Eromanga-Sensei Volume 10: Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

Our tour of the Nanohana School cultural festival began.

The group consisted of Sagiri, Muramasa-senpai, Elf, Megumi, Shidou-kun, and myself.

It seemed like Kusanagi-senpai, and Aya-chan’s group had moved ahead of us and went to high school.

So, our group went to the fortune reading room first.

There were several booths set up in the hall, and in each of them, a girl was sitting in a black robe. They looked like fortune-tellers, with only their eyes visible. The fortune-tellers used a crystal ball, which appeared to be authentic.

“Even if it’s only fortune-telling! Sagiri, Muramasa, Megumi, Kunimitsu, let’s test our compatibility with Masamune!”

“W...We all?”

Muramasa-senpai said. In front of everyone, Elf walked around, dancing, looking delightful.

“Of course. Everyone, let’s see who is more compatible with Masamune... let’s do this!”

“Well, me, I’ll give my best effort to be the best for Onii-san. ♪”

[Mwu... I will not lose.]

“Fuh...interesting. Let’s do it.”

Sagiri and Muramasa-senpai were utterly motivated.

...... But why Megumi too?

The only one who was confused was Shidou-kun.

“This...... Why would I have good fortune with Izumi-kun?”

“Fufu, don’t be surprised, Kunimitsu! You’re still a great member of Masamune’s harem!”

“Of course not!”

Shidou-kun denied it with all his might.

The misunderstanding of my homosexuality should be resolved, but I could still feel it at a distance.

I mean, I wish you would stop naming our group ‘Masamune’s Harem’.

Then Megumi hit Shidou-kun’s back.

“Now, now, calm down, Kunimitsu-sensei ☆ It will be good to know our compatibility with everyone. I want all of us to get along better.”

“...... It’s like that.”

So that was the case.

We all went into the booth designed by the students at the entrance. They were slightly narrow.

When we all settled in, the female student sat in front of us and broke the ice:

“I’ll tell you your story... Divination, is your compatibility good?”

Huh? This mysterious voice... did I hear it somewhere else?

“‘Friend compatibility diagnosis’... And, ask the crystal ball about love compatibility with that little man over there.”

“‘Little man?”

This fortune teller said something without any hesitation!?

“Now, please write your names on this paper. It doesn’t matter where you write it.”

The fortune-teller did her job without caring about anything.

Then she recites a spell.

“Yes, I have all the results.”

In the meantime, we swallowed saliva, waiting for the results.

Fortune-telling is mysterious in many ways, but it’s nothing to worry about.

“Well, first, those who have the best romance are...”

“Shidou Kunimitsu-sensei and Izumi Masamune-sensei!


Shidou-kun shouted with a terrifying expression of caricature. On the other hand, I caught her.

“Y...You! You’re Suzune! Right!?”

“Ara, you got me really well.”

Suzune took off the cloth she was wearing and revealed her face.

“I could tell by your voice!”

“My mistake. On the other hand, the result of fortune-telling is real.”

“Would you please stop making scary jokes?”

“It was a joke.”

“It was a joke! Yes! Topic closed! So? Why are you here? How’s your maid coffee?”

I had just met her, but her tone was already unpleasant.

“I’m in the middle of completing a mission I took from the class. I play a more important role than acting as a Bunny Maid at the ‘Cafe Cosplay’ ♡.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“It’s okay. I don’t want you to know.”

And Suzune laughed. Damn... she’s a sneaky girl.

Behind me, an unexpected person spoke to Suzune.

“Suzune-chan! Hello...”

Megumi. Suzune also smiled and waved.

“Good morning, Megumi-chan. I am forever in your debt.”


“Same to you.”

Suzune’s voice was like a princess, while Megumi’s voice seemed amusing.

Muramasa-senpai asked behind us.

“Megumi and Suzune... do you know each other?”

“Yes, we do.”

“She is one of my friends.”

It seemed so trivial. Oh, the world is so... I thought about it for a moment, but I changed my mind.

...No, it’s Megumi... probably because of that.

“I’m more surprised to see that Hana-chan and Megumi-chan are friends. Hana-chan, I’m glad you can make friends on the outside.”

“Wh...what a rude thing to say!”

Muramasa-senpai got angry and laid eyes like this >.<

Elf gave a mocking smile and teased:

“Suzune ~ Looks like you just made the same mistake we did, huh? Muramasa is also popular outside the school!”

“It’s, it’s like this... also outside...”

Certainly, Muramasa-senpai is a famous person among us. Especially for Eromanga-sensei.

But Elf, she was using her to compete against Suzune.

