

Their timing was perfect for their first meeting.

“Kuh...I have a bad feeling...about this combination...”

Looking at the situation, Muramasa-senpai gritted her teeth.

Suzune pulled a small chair beside me and looked at me with charming eyes.

“So, Onii-sama, is it okay if I sit here?”

“Huh? Ahh, um, no problem...”

“Thank you for your choice!”

“Wait! Are we going to pay the fee for this now?!”

And remember this, readers of middle and high school. Cabarets are something to watch out for.

The thought that this was a maid café had disappeared entirely.

“Hana-chan, come, do your work, do your work.”


Muramasa-senpai was pressed by Suzune and said, whispering with embarrassment:

“Wel...welcome...Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama.”


Then, Muramasa-senpai bowed and sat on my other side.

And then she came closer.


“I... It’s just for work... I can’t help it... it’s for work...”


Acting like that in that exposed maid’s outfit...what a tremendous destructive power. Are there any men who could resist it?

“Masamune... Your eyes are strange... Should I tell Sagiri?”

“Really, please don’t!”

I tried desperately to make Elf stop seeing me.

Muramasa-senpai said with no intention of stopping:

“Well, Masamune-kun, can I explain the situation?”

“Ah...I understand somehow...”

Muramasa-senpai was tricked into wearing those erotic clothes.