Eromanga-Sensei Volume 10: Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

The day is one Saturday in the middle of October.

In Chiba Prefecture, I was standing near the Umezono Residence. The high school is a white, Western-style building on a peaceful hill next to cherry blossoms.

When you look up, it seems like a majestic church.


I sighed softly and looked down. The name of the school was engraved on the door.

Nanohana Private Girls High School.

A Catholic school.

It seems to be a middle-high school and high school for Ojou-sama.

In short, it’s a school for girls.

Looking around, the Ojou-sama in uniform spread an aura that made it difficult to reach. Uhhh...In the could see the illusion of white lilies.

“...Kah, I’m really out of it.”

“Hello... What are you doing, Masamune!?”

Elf, standing next to me, touched me with her elbow.

“But, I’m just a commoner, a high school student, right? A school for girls... Besides, it’s an upper-class girls’ school. It’s almost like a new world.”

There was someone who seemed to come out of another world in front of me—Yamada Elf, Best-selling author, our neighbour, and...a friend.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve just left in the thoughts.”


“But it’s okay because I’m here!”

The elf laughed from her heart.

“Look at this outfit. I chose it for today!”

Elf was wearing a black dress as a religious sister. Her sleek hair was also very modest today.

I see, so you could say you’re a ‘Japanese lady’, even if you are a blue-eyed blonde.

This way, it seems more appropriate for this place filled with walking around girls.

She...she looks pretty good in everything.

Like a sweet loli, bathing suits wear a uniform, whatever she wears, even naked. There’s something that makes her look like it’s her ‘Elf’ fashion.

“Nanohana School seems to provide the students with strict security. Fufu, you won’t be arrested as a suspicious person if you’re with me.”

“Can I really trust you?”

“That’s right, yes.”

Elf is a shorter one, but I think she’s qualified to take that position. Being with her would make you feel at ease even if you were moving to another world.

Although I won’t tell her because it would only make things worse.

“...Are you in the thought again?”

“Shut up.”

I... I didn’t know what I was thinking.

[Mou...Nii-san, you’re too close to Elf.]

Sagiri’s voice came out from my Tablet. It was only supposed to be transmitting audio, but she seemed to notice Elf’s sudden approach.

Girls are scary.

Elf moved her face closer to Sagiri (on the Tablet).

“Fufufu? ...Sagiri, are you worried that I’m seducing your fiancé? ...Hey, hey ~ I thought you were in love; I wonder if there’s any chance of interrupting you.”

[No. No chance.]

Sagiri stated it twice.

[But, you’re Elf... so.]

“ an honour, Eromanga-sensei.”

[I don’t know anyone with that name].

There were sparks scattered between the two of them.

There were three people at the door: Sagiri, Elf, and me.

Even though it’s late, let me explain the situation.

A month ago, I promised Muramasa-senpai that I would accompany her to her school’s cultural festival. A day later, I asked her if I could join her.

Then, at the end of September...

Letter of invitation to the Private School for Girls, Nanohana.
Izumi Masamune-sama. Izumi Sagiri-sama.

They sent such a magnificent invitation.

An authentic invitation printed with black ink on stiff, glossy paper.

I was surprised to see it, because first... Well, I’m going to Muramasa-senpai’s girl’s high school!

No, it’s a big drawback because it’s a girls’ school cultural festival.

As a light novelist, Izumi Masamune, I should be happy to be interviewed.

As a male high school student, Izumi Masamune, nervousness and shyness would come first.

Because of a high school for girls, it’s scary.

Everyone greeted each other with a soeur system... There’ll be red and white roses too, right? (*5)

(TL Note: *5 Masamune refers to the Catholic school system for girls in Maria-sama ga Miteru).

Sorry. To me, that’s the image of a high school for girls. The influence of masterpieces is very significant.

Still, it sounds like a mighty name... White Roses.

No, no, let’s go back to the previous talk before you get annoyed.

Was it about invitations?

First of all, I was surprised that Muramasa-senpai attended a girls’ high school. Then I was surprised to see the name of her school.

Nanohana High School

Although it’s not as well-known as the famous schools in Tokyo, it’s a school known for being high class.

Actually, Muramasa-senpai always wears a kimono. Umezono Hana is really a Japanese style girl. But she attends a Catholic school.

