My childhood friend made a condition of going to school to kiss her every day - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: As Promised, She came

...kiss me every day starting from today...

The next day after our promise. I couldn’t stop at Yuki’s house because I had a club morning practice due to a tournament coming up. I immediately wanted to see if the promise we made yesterday was kept or not. Still, it would have been annoying to go to her house so early in the morning.

Therefore, all I could do was trust her. Yuki would keep her promise.

“Good work, Hiroki. Take this.”

“Oh, thank you. Thanks for everything.”

On the way back to the club room after morning practice, Yukari Hayashibara, a fellow classmate, and manager handed me a towel. I took it and wiped off my sweat.

Her ponytailed hair is a little too brown for the school rules, her face is as cute as an idol’s, and her breasts are so one can’t help but notice them. Yukari has a cheerful nature, and she is a good manager, making her popular among soccer clubs. Moreover, her grades are excellent, and......her personality is impeccable.

“It’s okay. We are friends!”

“Ahh! Stop talking like that.......”

“Hahaha. Hiroki’s reaction is very funny. I mean, you weren’t concentrating in today's practice. Well, you didn’t make any mistakes though. Tell me, did something happen, Hiroki?”

“Well, umm.......”

When Yukari asked me, I became speechless. Yes, I was actually not concentrating properly. After all, yesterday......many things happened. Yuki came out of her room, we kissed for the first time, and......we promised to kiss every day. I was so nervous, mainly because I kissed her, and I couldn’t get any sleep last night.

But I couldn’t honestly tell Yukari about it.

“I was shocked yesterday when the team I was rooting for, Loop Bali, lost to Tichy.”

I covered it up with a reason I thought of quickly. In fact, I couldn’t sleep, so I watched the Live game on my phone, but I had no idea what was going on.

“Ahh, I see. It’s true. Yesterday’s game was in favor of Loop Bali at first. But Tichy’s substitution strategy worked very well...”

“Oh, you were watching it too, Yukari?”

“Of course. I have to watch a lot of games to become a journalist for a soccer magazine! Well, cheer up. I’m sure they’ll win the next game.”

Yukari gave me a bright, cheerful smile and patted me gently on the back to encourage me. It’s not like I’m depressed about what happened yesterday, but......thanks to her kindness, I feel better.

“Thank you, Yukari. I feel better thanks to you.”

“Well...well, if Hiroki isn’t happy, then I’m more worried and feel more tired.”

“Huh? Did you say something?”

“No, nothing! We are late for class. Hurry up and change your clothes or I’m going back to class without you!”

Then Yukari rushed into the women’s changing room to change her jersey into her uniform. And I also started changing clothes in the club room.

“Oh, Hiroki, you’re late. I’ve already changed my clothes.”

“Huh, Kouichi!? It’s because you went back to the club room right after practice. You were probably hungry and ate some food after practice, am I right?”

“You knew? Haha... Well, it can’t be helped. I’m hungry right after the practice.”

My classmate, friend, and teammate, Kouichi Yanagi, was back in the club room before me. He is a very voracious eater, and he eats at all hours of the day. Moreover, he also has an excellent physique, probably because he plays soccer.

“You really eat a lot. You’re an ace striker even though you eat tons of food during the day. Is that the secret to your success?”

“Really? Well, I don’t know, but I think you could be a starter too, Hiroki. I’m sure they trust you to be the center back. Ahh, just take care of the defense, brother.”

“Oh, leave it to me. Though I can’t handle defense by myself.”

“Stop saying such words. Even the world-class players... Oh! It’s almost time for the morning class!”


As I was changing while chatting idly with him, before we knew it, morning class time was almost near, and we were the only two left in the club room. I hurriedly changed my clothes and left the club room.

“YOU ARE LATE Hiroki! Ah, You’ve even got an extra person with you. And, it’s Kouichi.”

Then Yukari, waiting for us outside in her school uniform, got all puffed up and yelled at us.

“Don’t mess with me!!! I’m waiting for Hiroki. Hmpf...I am leaving.”

“Ohh, it’s fine! Come on Hiroki, let’s go.”

“Ahh, yeah!”

“Don’t leave me here! Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!! My side hurts.......”

We ran to the classroom as fast as we could. School rule says we don’t have to run in the corridor, but as it’s an emergency situation, who cares?? We arrived at the classroom without delay thanks to our efforts, we approached near to the classroom, we noticed some noise.

“Hmmm? Did something happen? Do you have any idea?”

“No, I don’t know. Do you know anything about it, Hiroki?”

“No, me neither.............!”

At first, I didn’t know what was going on, but when I saw a familiar face......I immediately realized what was going on.



I ran through the crowd...... Yuki was standing in the middle. She really came to school as promised. I was so happy, I couldn’t help but smile unconsciously.

On the other hand, Yuki looked very embarrassed, probably because she had been conspicuous. Still, when she saw me, she looked relieved and calmed down a little. However, I could not eliminate the fact that she was still frightened.

“I will show you the seat. You may not know about it yet.”

“Ah! Thank you.....Hiro-kun.”

Then I led Yuki to her seat. It was the last seat near the window, and I happened to be sitting next to her. Yuki looked a little relieved when she discovered it.

“We’re going to have a morning class soon, so we’ll talk later.”

“Uh, yeah.......”

“......I’m glad you came, Yuki.”

“I promised you after all.......”

The bell rang after such a conversation, and the morning class began.


After the morning class ended and the break started, I tried to talk with Yuki.

“Well, umm... Hiro-kun,, umm ...... what I was saying,.........”

During the break, Yuki tried to say something to me, but she was so nervous because she hadn’t been to school in a while that all she could do was mumble and move her mouth.