“Mmm... surprising. Hana-chan was able to socialize for the first time without making a bad impression.”

[No, our first meeting made the worst possible impression.]

“I thought she was the worst enemy of my life.”

Sagiri and I said in unison...

Elf followed us with a “Me too, me too!”

“...... You didn’t have to say that... I’m, I’m reflecting on that, you know?”

Even though Muramasa-senpai had changed, I still think it was not a good impression.

She didn’t even remember Elf’s name.

“But there were many things about Muramasa-senpai...we knew about her later. And we became friends through good and bad things.”

“...Ma...Masamune-kun... you’re embarrassing me.”

Naturally, Muramasa-senpai was embarrassed as she covered her mouth with her hand.

Upon seeing this, Suzune opened her mouth with a hidden meaning, “Huh?”

“For the moment...approved.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s about the mission I was given by the others.”

With her index finger raised, Suzune said.

“The first thing to do was to see what kind of person is ‘Hana-chan’s beloved person’. If necessary, I would interrupt the relationship.”

“What?” *2

Senpai and I were surprised at the same time. Both Elf and Megumi didn’t. It was expected.

“The rest is secret, fufu. I know, hey, Megumi-chan.”


“May I ask you what kind of person Masamune onii-sama is?”

“He’s a super friendly siscon bastard. He has a fiancée who feels the same way.”

“Kufu, as I expected from Megumi. You have explained everything completely.”


Suzune said,

“I see, I get it.”

And so...

“Well, I’ll tell you the next fortune-telling...everyone is a friend, it seems they’re compatible enough to be best friends. And, lovers of...Masamune onii-sama?”


“If they join with your juniors...they will become a beautiful couple, and in the future, she will become the best writer of this century.”

...A fortune teller using a crystal ball.

In the end, it was like a real fortune teller.


After a while, we enjoyed our tour of the high school building.

I bought gifts for Sagiri at the horticulture club. I bought souvenirs for Sagiri at the accessory store, and I purchased commemorative photos at the photography studio.

“You’re really enjoying it, yourself”

Muramasa-senpai was half shocked and half smiling.

“No, it’s just... you can really get to see everything; I wanted to know if Sagiri could know what it feels like to be at a cultural festival...”

The pictures of foreign style buildings taken by the Ojou-sama could be a good reference material.

[...Nii-san, everything here is costly. Wouldn’t it be nice to restrain.]

I was also scolded by Sagiri herself.

Leaving the high school building, we headed for the home economics club to take a break.

It was the most beautiful café I had ever seen. There was also a separate room for confectionery, where the culinary contest of Shidou Kunimitsu VS Yamada Elf took place.

“Let’s have a cooking contest, Kunimitsu! Hey, how about the “Sweets Matching with Tea” theme?”

“Let’s do it! Even though I have no competition on my own terrain, I won’t lose!”

Speaking of which, the two of them had already fought over who would make the best candy.

Both Yamada Elf and Shidou Kunimitsu had a hobby of making sweets.

At that time, Shidou-kun, who was devoted to only one hobby, had better confectionery skills than Elf. She was always looking for opportunities to get even. Now the judges will be the Ojou-sama of the home economics club and us.

The result was a victory for Elf, who made an apple pie.

“Muahahaha! Eat that one, Kunimitsu! This is Yamada Elf! It’s my special skill! I’ll never lose twice to the same enemy!”

“Kuh...! The sweet and sour taste of the apples perfectly complements the aroma of the tea... the taste is being caressed by the hand of a little girl!”

His description of the taste was terrible. Too terrible.

Looking at a grown man squirming like that was not very descriptive.

“ too, I baked some homemade cookies.”

Muramasa-senpai, who was judging by my side, handed me a plate.

“Will you eat them...? Although they are not as elegant as those sweets...”

“Of course, I’ll eat them.”

Muramasa-senpai has many Japanese skills, but foreign food is not her speciality. They were straightforward cookies.

“Mm, they are good.”

“It’s... it’s like this... I’m glad.”

It tasted so sweet, and it was made with heart.

“Fuahahahahaha! I am Miss Nanohana School!”

As soon as she came back to us, Elf posed with the first place trophy.

She was wearing a diagonal ribbon from her shoulder that said ‘Miss Nanohana School’. At this point, we were standing next to the stage in the schoolyard.

“I am the Queen! Praise me!”

Well, as everyone can see, there’s no need for an explanation.

Elf, who entered the Nanohana School Ojou-sama’ contest, has won the first place trophy.

As expected from an Ojou-sama school, the ladies’ contest was about appearance and other things such as manners and practical skills.