• Ayumi Miku

Eromanga-Sensei Volume 9: Sagiri's New Married Life Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1:

Nii-san. I... have someone I like.

That was the first time we had a direct conversation.


"Can I... stop calling you Nii-san?"

"Can I... stop being your sister?"

"I don't... I don't want... I don't want to be your family..."

When I saw my little sister crying, I made a decision -

"Sagiri - Marry me."

I proposed to her.

Upon hearing my sudden proposal, Sagiri -


She raised her head and looked at me as if I had just said something unbelievable.

"Ah... that..."

Her eyes were still wet. She couldn't say anything.

"...what...did you just...say?"

She thought she had heard me wrong. But even though she was confused, I was serious.

I looked her in the eye and responded.

"Sagiri, marry me."


She almost fell backward as if she'd just been shot by a gun.

"W-what--what--what are you saying?"

"I was thinking... I like you the way a boy likes a girl."


Her mouth was trembling.

"I don't want to be giving you to anyone else. Even if you have someone you like, I won't accept defeat until the end... So I decided that, after 'our dream' was fulfilled, I would propose and ask for your hand in marriage."

"...Ah... Oh..."

Hearing my words caught Sagiri off guard. She was unable to respond to much. Her face was deeply red, she seemed to be able to faint at any moment.

I had a hunch that I looked the same. I could tell that my heart was racing as if it were about to burst.


She doesn't want to be my little sister.

And I want a family.

In that case, I want her to be my family, but not as a little sister.

"Let's get married and be together forever."


Her face was getting even blusher. Then, as if she couldn't take it anymore, she covered her face.

"Wait... wait for a second! Please wait!"

"Ah, good."

When I saw your reaction, I noticed my own situation. I used this opportunity to propose, but perhaps there should be a limit to what I said.

Is it okay to have a purposed now? Or should I have waited until our dream became a reality?

Maybe I screwed up... but I wasn't regretting it.

In the end, the difference was how soon I would tell her. At least it would be better than leaving my little sister to endure this pain.

We were sitting opposite each other. From the back of her fingers, Sagiri looked at me.


Then she put her hands down and said in embarrassment:


She kept calling me that, as usual.

"Getting married... is not good."

"I... see."

So it's not possible, huh - After listening to Sagiri's past, hearing how we had met before, hearing how Sagiri didn't want to call me Nii-san, I - I thought that maybe the person she wanted - was me.

It would be a lie to say that I didn't have that hope.


So that wasn't the case? I was wrong? Besides me, is there anyone else Sagiri might like?

"No, that's not it."

Sagiri said quickly as if she knew what I was thinking. She stepped forward and continued:

"It's not like that... I mean... I mean... oh... it's... it's too soon!"

"Soon? What do you mean...?"

"No, I can't marry you now! ...because... I'm only... I'm only 13...! So... we can't... get married... right?"


Now it's my turn to be speechless.

We can't get married now, that means...

Before I reached my conclusion, Sagiri continued.

"A, also... you... skipped a lot of steps! Marriage... why did you jump right to the end! I have my plans too! You surprised me! Idiot!"


"Don't apologize if you have no idea what I'm talking about."

Mad eyes. I couldn't answer.

Strange... Just a second ago I was asking my little sister to marry me... why am I being scolded now?


Sagiri took a deep breath and calmed down. She leaned forward, placing both hands on the floor.

"Well, Nii-san, listen carefully. I was not... clear just now. I will say it again."


Sagiri's attitude disappeared, she looked at me with an honest expression.

She sighed and calmed down.

Izumi Masamune used a 300-page love letter to confess himself to Izumi Sagiri.

Now, our roles were turned upside down.

"I... have someone I like."

Those were the words she used to reject me.

But now there' s a difference.

"That person is -"

She continued.


She smiled.

"I like you."

My heart skipped a beat.

"Since our first meeting... I've always liked you."

"I like you."

My heart skipped a beat.

"Since our very first meeting... I've really liked you."

I could hear it, but my mind couldn't grasp it.

"Unlike two years ago, I like you more now."

My tears were running down my cheeks.

I know I shouldn't look away, that I have to keep my eyes clear, but everything was getting blurry.

Seeing me like this, Sagiri started crying too.

"Thank you for loving me."


"It makes me... happy... to know that you want to be with me forever."


I wiped away my tears, raised my head, and saw Sagiri smiling tearfully.

"...I don't want to be your family...so..."

Sagiri's response was another proposal for me.

"Please stay with me. Then... one day, make me your wife."

- Please take care of this child for me.

I remembered the moment when my mother asked me to take care of Sagiri Since that day, I've always been thinking about exactly how I should 'take care' of her.

I don't know if this counts as an answer, but...

"Sure. I... I will definitely make you happy."

I swear it with every single soul of my being.

And so.

I became the lover of my little non-blood sister.

I proposed, I was rejected, I proposed, I was accepted.

All's well that ends well - but we both held our position, looking at each other. We didn't know what to do.

"Umm...Sagiri...what, what next?"

"Even if you ask me..."

We look at each other straight.

We are both authors or similar, so we understand how a love scene would be in a comedy atmosphere. But in real life, we didn't know what to do next after becoming a couple.

- If this were a manga or a romantic comedy novel, the next thing would be a peaceful day or a momentary step.

However, since this is reality, it's not like we can skip this part. It's still morning, even in a novel, the author would have a hard time jumping over to the next day.

"Right now... didn't you say you had a plan?"

"If I became your girlfriend... I planned many things..."

Girlfriend - that word made my heart skip a beat.

"Is, is it? Like what?"

"It's not, it's not erotic!"

"I know!"

There was a moment when I was hopeful, but I was still in deep shock.

"So, er...go ahead, Sagiri."

Sagiri nodded, then looked at me.

"First... about how we address each other."

"What does it mean?"

"Since we just started dating... I want to change the way we call each other... like... a nickname or something."


In a romantic comedy scene, it is important to change the people who talk to each other.

"Let's try it then. Okay, although I can't think of anything completely new. How about Sagiri-chan?"

"...It feels strange when you call me that."

She looked disappointed.

"So... what would you prefer?"

"Just call me 'Sagiri' as always. I just wanted to change the way I spoke to you."

"I see. Then you can call me whatever you want."

"Well... then... I'll call you..."

Sagiri coughed and -

"Muu-kun ♥."


"Because you're 'Masamune'... so I used Muu-kun... how about that?"


"Why don't you say anything?"

Because it's more embarrassing than I thought. I was too surprised!

"Hey, Sagiri? I know you were really pushing it... but could you please not call me Muu-kun?"

"I don't want to!"


What's wrong? Do you like it?

I was down on my knees and begged her to change it until she agreed.

"Mwu... in that case..."

She made a face and chose another one.

"Maa-chan ♥."

"Don't address me in such a nice way!!"

If she does, then I'd go 'Ahhhhh' every time she calls me. It makes me happy, but still...

"Mo ~ you're already complaining..."

"I have to!"

I firmly rejected her words.

"How about... Muu-tan ♥."


"Masamasa ♥."


"Well, well, let's go back to Maa-kun then."

"I told you not to!"

It's almost as bad as the last one!

"Mwu ~ so what nickname do you prefer?"

"Can you choose something more normal? From 'Nii-san' to 'Masamune' - I think that's enough.

"It's not a big change for me. Because in my mind I've always called you 'Masamune'.

"...I see."

My face was getting red.

"You mean, you've always looked at me as someone of the opposite sex..."

"No, no. It's not like that!"

Sagiri stopped me.


"That's... not wrong... but it's not true."

What do you mean? It's not true and it's not wrong?

Sagiri didn't answer me, she whispered.

"Then... I'll call you... Ahh -"

"Ma... Masamune."


That simple word was filled with great destroying power.

Am I dreaming? I'm dating Sagiri... I'm happy, but I can't believe it.

Sagiri's eyes starting to moisten, she repeated, ''Masamune...Masamune...'' again and again. Then, she put both hands on her cheeks.

"Ha...It's...I feel so embarrassed."

I think it's a miracle that most people with girlfriends don't die of embarrassment. I was at the gates of death just now.

Sagiri continued to speak.

"Masamune... this time... can you... can you hear my most important request?"

"Go ahead, anything's fine!"

There's no way I could refuse.

As soon as I said that, Sagiri told me her ''request''.

"Since you're my boyfriend now, please break up with the rest of the girls."


I started to sweat cold.

What... what should I say? Cutting relationships... I thought those words only appeared in drama movies.

"... May I ask what you mean by that?"

I asked politely. Sagiri responded with an honest expression.

"Elf-chan and Muramasa-chan."


"Break up with them."

It's scary how dangerous those words are.

It seems my girlfriend is the jealous type.

"No, it's all right. I'll stop the relationship with them. I accepted your request. "I already told you that 'I have someone I like, I can't go out with you."

I swore I was telling the truth, but my back was covered in sweat.

"...when did you tell them that?"

"During our trip to the beach."

I told Elf those words more than once.

"You said 'I have someone I like, I can't go out with you'... Like that?"


"That means... did they confess to you? Elf-chan and Muramasa-chan?"

"Uh... Yes... that's right."

Even now, I couldn't believe that so many girls loved me - especially Sagiri.

"...Uff ~ Ah."

Sagiri narrowed her eyes and looked at me with a sharp look. After a moment, she muttered.

