• Ayumi Miku

Eromanga-Sensei Volume 9: Sagiri's New Married Life Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1:

Nii-san. I... have someone I like.

That was the first time we had a direct conversation.


"Can I... stop calling you Nii-san?"

"Can I... stop being your sister?"

"I don't... I don't want... I don't want to be your family..."

When I saw my little sister crying, I made a decision -

"Sagiri - Marry me."

I proposed to her.

Upon hearing my sudden proposal, Sagiri -


She raised her head and looked at me as if I had just said something unbelievable.

"Ah... that..."

Her eyes were still wet. She couldn't say anything.

"...what...did you just...say?"

She thought she had heard me wrong. But even though she was confused, I was serious.

I looked her in the eye and responded.

"Sagiri, marry me."


She almost fell backward as if she'd just been shot by a gun.

"W-what--what--what are you saying?"

"I was thinking... I like you the way a boy likes a girl."


Her mouth was trembling.

"I don't want to be giving you to anyone else. Even if you have someone you like, I won't accept defeat until the end... So I decided that, after 'our dream' was fulfilled, I would propose and ask for your hand in marriage."

"...Ah... Oh..."

Hearing my words caught Sagiri off guard. She was unable to respond to much. Her face was deeply red, she seemed to be able to faint at any moment.

I had a hunch that I looked the same. I could tell that my heart was racing as if it were about to burst.


She doesn't want to be my little sister.

And I want a family.

In that case, I want her to be my family, but not as a little sister.

"Let's get married and be together forever."


Her face was getting even blusher. Then, as if she couldn't take it anymore, she covered her face.

"Wait... wait for a second! Please wait!"

"Ah, good."

When I saw your reaction, I noticed my own situation. I used this opportunity to propose, but perhaps there should be a limit to what I said.

Is it okay to have a purposed now? Or should I have waited until our dream became a reality?

Maybe I screwed up... but I wasn't regretting it.

In the end, the difference was how soon I would tell her. At least it would be better than leaving my little sister to endure this pain.

We were sitting opposite each other. From the back of her fingers, Sagiri looked at me.


Then she put her hands down and said in embarrassment:


She kept calling me that, as usual.

"Getting married... is not good."

"I... see."

So it's not possible, huh - After listening to Sagiri's past, hearing how we had met before, hearing how Sagiri didn't want to call me Nii-san, I - I thought that maybe the person she wanted - was me.

It would be a lie to say that I didn't have that hope.


So that wasn't the case? I was wrong? Besides me, is there anyone else Sagiri might like?

"No, that's not it."

Sagiri said quickly as if she knew what I was thinking. She stepped forward and continued:

"It's not like that... I mean... I mean... oh... it's... it's too soon!"

"Soon? What do you mean...?"

"No, I can't marry you now! ...because... I'm only... I'm only 13...! So... we can't... get married... right?"


Now it's my turn to be speechless.

We can't get married now, that means...

Before I reached my conclusion, Sagiri continued.

"A, also... you... skipped a lot of steps! Marriage... why did you jump right to the end! I have my plans too! You surprised me! Idiot!"


"Don't apologize if you have no idea what I'm talking about."

Mad eyes. I couldn't answer.

Strange... Just a second ago I was asking my little sister to marry me... why am I being scolded now?


Sagiri took a deep breath and calmed down. She leaned forward, placing both hands on the floor.

"Well, Nii-san, listen carefully. I was not... clear just now. I will say it again."


Sagiri's attitude disappeared, she looked at me with an honest expression.

She sighed and calmed down.

Izumi Masamune used a 300-page love letter to confess himself to Izumi Sagiri.

Now, our roles were turned upside down.

"I... have someone I like."

Those were the words she used to reject me.

But now there' s a difference.

"That person is -"

She continued.


She smiled.

"I like you."

My heart skipped a beat.

"Since our first meeting... I've always liked you."

"I like you."

My heart skipped a beat.

"Since our very first meeting... I've really liked you."

I could hear it, but my mind couldn't grasp it.

"Unlike two years ago, I like you more now."

My tears were running down my cheeks.

I know I shouldn't look away, that I have to keep my eyes clear, but everything was getting blurry.

Seeing me like this, Sagiri started crying too.

"Thank you for loving me."


