Eromanga-Sensei Volume 10: Epilogue and Author's note.


One day after the cultural festival, Monday morning.

Muramasa-senpai’s father, Umezono Rintarou, called me:

“Yes, this is Izumi.”

The person who called me had some important business. I took precautions and responded:

“This... what kind of important business?”

[No, it’s nothing. I thought I should tell you about the circumstances of the novel my daughter wrote. ...Doesn’t anyone else know about it?]

“That’s it. Please.”

A new romance novel by Senjyu Muramasa.

I was the first person to read it...

Looks like they finally decided not to publish it.

“That Kagurazaka-san won’t give up so easily. She seemed very attached to it.”

[She’s been like this since she was a child. But, even if that happens, neither she nor I could do anything.]


[That novel no longer exists in this world.]

He said Muramasa-senpai had burned it with her own hands.

I was about to drop my phone.

As usual, her actions were very ridiculous.


“That’s Muramasa-senpai. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

[Right? Kukuku... the only person in this world who could read that novel was you, Izumi-kun]

Oh, is that so?

That masterpiece no longer exists in this world.

It only exists in my heart.

It was burned in the fire of that day.

“You called me to ask me what the story was like?”

[Listening, the story is not the same as reading the novel.]

“It’s true... so, Senpai, how is she?”

[Well, would you like to see for yourself?]


He seemed to know the circumstances of this issue.

“Yes, I’m worried. She’s my favourite senpai... Do you have any complaints?”

[No. I’m tired of watching her cry herself to sleep. It’s very annoying to be having hard times in my family.]

He had an exhausted voice.

[I tried to comfort my daughter as her father, I told her:]

[It’s okay, Hana-chan. Youthful relationships are good because they end early.

Well, I ended up marrying a childhood friend I was dating.]

That wasn’t good at all.

That was an example of successful first love.

[And then ‘Waaaa! Idiot dad! Go away!’ That was your fault.]

“Your choice of words was terrible! ...Are you really a great novelist?”

[Even though you’re a writer, you’re still a slave to your tongue.]

He said frankly.

I think he’s right.

Because, if I could say things better like those light novel protagonists, things would have turned out better, right?

Well, no matter where I go, I’m still me; that’s something I could only think about.

[I assure you. My daughter will get up and start writing soon.]

“I know.”

That’s Senjyu Muramasa.

[I warn you... I don’t know what I’ll do now.]

“I know.”

That girl is Umezono Hana.

[This is not the end. I will continue to trouble you... well, thank you.]

“Thank you.”

After all, I like that person.

[Well, that’s it...Ah, right, Izumi-kun, just tell me one thing.]

“What thing?”

[How was it?]

I laughed and answered:

“That was the most interesting novel in the world. It was the best youth novel I’ve ever read.”


Author's Note:

I’m Tsukasa Fushimi.

Thank you for reading volume 10 of Eromanga-sensei.

The cover of this volume was Muramasa wearing a uniform. The wounds on her fingers are healed, and that’s why she doesn’t use bandages anymore. Did you notice? I think it’s an excellent illustration that is perfect for the story!

And...thank you for reading on without abandoning the story, after it was quiet for more than a year after the publication of volume 9. The manuscript had been completed by the end of 2017, but due to various reasons, it was postponed. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Now, thanks to all of you who waited patiently for us to reach the publication date. I’ll be happy to know if you enjoyed it after a year.

About Eromanga-sensei’s OVA:

The manuscript was finished just the other day. Not only were the activities of the beautiful heroines included, but also ideas that surprised Takeshita, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Please wait for it!

Now news about the manga:

There will be a spin-off manga by Yamada Elf at the Dengeki Daioh.

“Eromanga-sensei: Yamada Elf Daisensei no koisuru junshin gohan (*10)” It will begin its serialization. The art will be by Suzu Yuuki. The first chapter is published in the September issue of the Dengeki Daioh, released on July 27th. Please read it.

(TL Note: *10: Eromanga-sensei: Pure Love Meals by the Great Writer Yamada Elf.)

And the seventh volume of Eromanga-sensei’s comic book was published on June 9th. Notice how close the author of this book is!

Niconico Douga... Tsukasa Fushimi has celebrated its first anniversary.

Thank you to all who have seen it so far!

There are currently several projects underway. I think it will become even more interesting to release new and exciting information in the future. You can also watch past videos, so please register.


About the eleventh volume of Eromanga-sensei:

The eleventh volume, which is a continuation of this one, should also be announced soon. By the time you have this book in your hands, it should be finished.

Special thanks to Fujinami Tomoyuki-sensei and Shirakawa Uichiro-sensei for the sub-stories and part of the main story.

Among those production members, what I did was ‘create some super nice heroines.’

But those who read ‘Eromanga-sensei’ and ‘Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai’, will be satisfied. Please wait for them.

At the end of volume 9, I wrote that ‘I promise to continue writing at full speed until the publication date of volume 10 of Eromanga-sensei is announced’.

And I will continue to work at full speed!

- May 2018, Tsukasa Fushimi.


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