"You didn't break up completely."

"No, it's... complicated."

"Totally, you didn't break up completely." Sagiri coldly repeated her words.

"You must make them clear. Tell them you have me... like your girlfriend... so you won't date anyone else."

She said that out loud, but she started to feel embarrassed in the middle, so her voice started to get lower.

But I kept listening to her. So I got up right away.

"- You're right. I understand. I'll go - right now - and tell them both."

"Take this with you."

She threw a phone at me. What a crazy girl. I told you I'd tell them, didn't I?

Anyway, I put the phone in my pocket and went to meet Elf and Muramasa-senpai. They were both on the first floor preparing the meal.

"Hello, Masamune. Lunch is almost ready."

Elf said as she cleaned the table. It seems it is Muramasa-senpai's turn to cook today. I could hear the sound of fish being fried. What a good smell.

"Actually, I have something very important to discuss with you two." I looked up in the kitchen and said.

"Yes, Masamune-kun."

Muramasa-senpai turned to me, still holding a knife and wearing an apron.

The knife sparkled in the light.

"What is it? What do you want to talk about?"


Should I say it with a Muramasa-senpai holding a knife? But that knife really seems to belong in her hand.

"Ah... it's about..."

Before I said anything else, Elf interrupted me. "Wait a minute."

"It's important, isn't it? How about we talk after finish our lunch?"

She's very sharp, so there was a chance she would have figured it out by then.

We finished eating. After that, I cleaned up the table and told the two of them:

"I'm dating Sagiri."

No more words were needed. Straight to the point.

"That's why I won't date anyone else."


I was waiting for their reactions.

For now, they - they didn't react at all. No, wait. It was slight... but there was a reaction.

Muramasa-senpai looked at me with eyes of incredible disbelief.

Elf was looking at me as if she was thinking about something else.

Several seconds passed. Then Elf said with a soft smile.

"Did you confess? Or was it her?"

"I did it. I asked her to marry me... She said she couldn't marry me now... but yes, we are dating."

"That's just so you - so, first, congratulations!"

She said that, so, clearly I couldn't help but blink several times. When I saw that, Elf laughed.

"What about your response? Did you think a professional romantic couldn't foresee this?"

She wasn't wrong. Before I opened my mouth, she probably... no, she probably predicted it a lot earlier.

"Of course, I figured you two still have some kind of a trump card. It's a surprise you kept it a secret until now. If you'd done it earlier... uh, well, I've got something prepared. I know the current situation is extremely unfavorable for me."

Elf said it like it was all just a game. She continued:

"As a genius author of the romantic genre ~ I really don't like to end my story with a confession scene. On the other hand, I hate writing something like 'I won't give up'. If she were my main protagonist, she would stand up and say -"

With a loud bang, Elf whipped the table, stood up, and shouted.

"Listen well! My plan will not change. I'll change this and make you beg for my forgiveness."

Then she turned around and left.

Before leaving the room, Muramasa-senpai said as she sipped tea.

"Is that such a disadvantage?"


Elf paused halfway through.

"...What did you just say, Muramasa?"

"It's nothing... because I already confessed once to Masamune-kun, he rejected me because he had someone he liked. Now, he's telling us about the girl he likes.


"So, is the downside so great?"

"Of course it is! 'I have someone I like' and 'I have a girlfriend' are totally different!"

"Is that so? How?

"For example, in a romance novel -"

Muramasa-senpai stopped it.

"You always use novels as a reference, but the reality is different."


"I forgot the name of your romantic novel, but after the end scene where the two protagonists go out, they may end up for some strange reason. Or maybe one of them will die."

"Wait a second, what are you talking about? Don't add an ending of horror to my masterpiece that I wrote in blood and tears! Those protagonists will live together in the memories of the readers! They definitely won't break or die or anything! Why will I never ever write a sequel like that!"

"I totally agree. The author has the right to stop the story wherever he pleases - so he will stop at a happy ending. He could expand by writing some short story after the end, showing how the characters live."

That's why it's interesting. Senpai said.

"But reality doesn't work that way. It's not as if love disappears after being rejected - that's why people call it passionate love...for my part...I've recently noticed it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm saying I'll be the winner."

Muramasa-senpai did not raise her voice, she said that in a calm tone.

"Right now, he likes Sagiri. That is all. I do not care who Masamune-kun dates, it is fine as long as he lives with me as a family - I am confident that this is how it will end. Because -"

She gave me a smile.

"You... just like me a lot more than before, right?"

I couldn't deny it.

"Senpai, you are my Senpai, my friend, my opponent - but those words are not enough."

However -

"Sagiri is the one I love more than anyone else in the world, I don't think my feelings will change."

After we finished that conversation, the next thing happened in the locked room.

"Kuh ~~~~~ Yahhhhh~~"

My pretty girlfriend was making a scene. She was shaking her butt, screaming her head off the floor.

"Calm down, calm down. Sagiri!"

"Shut up! Muramasa-chan is very difficult to deal with. Elf-chan is so cool. And Masamune is... is such an idiot!"

Sagiri bite my hand, she had eyes shaped like >.<

"What the hell? I clearly said the right thing!"

"You did it! But, but that... that sentence... was so embarrassing! So embarrassing! I almost screamed when I heard you say it on the phone!"

I do not know if she was trying to hide her embarrassment or if she was truly mad, but Sagiri continued to attack my right hand.

I responded:

"I'm sorry, but I'm an honest man! I don't know how much novels are different from reality, but I'd do it again if I had the chance!"

I grabbed her hand and went over to her.

"I love you! I'll love you to the bottom of my heart! Do you have a problem with that?"

"...No, I don't."

Sagiri was shocked, perhaps because I shouted at close range.

After she calmed down I asked her in a serious tone:

"What about you?"


"What do you think?"

"Do you want me to say it out loud?"

I nodded.

"You try to force me to say it alone... you're so smart."


Sagiri trembled. Then she looked at me.

"Do I really have to say it?"


We communicated with our eyes. So...


Because she was so nervous and was so ashamed, her whole body was shaking.

...is she okay?

I was getting worried until my girlfriend finally managed to say it:

With great difficulty, she said -



Pffffff...!!! No, no, no!!! I can't laugh! I have to resist...!

If I break out laughing now it'll be a disaster!

"Me...me...me too... *Achu* Masamune too !"

She did it again!

Shit, I don't think I can hold on... Pff... My stomach hurts...! I can't...

But I'm so happy too! So happy!

I pressed my stomach with one hand and leaned forward a bit.

"Kuh... Oh ~~ Thanks, Sagiri."

"You... you don't have to cry..."

When she saw me crying, Sagiri was shocked, she blushed in embarrassment.

"...I didn't expect it to make you so happy... Fufu."

I was happy. But it felt funny.

"Well, how should I put it..."

Now it's my turn to blush.

"Right now, our conversation... thank God no one else heard us."


She hit me lightly on the head before turning around. But Sagiri quickly turned back.

"...All right, now it's time for the next part."

"Huh? You mean... finish your 'what I want to do now that we're dating'?"

"Right." She nodded. "It's Masamune's turn next."


"Yes. Just doing what I want is not fair to you..."

"It's okay. As long as you're happy."

...I think my father said something similar before. He was probably thinking the same thing I am now.

I spoke honestly but Sagiri didn't seem to accept it. She repeated herself:

"No. Now it's your turn."


I smiled and started thinking about it.

"Um - what I want to do with my girlfriend... let's see."

"You don't have to hold back. You have fulfilled two of my wishes."

"In that case..."

I tried to arrange the words in my head. But what came out of my mouth was -

"I want to do something that every married person would do."

" Like married... Kuh!!!"

Sagiri immediately lifted the tablet and prepared to slam it to my head.

"No, no. That's not what I mean!"

It had been a while since I had been attacked like this. I thought I told you to reduce the amount of violence. Maybe I should have cleared it up earlier.

"I don't mean anything erotic. How should I put it..."

How should I put it so that you understand me...

"Right, something like a newlywed couple!"

"... For example?"

"Er... I mean... about that... thinking about the name of an unborn baby?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! It's a hundred times more embarrassing than I thought!"

She covered her face with her hand.

"But that one in my dream! I told you, I want to go out with you! I want to marry you!"

"I can't get married at this age!"

"I mean in the future! Because we can't do it right now, so I want to do something about a newlywed couple! Do you have a problem with that?"

"I'm having a lot of problems with that!"

She angrily turned me down.

Why are we arguing right after we become a couple? I can't understand her.

Sagiri looked at me from behind her fingers:

"If I were Izumi-sensei, I bet you'd give your son a light novel-like name."

"Hey, I wouldn't use a light novel character's name just because it sounds cool."

"I bet you'd call your daughter 'Izumi Accelerator', then she'd carry a grudge against you for decades."

"Don't say something so scary!"

That future is too horrible!

For a child, this is very important. I have to choose the name carefully.

With the same precision, I choose it for my protagonists.

"So... what name would you like? For example."

Sagiri asked. I responded immediately with a name I had thought of.

"If it's a boy... then Kirimune (*1)."

"It's like a character in a novel. Rejected."

My son's name was crushed without any mercy.

I tried to explain it as a novelist whose work was rejected.

"But that name comes from his mother and father..."

"I get it, but it feels like a light novel character's name, so I don't like it."