"It makes me... happy... to know that you want to be with me forever."


I wiped away my tears, raised my head, and saw Sagiri smiling tearfully.

"...I don't want to be your family...so..."

Sagiri's response was another proposal for me.

"Please stay with me. Then... one day, make me your wife."

- Please take care of this child for me.

I remembered the moment when my mother asked me to take care of Sagiri Since that day, I've always been thinking about exactly how I should 'take care' of her.

I don't know if this counts as an answer, but...

"Sure. I... I will definitely make you happy."

I swear it with every single soul of my being.

And so.

I became the lover of my little non-blood sister.

I proposed, I was rejected, I proposed, I was accepted.

All's well that ends well - but we both held our position, looking at each other. We didn't know what to do.

"Umm...Sagiri...what, what next?"

"Even if you ask me..."

We look at each other straight.

We are both authors or similar, so we understand how a love scene would be in a comedy atmosphere. But in real life, we didn't know what to do next after becoming a couple.

- If this were a manga or a romantic comedy novel, the next thing would be a peaceful day or a momentary step.

However, since this is reality, it's not like we can skip this part. It's still morning, even in a novel, the author would have a hard time jumping over to the next day.

"Right now... didn't you say you had a plan?"

"If I became your girlfriend... I planned many things..."

Girlfriend - that word made my heart skip a beat.

"Is, is it? Like what?"

"It's not, it's not erotic!"

"I know!"

There was a moment when I was hopeful, but I was still in deep shock.

"So, er...go ahead, Sagiri."

Sagiri nodded, then looked at me.

"First... about how we address each other."

"What does it mean?"

"Since we just started dating... I want to change the way we call each other... like... a nickname or something."


In a romantic comedy scene, it is important to change the people who talk to each other.

"Let's try it then. Okay, although I can't think of anything completely new. How about Sagiri-chan?"

"...It feels strange when you call me that."

She looked disappointed.

"So... what would you prefer?"

"Just call me 'Sagiri' as always. I just wanted to change the way I spoke to you."

"I see. Then you can call me whatever you want."

"Well... then... I'll call you..."

Sagiri coughed and -

"Muu-kun ♥."


"Because you're 'Masamune'... so I used Muu-kun... how about that?"


"Why don't you say anything?"

Because it's more embarrassing than I thought. I was too surprised!

"Hey, Sagiri? I know you were really pushing it... but could you please not call me Muu-kun?"

"I don't want to!"


What's wrong? Do you like it?

I was down on my knees and begged her to change it until she agreed.

"Mwu... in that case..."

She made a face and chose another one.

"Maa-chan ♥."

"Don't address me in such a nice way!!"

If she does, then I'd go 'Ahhhhh' every time she calls me. It makes me happy, but still...

"Mo ~ you're already complaining..."

"I have to!"

I firmly rejected her words.

"How about... Muu-tan ♥."


"Masamasa ♥."


"Well, well, let's go back to Maa-kun then."

"I told you not to!"

It's almost as bad as the last one!

"Mwu ~ so what nickname do you prefer?"

"Can you choose something more normal? From 'Nii-san' to 'Masamune' - I think that's enough.

"It's not a big change for me. Because in my mind I've always called you 'Masamune'.

"...I see."

My face was getting red.

"You mean, you've always looked at me as someone of the opposite sex..."

"No, no. It's not like that!"

Sagiri stopped me.


"That's... not wrong... but it's not true."

What do you mean? It's not true and it's not wrong?

Sagiri didn't answer me, she whispered.

"Then... I'll call you... Ahh -"

"Ma... Masamune."


That simple word was filled with great destroying power.

Am I dreaming? I'm dating Sagiri... I'm happy, but I can't believe it.

Sagiri's eyes starting to moisten, she repeated, ''Masamune...Masamune...'' again and again. Then, she put both hands on her cheeks.

"Ha...It's...I feel so embarrassed."

I think it's a miracle that most people with girlfriends don't die of embarrassment. I was at the gates of death just now.

Sagiri continued to speak.

"Masamune... this time... can you... can you hear my most important request?"

"Go ahead, anything's fine!"

There's no way I could refuse.

As soon as I said that, Sagiri told me her ''request''.

"Since you're my boyfriend now, please break up with the rest of the girls."


