Eromanga-Sensei Volume 9: Sagiri's New Married Life Epilogue and Author's Note


In the evening after what happened to Kyouka-san, we all gathered in Sagiri's room.

"...Many things have happened today."

"...Ahh, yes."

I agreed with Sagiri's words.

Although we managed to get Kyouka-san to stay with us, this was immediately surrounded by a short period of chaos. Sagiri looked like a vampire in the sun, and she looked down.

Kyouka-san would not stop crying.

Even after everything we said, in the end, neither our marriage nor our relationship got her blessing.

We had a conversation after Kyouka-san finished her crying.

"I still can't give you my blessing."

"Still... not?"

"That's right. Shouldn't you -- should you tell your parents before you tell me? Don't make that mistake."

"Eh...? You mean...?"

"I'll ask them with you too... come on, all three of us, just like Sagiri."

Oh, right. I understood what Kyouka-san was saying.

"If that's the case... as soon as Sagiri can get out properly..."

"Yes. Will you be ready for next summer?"

"That's what I had planned."

Our dream - it should come true in the spring of April.

"Then, we can't get married until you are able to leave."

About our relationship, we have permission until then.

"I'll try my best."

Sagiri was pulling out her biceps as a sign of strength.

Of course, she couldn't, but she looked pretty.

"Ah, since that was a miracle, I don't think you can do it again in the near future."

"I know. I won't push myself."

If you collapse again I'll be in trouble.



There was silence between us, for a moment.

Actually, there's a subject I want to finish and now is a good time.

- Wonderful, Onii-san. Do it.

Remember? ...When I consulted with Megumi about something.

"...This, Sagiri?"

"What? Nii-san."

"Oh, she's back. The way you call me."

"It's because it's easier this way."

"I see. Then you can do it."

"Is she okay?"


"Doesn't it feel like our relationship has gone back to the way it was before...?"

"No, no. It's not strange... uh... what I should do... I've been thinking about the words, but I've already forgotten them."

“You're acting strange, Nii-san."

Sagiri bowed her head. I was increasing my nervousness.

"Ah- this... that... Yes!"

The sooner the better. I gave Sagiri what I was hiding.

"Sagiri, please accept this!"

In my hand was a small box.

"Ni, Nii-san... this, this... is."

"An engagement ring."

My beloved's face turned completely red. I was so nervous and shy, it's probably as red as an apple.

"Do you accept it?"


Sagiri was in the clouds. I looked away. She eventually took the box from my hands.

"I accept."

And so.

Izumi Masamune and Izumi Sagiri, this time, are officially engaged.


Author's Note:

I'm Fushimi Tsukasa.

Thank you for reading Eromanga-sensei's Volume 9.

It is April at the time I am writing these notes, but Eromanga-sensei's anime is on the air.

What impression is the anime giving you? I really want to know.

I could see only until chapter 3, I am waiting for the next chapter to be broadcasted, not only as its original author but also as a fan.

We say 'we did our best, let's hope for the best'. But how blessed are we if we can say 'we did it' after giving our all in the work? Isn't it strange? I've been feeling this for ten years.

What I want to say to the readers is that Eromanga-sensei's anime was performed in a privileged environment. It's good to say that all the production staff gave their best in anime.

I would be happy if we could see together what kind of anime it is until the end.

Let me write what I think of anime for a moment.

This is the first time I'm revealing it, but the place where 'Eromanga-sensei' takes place is modelled after where I lived 20 years ago.

Of course, in the real world, after 20 years that place changed a lot, but Eromanga-sensei's village is based on my memories.

I haven't told this story to Director Takeshita, because of how the whole animation staff changed the setting to fit more closely with reality, but it was quite close to 'My Memory Town'. I think it's a coincidence... but I felt a nostalgic feeling when I saw the first episode of the anime.

Although it's the scenario for the story, some parts of the original version were changed.

In the anime, unlike the original version, Masamune and Tomoe go to school by crossing the bridge from the Arawaka Riverbank to Senju Shinbashi. When I heard this proposal from Director Takeshita I was resisting it for several reasons, but I trusted his words of "It will definitely make a good impression" and "Let's go".

I think it turned out to be a good scene on the way to school.

Trusting his words was a good decision. Thank you, Director Takeshita!

I was surprised to see Tomoe going to school looking like a bride, more than I imagined...

But she's cute, all right -

Also, the number of volumes and copies sold of Masamune's favourite sweets were changed... Actually, I took several sweets that 'Masamune would like' to the script meeting and let the director taste them, and these were the ones that were changed.

The production of the anime was a lot of fun.

Although my schedule was very difficult at the time, I saved my job because I enjoy it.

And it's not just Eromanga-sensei's anime that was blessed.

Eromanga-sensei's manga is also doing well, the compilation and anthology books are great works. I don't give names because it's embarrassing but, as I'm a fan of a certain manga artist, it's becoming a family tradition.

There were many announcements in conjunction with the anime, including Fushimi Tsukasa's 10th-anniversary event.

Again, let me tell you the main ones.

First things first, I started a 'Fushimi Tsukasa Channel'.

You can find it at the following address:


There is already content such as the 'Niconico live broadcast meetings' and the 'Channel blog (Blomanga-sensei)'.

There are plans like Aragaki Ayase's interactive AI project, 'My wife (Ayase) can't be that pretty', which will be launched in the future.

If you don't mind, please join us.

As the second piece of news.

The launch of the book 'My little sister can't be that pretty IF' is being planned.

It's a script I wrote for the PSP game 'My Little Sister Can't Be That Pretty Portable', but I plan to release a revised version of 'Ayase's Road' which will be published by Dengeki Bunko.

What about the other game scripts I wrote?

What about the other scripts for 'Ore no imouto P' that I wrote?

I hope they will be released. But that depends on the reception of Ayase's route, although because of my strong motivation to write them, expect news about them.

I'm sorry to tell you this before being confirmed, but... the 'Kuroneko's route' not detailed in the game, is being planned to become a light novel with the full story.

As the third piece of news.

I made an extra addition to 'Eromanga-sensei's BD&DVD.

The first volume contains a short story I wrote entitled 'Eromanga-sensei if Advanced Trial Version'. There are three editions, Elf, Muramasa and a Megumi Bonus, and the content is 'Masamune is married to OO' are sweet stories in if edition.

By 'Advanced Trial Version' I mean that there are dates for writing such stories in original light novels.

From the second disc onwards the extra contents are CD Dramas.

There are several contents, but I will list them:

1) 'Collaboration CD - Eromanga-sensei x Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai'.

2) CD Drama - Eromanga-sensei if Lives of newlyweds of the heroines'.

3) CD Drama - Living with Sagiri'.

Something like that.

And since they were also elaborate works, I hope you enjoy them.

Please check the name of each extra on the official anime page.

There's some extra content that's not written here, please go check it out.

And as the fourth piece of news.

About the works I've been doing with the tenth anniversary, half of them are in progress.

I can't give you details, but... I think it will be ready before my 'Ore no Imouto if'. It's scheduled for spring, please wait for it.

Many projects at the same time... and many of them unfinished and with a busy schedule.

I apologize for keeping you waiting.

Although it will be slower than usual, I swear I will continue to work at full speed until Eromanga-sensei's volume 10 release date is announced.

- April 2018, Tsukasa Fushimi.


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