"...does it feel like the name of a light novel character?"

" A lot of it. I'll say it beforehand, but 'Shana' (*2) is out of the question too.

"Can you read my mind?"

I think I should use a character from the mother's name to name my daughter.

"I already know the way Izumi-sensei names his characters, so it's better not to let a light fiction character name a son."

"You're too harsh on light novelists."

Well, of course, she'd understand me. She's known me since before I made my debut.

Sagiri crossed her arms and said in a serious tone:

"We don't have to think of a son's name, for now, I -"

(TL Note: *1 Basically, Masamune mixed the characters of his two names Sa-giri (Kiri) and Masa-mune.

*2 It seems that Masamune is a fan of Shakugan no Shana, here Masamune still wants to use the name Sagiri as an inspiration for his daughter's name).

Suddenly, Sagiri blushed madly.

"You, you, you tricked me to say it!"

Idiot! Pervert! Hentai! Sagiri kept hitting me. It didn't hurt, but it felt like my heart was going to die.

[Now it's my turn.]

Until Sagiri calmed down, I was thrown out of her room. That was the message she had just sent me.

[Well, all right!]

I answered. Then she threw a huge bomb into me.

[Then let's go out on a date.]


I was shaken by the double meaning of that sentence.

First, 'I'm going out with the girl I like'.

And second -

"Are you going out?" I shouted to her room.

Then a message came to me immediately.

[No, I won't.]

As I expected.

Er, so... how will you go on the date?

After I sent her my question -

[I have to go to the date]

[Is that so...?]

I hope you have a plan...

[You just need to do as I say, Masamune!] She said confidently.

I've had a feeling since we started dating, she'll always rule me.

[Today is your last day off, right?]


[Starting from tomorrow, you won't be able to have another day off for several months.]

I think I can still ask for a day or two, but getting a day for us would require both of us to finish our work.

[Then let's go out on a date].

With a *crunch* the door opened. Then, Sagiri appeared in a new outfit.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

Exactly what a girlfriend would say.

She was wearing summer clothes. My eyes were attracted to her exposed shoulders and her pure white neck.

"...This... this is it?"

"Seriously, didn't I say we'd go out on a date?"

So I changed - that's probably what she meant.

Sagiri said with some embarrassment:

"...Ma, Masamune... how...do I look?"

"Ah... very pretty. It suits you."

Sagiri looked very pretty in her new clothes, which I thought added to her embarrassing look. But somehow, my compliment didn't seem to keep her happy.

She looked up.

"...Masamune, you would say that no matter what I wore, wouldn't you?"

"No, but... what else could I say? How about, 'your shoulders look so tasty'?"

"W", what are you looking at? I can't believe it! You're a light novel writer, but can't you think of more beautiful words?"


"Can't you say anything else?"


Okay, I'll do it!

"Well... don't look down on an author of light novels! I'll use all my writing skills to describe how beautiful you are!"

After saying that...

"Well, that's what I'd like to say, but I can't. Even Senjyu Muramasa-sensei couldn't describe the most beautiful person in the world."

Ah ~ I sighed and bowed my head. But when I looked up, Sagiri seemed very embarrassed. Her hands were shaking.


"Is something wrong?"

"I don't know!"

She turned around and went back to her room. I followed her in a rush.

After closing the door, my girlfriend angrily crossed her arms and stuck darts in my eyes.

"So... let's go out on a date."


Since she was so scary, I quietly accepted.

"What exactly are you thinking about having a date? Please give your answer, light romantic comedy author Izumi Masamune-sensei."

As the main protagonist, Sagiri pointed out the topic to me. I was caught off guard.

"Er... kissing?"

Sagiri blushed, trembled.

"Nii...Nii-san, can you only think of perverted things?"

Now it's 'Nii-san' again. She's probably used to that.

"I can't help it! This is the first time in my life I've gone out on a date with my girlfriend! Even the Sekaimo characters only did little ecchi things!"

"But that boy was thinking about his little sister!"

"I just want my little sister!"

"Don't say that with a proud expression! Pervert!"

I think we were both already misunderstanding each other -

"That's not what I mean! What I was trying to say here is that I'm even more honest with my girlfriend than the main protagonist in my story!"

"Are you really comparing yourself to a character in a light novel?"


The first thing we did after we became a couple was fighting.

"So, in your opinion, what were you thinking when you were talking about going out on a date? Please give your answer, Erotic Illustration Specialist, Eromanga-sensei!"

"I don't know anyone with that name!"

"Yes, yes - So what's your answer?"

"Kuh... okay."

Sagiri raised her chest confidently. I wondered what her response would be.

She kissed her lips and said:

"I'll tell my boyfriend to undress."

"Can you only think of perverted things?"

How I expected from Eromanga-sensei!


I thought she would blush and angrily deny it but, unexpectedly, Sagiri calmly gave her counter-argument. She made a hand signal of 'everyone calms down' and said:

"It's not a pervert thing... if we're dating, of course, I have to take care of my boyfriend's clothes... So a bride can undress her boyfriend to do whatever she wants."

"Don't say such a terrible thing in such a calm tone!!!"

That's definitely not something a girl would say. Besides, if it were the other way around, I'd definitely be hated. It's so unfair!


Sagiri's breathing began to accelerate more and more.

"That's why, Nii-san, you should undress. Right now. So I can see your whole body and draw my illustrations!"

"Sa...Sagiri... are you only interested in my body?"

I was terrified and used my hands to cover my body. I never thought I'd ever say that sentence.

"Ah ~ you talk in such an erotic tone all the time ~ Masamune is a pervert."

"You have no right to say that! It's not fair, do you hear me?"

Sagiri said a nice *yahh* and leaned over to me. I used my hand to push her head away and said:

"Even if what you say is true, this part should only be done at the end of the date! There's no way I could undress right at the beginning of our first date!"


Sagiri stopped. She was already halfway through taking off my belt.

"You're right."


Phew, I'm safe.

I escaped from Sagiri, tightened my belt, and said:

"What else do you want to do? Besides undressing your boyfriend."

As her boyfriend, I shouldn't have told her that.

And why is the bride - Sagiri - in charge of the planning? Usually, it's the groom's duty. I can't believe it.

Sagiri thought for a moment and then lifted a finger.

"How about... a walk."

So, it's decided.

A walk and shopping - it's a common dating strategy. But, of course, Sagiri can't go out.

"Come sit next to me, Masamune."


When Sagiri said 'a walk' she meant 'online shopping'. So we opened up her laptop and started looking on the internet.

Sometimes our shoulders touched... it didn't feel so bad... a good date so far.

"Today... we're going to get clothes for Masamune."

"For me? Not for you?"

Normally, during a date, the couple would get clothes for the girl then the guy would pay, right?

"Um, I'll pick out clothes for you." Sagiri said with a smile.

"You don't have to."

"It's okay, it's my present. Because it's our first date!"

"It is, is it?"

Oh, damn it.

What the hell?

But she makes the plan and now she's directing me...

"I think this would suit you, Masamune."

"Will you do it?"

"You'll look very handsome if you wear this."

She gave me a gift... and also flattered me. Sagiri-nee-chan is so cool today.

I'm a man, but my heart was skipping a beat.

"See this ~"

Sagiri took out her sketchbook and quickly drew me in the new clothes she had just chosen.

"You will look like this. If we order it now it will arrive tomorrow - I can see it with my own eyes."

"Sure... got it. But you seem to be very good at ordering online... yeah, that's to be expected."

"Just leave it to me! I'm used to this!"

"You are... so reliable... aha!" I laughed.

"Did I say something strange?"

"It's nothing - I'm just happy."

We're just sitting side by side, why do I feel so happy?

Why is my heart beating so fast?

Maybe... that's how we get along.

"It's just the beginning... but I think this is how a date should be."

It doesn't matter what you choose to do, as long as we're together.


Suddenly, Sagiri poked my stomach. I returned the compliment and asked what she wanted.

"Who knows?" She turned around.

"Well, is it my turn now?"

"Your turn?"

"My turn to pick out clothes for you - to celebrate our first date."

"Ah? Based on your tastes, Masamune?"

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes, because Izumi-sensei always has his female characters wearing boring clothes."

"Hey, wait a second! Do you really think that? This is the first time I've heard it!"

"Every time it's just my imagination that helps to create nice clothes."

"You can talk to me directly! I always thought Eromanga-sensei didn't even read my descriptions!"

When that happened, I had to change the description of the clothes to fit the illustration.

...but the end result was that my characters got nice clothes, so I let it go.

"Anyway, so... How about you pick out clothes and I pay for them?"

"Um, that sounds good. There's a place I visit often, let's try it."

Sagiri pointed directly ahead. Though we did not leave the room, it was fun.

And so it was our first date...

Sagiri sighed:

"We can't do anything."

"Of course. If we did, it would actually be very uncomfortable."

Since we live together.

"Er...yeah, I think you've got a point."

"I had a wonderful day."

"That's good to hear."

"I have to go back to work today - thank you for these last few days, I'm feeling recharged."

"...Don't put so much pressure on yourself."

"I know."

I'm not the only one who's busy. Sagiri has her job, too.

She said:

"Don't be so confident just because our dream is about to come true or because you have a girlfriend."

When I heard your warning, I laughed:

"It's impossible not to."