I started to sweat cold.

What... what should I say? Cutting relationships... I thought those words only appeared in drama movies.

"... May I ask what you mean by that?"

I asked politely. Sagiri responded with an honest expression.

"Elf-chan and Muramasa-chan."


"Break up with them."

It's scary how dangerous those words are.

It seems my girlfriend is the jealous type.

"No, it's all right. I'll stop the relationship with them. I accepted your request. "I already told you that 'I have someone I like, I can't go out with you."

I swore I was telling the truth, but my back was covered in sweat.

"...when did you tell them that?"

"During our trip to the beach."

I told Elf those words more than once.

"You said 'I have someone I like, I can't go out with you'... Like that?"


"That means... did they confess to you? Elf-chan and Muramasa-chan?"

"Uh... Yes... that's right."

Even now, I couldn't believe that so many girls loved me - especially Sagiri.

"...Uff ~ Ah."

Sagiri narrowed her eyes and looked at me with a sharp look. After a moment, she muttered.

"You didn't break up completely."

"No, it's... complicated."

"Totally, you didn't break up completely." Sagiri coldly repeated her words.

"You must make them clear. Tell them you have me... like your girlfriend... so you won't date anyone else."

She said that out loud, but she started to feel embarrassed in the middle, so her voice started to get lower.

But I kept listening to her. So I got up right away.

"- You're right. I understand. I'll go - right now - and tell them both."

"Take this with you."

She threw a phone at me. What a crazy girl. I told you I'd tell them, didn't I?

Anyway, I put the phone in my pocket and went to meet Elf and Muramasa-senpai. They were both on the first floor preparing the meal.

"Hello, Masamune. Lunch is almost ready."

Elf said as she cleaned the table. It seems it is Muramasa-senpai's turn to cook today. I could hear the sound of fish being fried. What a good smell.

"Actually, I have something very important to discuss with you two." I looked up in the kitchen and said.

"Yes, Masamune-kun."

Muramasa-senpai turned to me, still holding a knife and wearing an apron.

The knife sparkled in the light.

"What is it? What do you want to talk about?"


Should I say it with a Muramasa-senpai holding a knife? But that knife really seems to belong in her hand.

"Ah... it's about..."

Before I said anything else, Elf interrupted me. "Wait a minute."

"It's important, isn't it? How about we talk after finish our lunch?"

She's very sharp, so there was a chance she would have figured it out by then.

We finished eating. After that, I cleaned up the table and told the two of them:

"I'm dating Sagiri."

No more words were needed. Straight to the point.

"That's why I won't date anyone else."


I was waiting for their reactions.

For now, they - they didn't react at all. No, wait. It was slight... but there was a reaction.

Muramasa-senpai looked at me with eyes of incredible disbelief.

Elf was looking at me as if she was thinking about something else.

Several seconds passed. Then Elf said with a soft smile.

"Did you confess? Or was it her?"

"I did it. I asked her to marry me... She said she couldn't marry me now... but yes, we are dating."

"That's just so you - so, first, congratulations!"

She said that, so, clearly I couldn't help but blink several times. When I saw that, Elf laughed.

"What about your response? Did you think a professional romantic couldn't foresee this?"

She wasn't wrong. Before I opened my mouth, she probably... no, she probably predicted it a lot earlier.

"Of course, I figured you two still have some kind of a trump card. It's a surprise you kept it a secret until now. If you'd done it earlier... uh, well, I've got something prepared. I know the current situation is extremely unfavorable for me."

Elf said it like it was all just a game. She continued:

"As a genius author of the romantic genre ~ I really don't like to end my story with a confession scene. On the other hand, I hate writing something like 'I won't give up'. If she were my main protagonist, she would stand up and say -"

With a loud bang, Elf whipped the table, stood up, and shouted.

"Listen well! My plan will not change. I'll change this and make you beg for my forgiveness."

Then she turned around and left.

Before leaving the room, Muramasa-senpai said as she sipped tea.

"Is that such a disadvantage?"


Elf paused halfway through.

"...What did you just say, Muramasa?"

"It's nothing... because I already confessed once to Masamune-kun, he rejected me because he had someone he liked. Now, he's telling us about the girl he likes.


"So, is the downside so great?"