That’s surprising! Too surprising!

But if you think about it, she must also be an Ojou-sama who lives in a mansion.

That’s reasonable, isn’t it?

Although the image is different.


...Well, this is why.

Today is the mid-October Saturday. On the morning of the second day of the ‘Nanohana High School for Girls’ cultural festival.

I looked around at the door again.

The place was surrounded by trees and white picket fences. It wasn’t a school. It was a church, a palace... that word would be appropriate.

The gate where we stood was crowded with people for the cultural festival...but it was quiet. It was a festival, but it wasn’t crowded, there was an atmosphere that wanted you to feel comfortable.

Elf coughed.

“It’s a girl’s breeding place surrounded by beautiful fences...a flower bed that looks like a school.”

She said it in a classy way. It was Elf, after all.

“Nii-san, I want to see it too! I want to take a closer look at the beautiful ladies who attend a high school for girls!”

She said it is a terrible way! It was Eromanga-sensei, after all!

“Bear with me, or else I’ll be arrested as a suspicious person.”

We were spotted by a sparkling Ojou-sama.

[Fuu, jeez...]

It would be better if the Tablet, which has become the ‘eyes’ of Sagiri, was carried by Muramasa-senpai, a student of this school.

It’s not like I’m taking pictures, but this would be the first time a man was in a girls’ high school.

“That’s why Sagiri will be locked up until we’re with Muramasa.”

[Ahhh, how unfair...]

*Pan*Elf closed the Tablet PC. Then the voice that said ‘Show me the Ojou-sama’ stopped.

It was like a seal that trapped the demon inside the Tablet.

By the way, we are at the entrance of the middle school. Apparently, there is another high school entrance, but the middle and high school buildings are the same.

It was a little strange for me, being a person.

When I was in middle school, third-year students were the senior ones... In this school, there are even older students... since it’s also a high school.

How does it make you feel for high school students?

I wonder if it’s the same as an elementary school where you spend six years.

Since this school is so big, there are a few occasions when middle school students meet high school students, so they spend little time being aware of this?

That’s what I thought.

It was like I was trying to write a novel about this school.

It would be a beautiful place to be used as a scenario. I wish you’d forgive me for this slight workaholic illness. Although I’m not sure if it’s a bad thing compared to Eromanga-sensei’s past level.

Elf was also observing the surroundings. It seemed that she thought the same as me.

“Elf, let’s go inside before there are many people.”

“Right, we’re a little early.”

We went to the reception desk after we passed through the front door.

Apparently, the reception building was called the administration building.

When we passed the door, there were several security guards dressed in black who monitored the visitors.

We followed the signs to the administration building and went into what appeared to be a luxurious hotel building.

“Welcome to the Nanohana School for Girls Cultural Festival. Please fill out your entry form.”


This wasn’t a high school reception anymore.

Please present your invitation to the reception desk and take your entrance ticket...

“Fuu... We finally got in.”

I see it’s hard for a suspicious person to get in.

“It wasn’t a myth that security was tight. This is the first time I’ve been in a school like this.”

“Is that so? Is that strange? Isn’t that what Japanese schools are like?”

“Do you think it’s common?”


You know, Elf’s a real empty-headed girl.

Speaking of which, I think she’s a pure Ojou-sama.

“Hey, Masamune. We’re meeting here, right?”

“Ah, we’re all supposed to meet Muramasa-senpai at the administration building at ten.”

“Oh, let’s go to her room. I want to see what she does.”

“As I was saying, let’s wait here.”

“Eh~... but there you go.”

Well, Elf was convincing herself. I checked the time on my watch.

“We still have time.”

“Well, come on, Masamune!”

Elf took my hand and ran joyfully.

“Hey! Where are you going? Aren’t we going to wait for all of them?”

“We must not return until it is the time! Kufufu... I thought of something interesting.”

Elf laughed and pulled me out of the building.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Wh...what is...”

I ran slightly to keep up with her.


Elf’s warmth came to me from her hand—the feeling of her soft little fingers.

...Well, I was upset.

If the meeting had happened at this hour, none of this would’ve occurred.

I don’t know if I should say this, but I like people who are easy to deal with. Still, Elf does occasionally make me feel relaxed.

She’s scary. Maybe more than any light novel heroine that I know.

...Wow! Good! You need to be strong...