"But I'll try."

It would be fun.

Because of our conversation, our concerns are gone.

"After finishing our work, I have something to ask you."

"Ask me?"

Sagiri pointed at herself with a confused look. I nodded.

"Yes. I planned to ask you for this after we fulfilled our dream together with my proposal. But I think it might happen earlier."


To hear the proposal mentioned made her blush.

"I really want to ask you this."

"...When you put it that way you make me not want to hear it."

" Uh-huh, really? But please do. Although I'll stop if you say it like that."

"Well... then, what did you want to ask me?"

I suspect - Sagiri's eyes said that. And I told her: -

"I have to say this beforehand: this is as important as my proposal."

Chapter 2:

'Izumi Masamune's Days Off': Second day

Monday, August 8, 23:30.

I went to sleep in my old room. After a long period of hard work, the room was now more or less the same as it should be.

It was Elf who came up with this idea. I accepted because living in the same room with my new girlfriend would be bad.

So, Elf and Muramasa-senpai returned to live in Elf's house from today.

"My manuscript is also in trouble."

"I'm staying at home with Elf this summer, call me if you need help."

They said before they left. I'm so touched.

They kept acting like everything was normal - but I know that's impossible. Although if I were in their place I would probably act the same way.

- I have to go back to work tomorrow. I need to do my best -

I know what I'm supposed to do, but it's hard to really do it.

Just recently I confessed to the girl I love... and we started dating...


Every time I think about that moment I feel like I might lose my mind.

I wanted to scream Sagiri's name. I wouldn't be able to stop myself if I sent her a message right now.

"Going out with a girl... what should I do... Maybe I should ask someone for advice...!"

Suddenly, Kusanagi-senpai sent me a message.

[Izumi, come to my house tomorrow.]

[Huh? What's wrong?]

[I've already called Shidou too.]

[Did something happen?]

[Do you have to ask so much?]

[Well, it's suspicious.]

[I helped you once when writing the collaboration story of Pure Love and Sekaimo, now it's your turn to return the favor.]

[Huh? But those are two completely different things! You're just trying to abuse my good side!]

[You've been very busy recently, haven't you? Come play.]


Why should I go out and play with a man instead of my girlfriend?

But... it might be a good opportunity to talk to my co-worker about the same sex. And Shidou-kun will probably go too.

I thought about it and responded:

[I have to go to the publishing company] [So I can't stay long. Is that okay with you?]

[Great! Then come to my house at 1 o'clock.]

*[Buzzing] He sent me his address.

...Wow, Kusanagi-senpai lives in a really high-class area.

That's why, the next day I went to the Shinjuku area where Kusanagi-senpai lives.

It was a very modern area designed by a famous architect. If I hadn't gone to Makina-san's house earlier, I would have been really overwhelmed.

I rang Kusanagi-senpai's bell in front of the apartment door. He opened the automatic door for me.

I went to his room and saw him at the door.

"You came."

A low, grumpy voice. Black clothes. Blonde hair. The guy who looked like an FF XV character is Kusanagi Ryuki. He's my senpai, his famous novel is a romantic comedy called 'Pure Love'.

His hair was a mess, so I think he just got out of bed. He said in a sleepy tone.

"Come in. Shidou hasn't arrived yet."

There were a lot of shoes in the driveway. He clicked his tongue and rearranged them so that I would have a place to put mine.

I put my shoes on and followed him further into the apartment. There was something suspicious in the way. It looked like a shelf covered with a cloth.

"What's that?"

"My figure rack. It would be problematic if a girl saw it, so I usually keep it hidden."


So what would you do if they asked?

I think it's a problem for all otaku, that's why it's hard to bring someone of the opposite sex to their rooms. It would be great if my girlfriend was an otaku too!

"There were a lot of shoes at the entrance. Is anyone here?"

"Sort of."

Sort of... suspicious...

But my suspicion was quickly confirmed.

In front of me, Kusanagi-senpai suddenly said "Hey!" and opened the door like a loan collector arriving to collect his money.

Behind the door there were indeed several people I did not know. They were kids, probably from high school or college.

Some were reading manga, some were playing video games, one was building a model on his own.

Their appearances ranged from a small, baby-faced body to a tall, muscular one - in short, there were many kids with different appearances.

"Ah, Nii-san. Is that your friend?"

The guy who was building the model looked up and asked. He was probably the friend of Kusanagi-senpai's younger brother.

The rest of them greeted Kusanagi with a "Sorry for the inconvenience." Or "Nice to meet you." It seems that it is quite typical for Kusanagi-senpai to shout at them all, none of them reacting beyond that.

Seeing how they were acting, Kusanagi-senpai kicked a nearby trash can.

"Go away! You brats! Don't just meet at my house!"

"But there's an event coming up."

"It took us a long time to get here ~"

"That's right."

"I don't give a shit about your bullshit! Get out! Here! It's summer vacation, but you're still students! Go home and read a book or something!"

"But Nii-san, aren't you a NEET too?"

"I told you that I'm not!"

"Then you must be lying when you say you're a light novelist."

"I'll only believe you if you let me meet Yamada Elf-sensei."

"It can't be helped then. Go home."

"Yes, yes."

One by one, they left the room.

On the other hand, I understood the situation well. This was -

'Go to your friend's house on summer vacation, but get run over by his crazy big brother.'

It was typical during summer vacation, but I never thought I'd be on the big brother's side this time. This... I freaked out.

"Damn... those brats... they make a mess and just run away."

Kusanagi-senpai muttered and began to clean up. I gave him a hand.

Looking around, I saw it was a good room. It even had a great lighting system.

However,...there were shelves of lightweight sleeves/novels, guitars, basses, figures, Gunplas (*3), etc... all over the place. Even though they had been temporarily hidden, it's obvious that there's no way for the owner to invite a girl in.

"Not bad."

"Yes. I moved here when my anime started."

He said something similar to Elf.

(TL Note: *3 Plastic models of Gundam robots.)

It's true... after my work was turned into anime... I had to move around a lot. Going to the advertising company, the publishing house, the anime company... It would have been difficult if I had lived too far away.

"So why are we meeting today? You said it was because you wanted to play something, but what's the real reason?"

"I'll tell you when Shidou arrives. Do you want some coffee?"


Shortly after that, Shidou arrived. I raised a hand to greet him.

"Long time no see, Shidou-kun."

"Long time, Izumi-kun."

This bright-looking young man was Shidou Kunimitsu. He is my older Kouhai, currently a university student. His story was mostly about sweets.

"It seems that anime is keeping you very busy."

"...I managed to finish it, now it's up to the production team."

"...I see."


Even if I could help with something during the weekly meetings, there wasn't much I could do right now.

I could only rely on the production team and prepare to assist them if necessary. For now, I can be satisfied with the thought that I did my best.

We gathered around the couch and drank coffee as we talked.

"So how have you been recently, Shidou-kun?"

"Huh? Izumi-kun don't know? I'm going to publish a new story at the end of the summer." He said with a proud expression.

"Huh? Is that right? Congratulations!"

"Ahh, thank you!"

"Shidou, is your new story the same as the one you wrote for the World Light novel Tournament?"

"Yes, yes! Finally ~~~~ I can publish it!"

It had been a long time since he started writing it. At that time he had to endure having to correct his manuscript numerous times and deal with the occasional writer's block.

...but in the end, he was able to do it. This is a new kind of novel for him, so it wasn't easy to write it. That's why he's so happy.

"Please take a look at it, you two! Look at the cover... look, this is it!"

He used his smartphone to show us the cover of his book.

Both Kusanagi and I turned to the phone screen and judged the picture we saw.

"Oh~ Good illustration! Very cool! I think it will sell well."

That's what Kusanagi-senpai said. He is not someone who could sweet-talk, so it is likely that he really meant it.

I nodded as well.

"Shidou-kun, is your story the same as the short story before?"

"He's changed a lot. My manuscript was revised many times. But it still has a lot of delicious candy in it!"

"I see."

Still smiling, I asked gently.

"After seeing the cover and the name of the novel, there's something I'm curious about... can I ask you something?"

" Go ahead, please."

"Shidou-Kun's New Story - Is it a Lolis' Light Novel?"

"That's right!"

Shidou-kun immediately gave me an explanation.

"After enduring the harsh reality... I found a little girl saying Okay, okay is super moe! So I gave a female lead that character! In other words, I changed my female lead from a college girl to a loli! And so, my story immediately became interesting! I didn't have to change my manuscript over and over again, it all came out so naturally! That's how I wrote a super-powerful novel...!

He flattered the loli with a carefree smile.

"Ah! So this is what they call discovering a new in you? Anyway, I found a new meaning for my life!"

Is he drunk again?!

"What should we do, Kusanagi-senpai! Our Kouhai is descending a path of no return!"

"Don't talk like you're not related! This all happened because you introduced him to a primary school girl!"

"Did I?"

"Of course!"

Kusanagi shouted and pointed at my face. He smiled:

"But it's not that bad, is it? Based on Shidou's style and a female lead loli, I can say it's a wonderful combination even without reading it."

"Izumi, a novelist can gain a lot from awakening a new interest."

This guy is beyond salvation.

"Hey, why are you turning back with an expression like this guy is beyond salvation? Judging by the cover is not something you usually do."

"It's not because of the cover, it's more because of what Shidou-kun said after that."