"Of course it is! 'I have someone I like' and 'I have a girlfriend' are totally different!"

"Is that so? How?

"For example, in a romance novel -"

Muramasa-senpai stopped it.

"You always use novels as a reference, but the reality is different."


"I forgot the name of your romantic novel, but after the end scene where the two protagonists go out, they may end up for some strange reason. Or maybe one of them will die."

"Wait a second, what are you talking about? Don't add an ending of horror to my masterpiece that I wrote in blood and tears! Those protagonists will live together in the memories of the readers! They definitely won't break or die or anything! Why will I never ever write a sequel like that!"

"I totally agree. The author has the right to stop the story wherever he pleases - so he will stop at a happy ending. He could expand by writing some short story after the end, showing how the characters live."

That's why it's interesting. Senpai said.

"But reality doesn't work that way. It's not as if love disappears after being rejected - that's why people call it passionate love...for my part...I've recently noticed it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm saying I'll be the winner."

Muramasa-senpai did not raise her voice, she said that in a calm tone.

"Right now, he likes Sagiri. That is all. I do not care who Masamune-kun dates, it is fine as long as he lives with me as a family - I am confident that this is how it will end. Because -"

She gave me a smile.

"You... just like me a lot more than before, right?"

I couldn't deny it.

"Senpai, you are my Senpai, my friend, my opponent - but those words are not enough."

However -

"Sagiri is the one I love more than anyone else in the world, I don't think my feelings will change."

After we finished that conversation, the next thing happened in the locked room.

"Kuh ~~~~~ Yahhhhh~~"

My pretty girlfriend was making a scene. She was shaking her butt, screaming her head off the floor.

"Calm down, calm down. Sagiri!"

"Shut up! Muramasa-chan is very difficult to deal with. Elf-chan is so cool. And Masamune is... is such an idiot!"

Sagiri bite my hand, she had eyes shaped like >.<

"What the hell? I clearly said the right thing!"

"You did it! But, but that... that sentence... was so embarrassing! So embarrassing! I almost screamed when I heard you say it on the phone!"

I do not know if she was trying to hide her embarrassment or if she was truly mad, but Sagiri continued to attack my right hand.

I responded:

"I'm sorry, but I'm an honest man! I don't know how much novels are different from reality, but I'd do it again if I had the chance!"

I grabbed her hand and went over to her.

"I love you! I'll love you to the bottom of my heart! Do you have a problem with that?"

"...No, I don't."

Sagiri was shocked, perhaps because I shouted at close range.

After she calmed down I asked her in a serious tone:

"What about you?"


"What do you think?"

"Do you want me to say it out loud?"

I nodded.

"You try to force me to say it alone... you're so smart."


Sagiri trembled. Then she looked at me.

"Do I really have to say it?"


We communicated with our eyes. So...


Because she was so nervous and was so ashamed, her whole body was shaking.

...is she okay?

I was getting worried until my girlfriend finally managed to say it:

With great difficulty, she said -



Pffffff...!!! No, no, no!!! I can't laugh! I have to resist...!

If I break out laughing now it'll be a disaster!

"Me...me...me too... *Achu* Masamune too !"

She did it again!

Shit, I don't think I can hold on... Pff... My stomach hurts...! I can't...

But I'm so happy too! So happy!

I pressed my stomach with one hand and leaned forward a bit.

"Kuh... Oh ~~ Thanks, Sagiri."

"You... you don't have to cry..."

When she saw me crying, Sagiri was shocked, she blushed in embarrassment.

"...I didn't expect it to make you so happy... Fufu."

I was happy. But it felt funny.

"Well, how should I put it..."

Now it's my turn to blush.

"Right now, our conversation... thank God no one else heard us."


She hit me lightly on the head before turning around. But Sagiri quickly turned back.

"...All right, now it's time for the next part."

"Huh? You mean... finish your 'what I want to do now that we're dating'?"

"Right." She nodded. "It's Masamune's turn next."


"Yes. Just doing what I want is not fair to you..."

"It's okay. As long as you're happy."

...I think my father said something similar before. He was probably thinking the same thing I am now.

I spoke honestly but Sagiri didn't seem to accept it. She repeated herself:

"No. Now it's your turn."


I smiled and started