Should I say he could be a lolicon? But that's so disgusting!

"Listen to me, Izumi-kun. My new novel is maternal."

"But it's a light novel by lolis!?"

" This is why. Think of it this way, I don't know if I can get along with a bigger girl..."

Since it's very problematic, let me skip this.

Shidou-kun said:

"Don't you think it's wonderful when a little girl suddenly asks you to pamper her or she pampers you?"

"I do, actually."

That's something I like about Sagiri.

But with Sagiri, she' s more like a 'trustworthy person' than a 'mother'.

I raised my right hand.

"I understand, good!"

Shidou-kun took my hand. We high-fived.

"...It's wonderful."

"...It is."

To think this is the first time I've agreed with his tastes in girls.

Seeing this, Kusanagi-senpai looked up.

"Shidou...er...I understand your enthusiasm...but was this cover made by the famous manga artist loli?"

"Amazing, isn't it? I bought and read manga drawn by him!" Shidou-kun said with satisfaction.

"That wasn't my point. What I'm saying is, it's the same as saying to ask the author of D*agon Ball to draw illustrations for a light novel about fighting. Is that okay? Unless your story is especially good, people will say, 'it would be better to let the illustrator write the story', you know?"

"This one's especially good, don't worry!"

Was he that confident in the past?

Kusanagi-senpai placed his hand on my shoulder and whispered:

"I haven't read it, but my gut tells me that... this one will sell really well."

"I think so, too."

"I can't accept that, so before Shidou comes to his senses, let's make things worse for him. How about publishing the fact that he's a lolicon in an internet article?"

"I have the same editor as him, just leave it to me."

"Well, I'll leave it to you...!"

Ee... that's how we senpai cares about him. We're advertising his novel. We have no other reason. Although this shameful past might bring him trouble in the future when the media finds out about it, what he said will become good interview material.

On the other hand, real lolics have a way of knowing who a fake lolicon is.

"What are you two whispering it about?"

"It's nothing - oh, right. Since Shidou-kun is here too, let me tell you the reason I called you both."

"I knew it!" *2

Shidou-kun and I said it at the same time.

"And... well, are you mentally prepared for what's coming?"

"Is it something that requires mental preparation?"

"You can treat it like a ghost story. Very sumptuous, isn't it?"

"Ghost stories, huh..."


Both Shidou-kun and I were surprised.

With his usual low voice, Kusanagi-senpai slowly began to speak:

"This happened to me a few days ago..."

"Wait, you mean it really happened?"

He said, "Yeah, it's totally real."

"...Please don't tell a story that will end up cursing the audience."

Maybe he was scared of ghosts, but Shidou-kun was already pale. To think this is the same lollipop who doesn't like older girls.

"Let me continue... That night, at a certain bar in front of Shinjuku station, I met a girl who claimed to be 24 years old. However, based on my scan, she was actually 27. She had big breasts and a black bra."

"Do you have to describe that part so accurately?"

"Yes, because it's very important. Then... after we shared some drinks, our conversation continued... until I managed to ask for her number."

"Yes, yes."

"After that we said goodbye. I came home by myself."

"Does that mean you failed to establish contact with her?"

"No, I didn't! The fight just started! My skill will shine now!"


"So what's the horror part of this story?" Shidou-kun bowed his head and asked.

"Be patient, yes! I'll talk about the main topic now. Ready?"

We both nod at the same time.

Kusanagi-senpai coughed once and continued:

"After returning home... it wasn't yet midnight. I was a little drunk, but I still thought I should contact that girl before going to sleep, so I sent her a message."

I was beginning to wonder when I'd get to the main point...

"And that 27-year-old woman's name is 'Aya'."

"Ah..." *2.

Suddenly I felt a chill ran down my back!

"Could... could it be that... you sent your message to the elementary school girl 'Aya-chan'?"

"You sent your message to the wrong person!"


"WHAT THE HELL!!!!" *2.

This is the first time I've heard such a terrifying story.

"What, what, what kind of message did you send him?"

"I've got a screenshot."

I looked at it and made a statement.

"You're finished."

"You think so too?" He put on a smile. "I found out about it the next morning when I had already done so. I think I'm a dead man."

Next to me, Shidou-kun asked:

"What about the picture? Did you get the picture?"

"If she had sent it, I'd be laughing right now."

Fortunately, Aya-chan has common sense.

"So, did you clear up the misunderstanding?"

"No, not yet."

"What the...?"

Kusanagi-senpai showed me the message with which Aya-chan responded.

[Then I'll be there tomorrow]



Ah...now I see... So this is a horror story that will curse the


Suddenly - the doorbell rang. Both Kusanagi-kun and I were forced to endure the same horror that Kusanagi-senpai had at that moment.

So, the culprit - Kusanagi-senpai - right in front of us, she -

"So you got the wrong person? I get it. ♪”

Two girls in primary and secondary school uniforms were standing in front of Kusanagi-senpai, who was kneeling on the floor.

It seemed that Aya-chan had asked her friend Megumi to come with her.

It is not as if a first-year girl can come to a man's house alone from beyond 20 years.

"Hm, anyway, I knew that would be the case! Oh ~~~"

The girl who was angry about the situation was Aya-chan. She's the girl with glasses and a wide forehead. Even now, she was still prepared to pull her own alarm emergency room at any time. Scary.

"I'm so sorry."

Kusanagi-senpai could only keep his head down by apologizing. At the same time, Aya-chan was screaming, "Muh! Mwu!" and hitting her head.

This situation was very bad. One false step would set the whole situation on fire, and we would risk the police being involved as well. Their way of handling the situation was already relatively gentle.

"I'm so sorry."

Still, it's too embarrassing to see my senpai kneeling before a girl

of elementary school.

Megumi turned to me:

"What are you doing here, Onii-san?"

"Kusanagi-senpai asked me to come - he said something about wanting to see me."

"He knew this would happen, and he still brought us here. It's too much!"

Even Shidou-kun was angry. Understandable, since it was now

extremely easy for us to get involved in this storm.

Although I could understand Kusanagi-senpai's desire to have a third person ... but it's still very problematic for me.

"On the other hand, Megumi, I didn't expect you to come too."

"It's okay. I also have many friends in Shinjuku ~"

Megumi took out her phone and put it to her ear.

"Okay, guys, you're there ~ it's Megumi ~ Thanks, I'm fine - you can all disperse now. No need to be near the entrance anymore ~ Um ~ let's get out of here together..."

She hung up and smiled:

"That's right ♪."

"...I understand."

It turned out that her friends had already gathered outside... if necessary... frightening. I think it's normal for today's generation of light novels to have a character like her.

"Well, I forgive you, but..."

During our conversation, Aya-chan's scolding had come to an end.

"I have a condition!" She raised a finger.

Now it's getting more and more interesting.

Still kneeling, Kusanagi-senpai looked up in fear.

"Co, condition?"


From her branded handbag, Aya-chan took out a light novel and put it in front of Kusanagi-senpai.

Anata ga Naku made Fumu no wo Yamenai!

Autor: Eiji Mikage

Ilustrador: nyanya

Editorial: Dengeki Bunko

"You, you...! Are you trying to break my pride...?"

Kusanagi-senpai began to tremble.

"...how much will you abuse him? I feel so excited...!"

Shidou-kun seemed to want to be in Kusanagi-senpai's place.

On the other hand, seeing how he reacted, Aya-chan blushed:

"It's not that! What, what are you thinking! This... this is..."

She took out another novel and quickly showed it to Kusanagi-senpai.


Autor: Sagu Aoyama

Ilustrador: Tinkle

Editorial: Dengeki Bunko

"Hey, the girl who wants to become a light novelist, can you by

please stop with your sarcasm?"

"Um, I'm showing the feelings of a girl with light novels..."

"But no one can understand you!"

Please use easier sarcasm. That's what Kusanagi-senpai was requesting.

"Hm, it seems a romantic comedy novelist can't understand me. Then..."

For the third time, Aya-chan took out another light novel and put it down.

ROOM NO. 1301. Otonari-san wa Artistic!?

Autor: Arai Teru

Ilustrador: Sacchi

Editorial: Fujimi Mistery Bunko

"Don't show high-value information so suddenly!"

"But you told me to use an easier target!"

"I have an instinctive fear of that. Which part is easier or simpler? Just talk to me straight ahead! With your mouth!"

"Ku, Kusanagi-sensei, please take responsibility!"


Kusanagi-sensei froze and turned deathly pale. He was shaking

"I proposed to Sagiri."

Seeing that, Shidou-kun slowly said:

"I see... ROOM NO. 1301, huh."

"Do you understand, Shidou-kun?"

"Please explain to me."

Both Megumi and I asked at the same time. He answered:

"It's a novel written by Arai Teru and published by Fujimi Mistery. I can't give you a summary of the content... but I can tell you that in this novel, in volumes afterward, every time a new female character was introduced, her name was getting a pink H-mark."

"Well, I understand. Thank you very much."

"Wow, Aya-chan is so bold."

"No! It's not that! I just want him to take responsibility for sending me such a strange message!"

Did this girl really just say something so incredible?


Even Megumi was so surprised that she could not respond. Shidou-kun kept talking, but no one was paying attention to him anymore.

"I'm saying that's not it!" Aya-chan blushed and was almost screaming.

Kusanagi-senpai looked away as if to escape reality.

"Taking responsibility - this is the second time in my life I've heard

that... but it's still so scary."

"How did you solve it the first time?"

"I asked Arai Teru-sensei for help."

The image of Arai Teru became somewhat impure.

Though Kusanagi-senpai was speaking nonsense. Aya-chan continued her assault.

"Listen to me carefully! Will you take responsibility? Or not?"

"What... what do you want me to do..."

He said with a pained expression. Aya-chan handed him a final novel.

Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

Autor: Shirow Shiratori

Ilustrador: Shirabi

Editorial: GA Bunko

"Please take me as your apprentice."

At least I think he can understand this time. Kusanagi-senpai breathed a sigh of relief.

"I do not know if I can help you or not."

"I get your point."

"I'm just a romantic comedy novelist."

"That's why you're the one." Aya-chan bowed her head and mumbled.

"Actually... the next novel I want to write is also a romantic comedy."

"...Good. I don't think I can be your mentor... but if you need my opinion about your story, then I can. When I have some free time, of course."

"That's enough! Thank you very much!"

Aya-chan smiled brightly. At the same time, her mentor fell to the ground like this 大.

After the 'Get a Master' incident -

Shidou-kun stayed at Kusanagi-senpai's house while I returned to

Shinjuku station with Megumi and Aya-chan.

Once we viewed the station, I noticed something.

"Ah, shit. A lot happened and I forgot to talk to Kusanagi-senpai."

Still, I doubt I could get any useful answers in that environment from everyone's ways. It's not like my situation can be improved. Megumi turned to me and she asked:

"Do you need to talk to him about anything?"


I was muttering to myself, but somehow she heard me.

It wasn't difficult to see where she was going, but I still answered her question.

"I need to talk about love."

"Onii-san's going to talk about love? How lovely!"

Megumi's eyes were glowing. Even Aya-chan seemed interested.

It seems girls her age like this stuff.

"In that case, let the master of romance - me - listen to your problems."

She sounded like Elf for a moment. Who's better, a master of comedy romantic or a master of romance?

...................Megumi, maybe.

I'll ask her about real life, not something about novels anyway.

"Should I talk about love to Megumi?"

"Of course you should! Aha ~ I really want to hear ~ about the love of Onii-san ♥."

"You just think it would be fun, don't you?"

"Yes. But I will give you proper advice as a thank you."


What should I do? Should I... ask Megumi? She knows the situation of my family, and she calls herself a master of romance... Maybe she's a good option.

"This... Sensei! Megumi has heard everyone's love troubles before... She is very reliable...! So..."

While I was hesitating, Aya-chan gave me a little push. I smiled slightly and I answered:

"In that case... I'll be in your care."

"Ahem, leave it to me! Then let's go somewhere quiet to talk!"

Megumi pulled my arm. We followed her to a karaoke bar nearby.

"Okay, Onii-san, go ahead and tell us."


First of all, let me sit down. After quick eye contact, they both sat next to me. One on each side. Hm, although they're only elementary and high school girls, I bet some people would be jealous of my current situation.

We won't let you escape.

That's how I felt coming from them.

After Megumi ordered some drinks she immediately went to the point.

"So? So? What do you want to talk about?"

"Um, actually..."

They were both looking at me with shining eyes, so I went straight to the point.

"I have a girlfriend now."


Aya-chan was so excited that I thought she was the one who had a boyfriend. On the other hand, Megumi put a hand on my knee and leaned in forward.

"Ah? Ara? Not someone you like, but already a girlfriend?"

"Yeah. We're dating."

"Wow ~~! This...is unexpected! I'm so excited!!"

"Don't say that while you're touching me in an inappropriate place!"

"Ah, you traitor! You can't fool her with it!"

But Megumi showed no sign of letting me go. She came even closer smiling happily.

I'll say it again - girls really like to talk about love.

"Me, Megumi, you can't! It's unfair to Sensei's girlfriend!"

"It's okay, Aya-chan!" She said and put her other arm around my neck. "In my book, only kisses count as cheating, so this is good!"

That's NOT right at all!

"Me, I count as cheating if you spend more than ten seconds alone with a girl in a room!"

No. That's too much!

By your logic, I'm already a traitor!

Really... what's wrong with children's common sense these days? They go overboard too easily.

"So, who's your girlfriend? Tomo-chan - probably not. Is it Elf-chan? Or Muramasa-chan? Or - could it be Army-chan?"

"I'll tell you, just let me go!" I almost begged her.

"Well ~"

Megumi gently let me go, then took off her shoes and knelt on the couch. Her arms were slightly turned toward me.

"So, tell me, tell me!"


Aya-chan also swallowed saliva while looking at me.

The room suddenly became silent. I looked at Aya-chan again... I coughed one time and I said:

"My girlfriend is -"

...this is the only way I can tell you.


"Ah - ah -----!!!" *2

Girl screams burst my eardrums.

As I covered my ears with pain, both girls asked one thing after another.

"Eromanga-sensei... is..."

Aya-chan was blushing wildly, she said my partner's name with difficulty.

"You mean the girl from Sekaimo's event - the very beautiful one -"

Ah, yes.

For Aya-chan, Eromanga-sensei is Kyouka-san.

"The very beautiful perverted woman, right!"


I smiled vaguely as I thought -

Thank goodness Kyouka-san isn't here.

During the event, Kyouka-san (in his twenties) entered the stage as Eromanga-sensei. Then, on Eromanga-sensei's orders, she wore an erotic sailor's uniform and was forced to shout 'Eromanga's Flash'. It was very difficult for her, but thanks to that the marketing of anime was much easier.

Still, it's clear that most people would see her as a perverted. I have no idea how I could tell you, or what I should do when respect.

But one thing is clear, to us, Kyouka-san is our most loved one.

"Onii-san...Eromanga-sensei...you mean..."

Unlike Aya-chan, Megumi knows the truth. So I nodded.


"I see ~~"

Megumi seemed to be fixing her thoughts. Then she slowly smiled.


"Thank you."

Her heartfelt congratulations felt like a fire inside me.

Megumi looked nervous, she continued:

"Actually, this morning Sa... Eromanga-sensei sent me a message, she said 'I have something to talk to you about'."


Does that mean Megumi didn't know about us until now?

"I don't know all the details. You know, because of Aya-chan's situation."


"I told her 'I'll call you as soon as I get home'... But after hearing it from you, I understand. This must be what she wanted to talk to me about."

"Yes, probably."

So... now that we're starting to date, does Sagiri have her problems too?

"It's okay." Megumi sounded like she was comforting me.

Aya-chan, who did not understand the whole picture, said with eyes full of admiration.

"To think of an old woman asking you for advice, Megumi-chan is so cool!"

"Ahahahaha ~ some ~"

Megumi smiled strangely and nodded before turning back to me.

"Cof, Cof! Then tell us some more! What are you worried about after getting a nice girlfriend?"

"- This is the first time I've dated a girl."

"Even though you're in high school?" *2.

"Yes! What about it?!"

They both spoke at the same time! What's with the pity eyes? There's no... Nothing wrong with a guy having his first girlfriend in high school, right?!

"Izumi-sensei is scary (>_<)"

"Ara, ara, Onii-san, why are you getting angry?"

"I'm not angry! Anyway, that's the problem. Since this is the first time I have a girlfriend, I don't know what to do! I'm so confused! We had a date, but I don't know what else to do besides that, so I'd like some advice from you girls."

I said it all at once. Megumi said "Um." And she started to think.

"I need to hear the details of your appointment with her - how about giving her a present?"

"If you mean a gift to celebrate our date, then we've already done that."

"Of course I mean something else. They just started dating, right? So I think a gift every time they see each other would be nice. Just treat her as a small gift."


Is that okay?

"Is it normal for a couple to do this?"

"Not really. That's advice based on what I know about you two."

After she started talking about love, Megumi felt like a mastermind.

"Izumi-sensei, there's no such thing as 'normal love'."

Now even Aya-chan was scolding me.

But... they were right. I didn't ask for normal advice, I asked for proper advice for me.

"You're right. So... gifts... What do you recommend?"

"Of course it must be something that would make her happy. Onii-san must know better than I do."

"You understand."

If I didn't know that, then I wouldn't be worthy of being her boyfriend, or even her brother.

"A gift that would make my girlfriend happy..."

I've given her a lot of gifts before, so it would be better if I gave her something different this time. Hm ~ what should I pick than...

"Come! Onii-san, get up!"

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Megumi took my hand and forced me to stand.

"Practice! I'll play your girlfriend, treat me like your super cute girlfriend!"

"Is that... Well, let's try it."

I knew that unless I practiced, I'd freeze to death when I actually did it.

Megumi added happily:

"To make it more realistic, there's something I need to know... Onii-san, what does she call you your girlfriend?"

"Muu-kun ♥."

"What a hhheelllll!!!" Megumi shouted. "Really?"

"Nope, I was kidding. She calls me by my name."

"You can stop teasing me! I was imagining her calling you 'Muu-kun ♥’.”

I think I'd die immediately if she did.

"She just calls me, Masamune. Actually, she had been calling me that for a long time."

"I can totally believe it! How cool!"

"Yes! Yes!" Aya-chan shouted as she blushed.

Megumi raised her head and looked at me again.

"Um, um! Calling each other by name is a good start! Then I will the same thing! Let's start our 'gift-giving' practice!"

"Go ahead." I hit my chest with confidence.

Megumi took a step back and then started 'acting like Sagiri'.


First, she closed her eyes. Then when she opened them again, her bright and animated personality became calm and gentle.

Then she raised a hand and made a movement to open the door. Really it looked like she was opening the Closed Room.

Finally, 'Sagiri' appeared at the door. She said in a light voice.

"Masamune...? Yes? Do you... need me for something?"

Wow! It's so real!

She was already cute, but acting like Sagiri made my heart skip a beat much more!

I swallowed and said:

"I have... I have... a gift for you."

"For... me?"

"Um, it's not a special day or anything - it's just something I want to give you."

"It's, it's like this..."

Sagiri (Megumi) blushed in embarrassment.

Her acting skills are top-notch!

Megumi suddenly returned to normal.

"Stop, Onii-san. You need to be more relaxed. What you just said is a little too heavy."

"Oh? Is that so?"

"Right now, what you just said is only appropriate if you plan to give her something with a value of more than ¥10000."

Damn! Is there a way to do that depending on the gift I buy?

"Aya-chan, did you feel the same?"

"Ah, um...just now...I think..." Aya-chan said with some embarrassment. "It sounded as if you were about to kiss her and say, 'here is a small present.'"

"I'm not going to do that!"

Even though she's my girlfriend, she'd slap me right away if I did that.

"Ah~ anyway, I don't think what you said is right~."

"I think you should kiss her when you say those words."

They both agreed. I feel a little uncomfortable now, I wonder if I can really trust them.

Megumi turned and pointed a finger at me.

"Listen well! In ~ summary ~ what you just said was too serious. About to start again, okay?"


"So, once again. Okay, start - Masamune... yeah? Do you... do you need for something?"

"Yes, I have a gift for you."

"- Well, that was a good one - Really? What is it?"

"Be happy! It's your favorite adult DVD."

"Wonderful! Thank you, Masamune - wait, no. What the hell?"

"But she's Eromanga-sensei, you know?"

"I know, but it's a gift from a boyfriend, this is the worst possible option. If you give her porn, how could you continue a sweet, romantic conversation?"

"We'll talk about how this pose is erotic, or how she could draw an illustration based on this."

"Sounds like you two get along great! But no!"

Megumi crossed her hands.


"No ♥." She rejected me while she was laughing.

At our side, Aya-chan said.

"She's really a bitch."

Your misunderstanding is getting bigger.

"But there's no gift that's easier than that."

"Ah ~ I'm thinking that maybe we should change our approach."

"What do you mean?"

"Since their relationship is close, they understand each other very well. And your situation financially is not bad either..."

She stopped for a moment.

"...Maybe it's better if you give her something valuable."


I nodded and pushed her to continue.

"I'm just speculating, but - since their relationship became one of close 'family' to 'lovers', you don't know if your relationship can change that fast - is that what you're worried."

"That's right! Absolutely right."

"In that case, I think you should do something 'as a lover' so you can get used to your new relationship. I thought a little gift might work, but in your case, it could take you back to the beginning."

Absolutely right! Megumi really understands us!

"In that case! We need to confirm the new relationship!"

She clenched her fist and screamed:

"Just give him something big and valuable!"


"Yes. Valuable! Jewelry for example!"

"This, Izumi-sensei! If I were you I'd buy a pair of matching key chains!"

Aya-chan excitedly gave her opinion.

Because Megumi suggested a realistic gift, this came as no surprise at all.

"Aya-chan, if you want a keychain, I'll buy you as many as you want!"

Megumi hugged Aya-chan and then looked at me.

"So, Onii-san? A gift for your beloved girlfriend - do you have any ideas?"

"...Two, actually."

"Wow, two!?"

One of them is something I decided to give her when our dream came true.

Now, the most suitable gift for Sagiri is - that.


I whispered to Megumi. She nodded in satisfaction and gave me the green light.

"Wonderful, Onii-san. Do it."

"Ah ~ Tell me! Tell me!"

"Fufufu ~~~ I'll tell you later ~~" Megumi told Aya-chan.

I wonder if I made the right choice, asking girls for love advice from primary and secondary school girls.

"Thank you both for the advice."

"You're welcome ☆."

When we got back to the train station. I said goodbye to both of them and I headed for Iidabashi Station. Now, I have a meeting with the department editorial on Sekaimo volume 6.

During the first part of the meeting -

"Um, I think this part is good--"

After reading my manuscript, Kagurazaka-san said:

"But, it's a rare opportunity to be publishing Sekaimo while his anime is on the air, how about adding a great development to the original novel?"


I agree, but maybe you should have said that before I finished my manuscript, don't you think? I don't want to write it all over again.

"To make it a big success, there are five big points you have to remember."

Kagurazaka-san raised five fingers and began to count them:

"First, when you get the public's attention make sure you have a large number of products to sell.

Second, in addition to anime, you have to continue to sell other goods to the public.

Third, to maintain the image of the original author, be sure to participate in related activities.

Fourth, take advantage of public events for publicity.

Fifth -"

She bent her last finger:

"Adjust the times with your anime, create a great climax in your original novel! Be sure to add 'continue' right after the most memorable part."

"Even though doing that might create tension, the readers will be super pissed off!"

"But that will ensure that the anime sells well until the next volume comes out, so it's a good plan ~"

Since she usually gives her opinions this way, I quickly added my thoughts.

"I'm not saying it's a bad idea, though - I hope none of my volumes end up in a cliffhanger (*4), it might be possible to add a big climax in time to match the anime."

(TL Note: *4: Narrative technique used to generate suspense at the end of a chapter, volume, etc. (something like the "Marry me" in the previous volume)).

"Do you have any ideas?"

"I will turn the two main characters into a couple."

"A very typical route, though not a bad one! But, Izumi-sensei, this is the first time you've written a story of romantic comedy, have you written that kind of scene before?"

She meant: "Are you confident? you can write something interesting?

I said with a hint of pride:

"I have a girlfriend!"


"So I have an unlimited source of references to write on this subject ―”

"Whaaat? Whaaat? Whaaat?"

Kagurazaka-san shouted from the depths of her lungs. I have never seen her before acting this way, I was caught off guard.

"What's going on?"

Why are you angry? I hope it's not because she likes it...

"Wait a second...Izumi-sensei...your girlfriend - who is she? It could be one of the authors I've worked with... could it be that its Muramasa-sensei!?"

"Nope, it's not her."


She wiped the sweat off her forehead like she dodged a bullet.

...I don't understand.

"If not Muramasa-sensei... then, Yamada-sensei?"

"It's Eromanga-sensei." I answered honestly.

"Please break up."


What the hell are you saying?

With a look of total disgust on her face, Kagurazaka-san explained:

"A one-way love provides a motivational boost to writers, but when your love blossoms it will have negative effects. Like Muramasa-sensei and Yamada-sensei, the authors are of the sentimental type - In my experience, once they get a lover, many authors decrease their writing skills, and their motivation is waning. Sometimes they give up totally with writing. The anime project is up and running and you decide to get a girlfriend? Can you stop doing something so suicidal?"

Is that why you want us to break up?

"I can't accept that reasoning."

"A Dengeki Bunko editor will listen to the love stories of his authors and will quietly influence their love, so they're not going anywhere."

Really? Is Dengeki Bunko really that slow?

"Kagurazaka-san, have you done that before?"

"No way, of course not."

She denied it, but I was very doubtful.

"Actually, there was a couple among the authors I worked with. Doesn't that prove that I'm the best editor?"


Aren't you sure you're not because you don't have enough influence? Based on your reaction when I told you about my girlfriend...


Kagurazaka-san spoke in an annoying tone.

"In contrast, broken love will bring much excitement. So, giving encouragement to the author to pursue someone you know is unreachable - just before an important task - it's a risky but effective gamble."

"That's not a reason!"

I don't want to raise my excitement that way.

"That's why - Izumi-sensei, please break up with Eromanga-sensei."

Kagurazaka-san repeated her request once more. Her eyes were not happy. This time, meaning I wasn't kidding.

"I refuse."

Of course, I responded that way. But she didn't listen to me.

"The truth is, even I'm in trouble here, causing you a lot of trouble - but only It's eight months before anime airs! You still have enough time! The author and the illustrator, if they're both heartbroken I'm sure the anime will be amazing!"

She seemed to be saying something great, but her words were pure crap.

I responded frankly:

"No matter what you say, I have no intention of breaking up with her."

"I thought so."

Kagurazaka-san sighed as if she had guessed my answer.

"Um...anyway, at least remember what I just told you. It's better if

nothing happens because of you two, but in case it does and it causes a negative effect, makes sure you come and talk to me."

Yes, I know.

Our meeting ended pretty late. I left Gotanno station and walked to the Takasago Bookstore.

- Oh, damn it. What the hell... That really pissed me off.

It was really hard for me to ask Sagiri for a date, but she says 'Break up' so easily. It felt like someone just threw a bucket of cold water on me.

Although, about what Kagurazaka-san said, I... I understand a little about her reasoning... but there is no one in the world who could simply say 'I understand' and then, really, break up with his girlfriend.

I can't accept that.

Many authors lose their writing skills, and their motivation drops. Sometimes they give up on writing completely.

That's what she said. She even said that for a novelist, the rise of love will have negative impacts.

"That will not only have negative effects," I whispered to myself.

Falling in love, having a girlfriend - there must be something good that comes out of it.

I'll show you.

The doors of the bookstore were in front of me. I went in.


A bookstore employee greeted me with a cheerful tone.

Takasago Tomoe. A girl in an apron, also one of my good friends. No there was another customer besides me.

That's to be expected. It's nearly 9:00 pm now.

"Dear customer, we're closed for the day."

The closing music was playing from the speakers.

It was "Farewell Waltz" - also known as "Light of the Fireflies".

In my opinion, this lonely atmosphere doesn't suit Tomoe at all.

"I'm sorry, do I cause you trouble?"

"Um"? Who knows? It's not like we have any customers and I'm done to review today's sales - so what's going on?"

Tomoe came out from behind the counter and approached me.

"It's been a while since I've seen you so depressed."

Just like the time, Muramasa-sensei beat me and she asked me about my wounds.

"Today, I found something annoying at work."

"Huh? Did you find something annoying? Um, in other words, is that why you came to my shop to see the beautiful Tomoe-chan?"

Tomoe happily said that when she noticed my mood.

She's that kind of person - when you see her, she can cheer you up without no matter what.

"Well... maybe?"

I hadn't given it much thought anyway. I just thought that talking to Tomoe would be good. Maybe deep down - I was hoping that being with her would be good for me.

"Besides, your shop?"

I thought this was your father's store.

Tomoe didn't answer. She just smiled with embarrassment.

"Oh, it's like this...ah...ah, so...er... Today, if you were a light novel's protagonist who's tired of battles, then I'd be like the leading "child's friend"?

Now you're playing with that scenario, huh?

"Nah, for example, if I was a working man complaining about his job, then you would be a mama-san (*5)."

(TL Note: *5: A woman in a position of authority, especially one in charge of a Geisha house, bar or nightclub in Japan and East Asia.)

"Don't take my character to that kind of image!"

Tomoe protested a little but quickly stopped.

"So, what happened?"

She crossed her arms over her chest and asked me. She had a serious expression as if she were angry - but it only seemed that way. She didn't really angry.

I don't know if we're childhood friends or not, but we know each other well enough to talk about it.

I don't know if we're childhood friends or not, but we know each other well enough to understand that expression.

Well, where should I start then... after a moment, I said:

"I have a girlfriend now."


Tomoe's eyes opened in surprise.

Seconds later, without changing her expression, she said:

"Are you dating Yamada Elf-sensei?"

"No. With Eromanga-sensei."

"Uh... Wow."

Tomoe put her right hand on her chest, blinking. Her breath was getting heavy, it seemed like she was having trouble to keeping her mind clear.

"Eromanga-sensei... was that woman on stage during the promotional event of anime, right?"


I looked her in the eye. It would be very simple to tell her "Yes"...

But that would be a lie. However, the situation requires Sagiri's permission so I can't tell her. I was very confused. I thought for a moment and then -

"Tomoe. I know you are my trusted friend, and that you know how to keep secrets. You're also someone who thinks before you act, someone who knows what's right and wrong."

The truth is, she's the one who's been keeping my secret all this time.

"Why, why are you saying that now?"

I asked Tomoe in a serious tone:

"Please keep what I'm about to say a secret."

"...I understand...I understand - I promise!"

Tomoe nodded firmly. I nodded with her too and told her the big secret.

"Tomoe, the Eromanga-sensei you saw was actually a fake."

"You mean..."

"The real Eromanga-sensei - is my little sister."


Tomoe's hand held firmly to her chest.

" Her name is Sagiri."

"But you said that - You had never seen Eromanga-sensei before."

That's right.

There was a very long time when I didn't know I was working with someone close.

But I had a chance to change that.

"That happened last year, during the summer. After the autograph event at Izumi Masamune, Eromanga-sensei published in her blog that my writing was bad - I was so pissed off."

That was the beginning of it all.

"After that, you told me about Eromanga-sensei's which I followed. Then I saw that the food I had just cooked was just behind Eromanga-sensei..."

"- So, your little sister is Eromanga-sensei... that's what happens?"

I nodded without saying a word. Tomoe took a few deep breaths, then she smiled strangely.

"...It's like this...what a coincidence."

"Yes, it is. The illustrator I'd been working with was my little sister with whom I was living..."

Even for a light novel, this is not something that could happen so easily.

"But... it's not all coincidence. It's a coincidence that Izumi Sagiri becomes Izumi Masamune's little sister, but there's a reason that Eromanga-sensei became Izumi Masamune's Illustrator."

Eromanga-sensei had a mentor who was also an illustrator. She was also had a connection to a publishing company.

And the most important thing is, we had met before. We also knew each other for a whole year through the internet.

I told her to read my poorly written novels. She showed me her poorly drawn illustrations.

Sometimes we discuss our opinions. Sometimes we had fights.

Sometimes we talked about our families. Sometimes we encouraged each other.

to each other.

And we made a promise about our dreams.

Our relationship is like that - we are each other's s most precious partner.

"I was the one who gave her a start. I said 'If you become a professional illustrator, you make sure you help me with my novel. Then we separate our roads and we don't contact each other again."

"And she... is the one who is living next to you -"

"My little sister."

I answered. Tomoe smiled slightly.

"Our promise came true... we both took care of the work..."

"And the one you made the promise to a pretty girl."


"Did you confess?"

She interrupted. Somehow talking to Tomoe made me feel calm.

I shook my head.

"I proposed."

"Cof, Cof, Cof!"

Tomoe coughed intensely.

"What, what did you just say?"

"I said I proposed to her. I've liked her since our first meeting... I... I like her even more now that I know she works in the same field. So, knowing that she was the one I made that promise to, made me very happy... there are other reasons too..."

Wah! Every time I talk about love, I feel so embarrassing. I couldn't stop halfway through, so I told her everything starting from the beginning.

"So I said, please, marry me."

"You're a protagonist of light novels!"

Now Tomoe is using those words to curse me!

"She's the one who's meant for you"? How could she be? There's no way in this world to be like a light novel!" Shouted Tome.

"What was your answer?"


"Your answer!"

"Er...she said no."


Has she done a victory pose?! She did a victory pose when she heard that my proposal was rejected?

"She rejected me because she's too young to get married."

"Hm? Huh? Too young?"

"Then she confessed to me and asked me to go out with her."


What the hell? You scared me!

Tomoe was swinging back and forth, and I was starting to tell her the reason why I was upset.

"So I started dating Sagiri, but my editor told me that this love will ruin our work and asked me to break up with her."

"I don't know!"

"E ~ eeeee ~"

"I don't know ~ who cares ~~~~"

Suddenly, Tomoe spoke in a rude way.

Aren't you supposed to listen to my problem?

"Everything that's happened to you ~ how would my problem be ~~ who cares ~~"

Then she held her head and began to shake.

"What's up with this sudden outcome! I feel like a card game with a serious swinging problem, and that someone used a dirty trick to defeat me!"

What should I do now?! She's clearly angry.

"And the most important factor is: if this part was animated, then the scene

where I'm screaming Farewell Waltz as BGM would be seen by otakus! They'll laugh their asses off!"

I want to cry - Tomoe - I was crying silently.

Then she threw stabs at me with her eyes.

"Izumi Masamune!"


"Disgusting! Do you want happiness?"

She hit me in the chest.



I felt a burning emotion coming from her fist. All my worries were destroyed by her.

"Of course they were."

I calmly responded to my best friend.

My smartphone screen told me it was 9:30 p.m. when I got home.

I opened the front door and said, as usual:

"I'm home."

"Welcome back."

I thought I was seeing an illusion. Sagiri, wearing an apron, came to the door

to welcome me as a newly wedded wife.

It was so sudden that my voice began to tremble.


"Since no one was here today... I came down."

She looked red, her face was blushing.

"Is it, is it? So this is...?"

"Because you said you wanted to do things like husband and wife."

Then she greeted me as a wife. Probably.

I'm very happy because she thought of me, and the apron really suited her.

Okay, but since this felt so unreal, I didn't know how to react.

"Ak... then... again... I'm home."

"Um... welcome home... honey."

I died. My legs gave out and I fell to the ground.

How... how...

"Ma, Ma, Ma... Masamune, are you okay?"

"I'm not well, but don't worry."

I was on the verge of death, but I forced a little smile.

Sagiri pulled my hand and helped me up.

"Ah...oh...don't scare me like that... Have you eaten anything for dinner?"

"Um, yeah."

"I prepared the bath, do you want to take a bath?"

"Thank you. Please."

I took my shoes off. Now I can think again properly.


I looked at the apron, at Sagiri. She blushed:

"What, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just, it felt like we were really a couple just married."


She turned her face upside down.

I couldn't help but smile. This is my dream. A conversation with my family.

This scene happened once in this house, a long time ago.


I'm home. Welcome. Good evening. Good morning.

The same, normal, usual greeting is my treasure.

Now, I finally have it back.

I won't let it go.

I looked at Sagiri, my mind was full of chaotic thoughts.

And she said in a gentle tone:

"Masamune, I heard it from Megumi... where's my Porno DVD?"

"Nope, there's none."

And... it was ruined.

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