“You’re really nervous, Yuki. Take this drink. Just drink it and talk to me after you’ve calmed down a bit.”

Yuki looks at me, and I take out a plastic bottle from my bag and hand it to her. Yuki takes it and drinks it slowly.

“......Thank you. I’m sorry, Hiro-kun, for all the trouble I’ve caused you.”

“No, it’s nothing, it’s nothing like you caused me any trouble. So, you want to say something?”

“Uh, yeah...... well,uh, um..................”

“Oh, the bell rang. Well, I’ll talk to you during the next break.”

As Yuki was about to say something, the class started when the bell rang. It seemed to be an important topic, so I didn’t want to talk about it halfway through the class, so I left it for the next break.

And the next break came.

“Hamachi-san. I want to discuss what to do about the quiz while you are absent. Come with me to the teacher's office.”

“Huh, Huh!”

As soon as the class was over, a female math teacher summoned Yuki, and she couldn’t speak with me.......I hope she is alright. It’s been a long time since Yuki came to school, and she seems to be really nervous.

“......Hmm? What’s wrong with him Yukari?” Kouichi asked.

I suddenly realized Yukari and Kouichi had come to my seat when I thought about Yuki. I’m not sure why both of them suddenly came to my place, but Yukari looks really surprised.

“What is your relationship with Hamachi-san? I am really curious about it.”

“I’m really interested too!”

“......Kouichi, You!!!” (.....Kouichi, Aanta ne!!!)

Oh, yeah. These two people don’t know about Yuki, and I have known each other since childhood. In the first year of high school, I was in the same class with both of them, but Yuki and I were in different classes, so they didn’t have any contact with each other.

“Yuki and I have known each other since we were kids. Our houses were close to each other and we played together every day, and we stayed together all through high school.”

“Ahh, I see. It makes sense.”

“I...I see.”

Kouichi was convinced by my rough explanation, and Yukari also seemed to be convinced.

“So I was worried about her for not going to school, but I’m glad she came.......Oh, yes. Can Yuki eat lunch with us today? She probably doesn’t have anyone else to eat with.”

“Oh, I have a better idea! Listen!!!!”

Kouichi seemed to have another thought in his mind. He grinned, took out a key from his pocket, and handed it to me.

“What’s this?”

“Rooftop key. Well, don’t ask me how I got it. Nobody goes there, so it’s perfect for the two of you to eat alone, right?”

“Huh? Just two of us?”

I planned to eat lunch with Yukari, Kouichi, and Yuki, with who I always eat lunch....... But Kouichi didn’t seem to think so and continued to talk with a grin on his face.

“I’m sure you’ll agree too. It’s better for Hamachi-san to eat alone with you, whom you’ve known for years. Once she gets used to school, she can eat with us too.”

“Sure. Kouichi, you sometimes say nice things. I’ll do it then. Is Yukari also okay?”

“.....Yeah. Then I’ll eat lunch with Class B friends for today. It’s hard to eat alone with Kouichi.”

“Ehh, You are cruel Yukari!”

“Thanks, both of you.”

The bell rang as soon as the conversation was over, and Yuki rushed back to the classroom. After that, the next class started and ended in no time, was time for another break.

“Hey Yuki, would you like to have lunch with me on the rooftop today?”

“What? Are you sure, Hiro-kun? You don’t have to eat with your friends.......?”

“I’ve asked for permission, and it’s fine. But if you don’t want to, don’t push yourself.”

“I’m coming......! I also......wanted to eat with Hiro-kun.”

It was the first time Yuki smiled today. I was happy to hear she wanted to eat with me, so I smiled back unintentionally. During lunchtime.......

“Wow, the rooftop… is pretty big, right?”

We were on the roof. Generally, the key to this place should not be available to students, so we leaned against the fence and began to eat our lunch in our own private space.

“Oh, Yuki, is that all you had for lunch?”

Yuki took a single rice ball that she bought from the convenience store out of her bag and ate it.

“..Yeah....... My mom couldn’t make bento because I suddenly said I was going to school today......!!!”

“Uh, yeah....... Then you should eat mine. I don’t think you have enough food.”

“Eh? That’s Hiro-kun’s lunch, I can’t take......your lunch.”

“Then what if I say I want to give it to you Yuki?”

“............ it’s unfair.”

Then slowly, I passed my lunchbox to Yuki. She ate it slowly. Seeing this, I smile again.

“It’s delicious....... Did your mother make this?”

“No, I made it today. As I couldn’t sleep at night, so I just went ahead and made it.”

“Oh, really? You’re amazing, Hiro-kun....... It was really delicious............. Oh, and ...... why couldn’t you sleep?”


I’m sure Yuki might have guessed the reason why I couldn’t sleep. We both remember what happened yesterday, and our faces become red.

“...... No, no...... because it was my first time.”

“......I see. It was the first time for......each other, wasn’t it?”

Yuki looks a little relieved. However, I’m not sure if it was good for me to get Yuki’s first kiss; after all, she’s the one responsible for the whole thing. For Yuki, it’s.......



There are so many things I want to ask her. I’m not sure why she told me to kiss her for coming to school, whether I am the right person for her, and why she stopped going to school in the first place. However, if I ask her directly, I’m sure she won’t like it. If we both remember what happened yesterday, it’ll make things awkward and interrupt the conversation. That’s why I’m trying to think of something else to talk about as much as possible.

“......oh, you know what!”

Yuki was the first to open her mouth.

“Um, You......Hiro-kun have to kiss me as for today.”

“............ Ah, yes, today’s kiss. ...... Well, we promised. It’s every day. But we don’t have to do it at school, we can do it at Yuki’s house after school ends.”

“......Hiro-kun, you were practicing hard, right? I saw you had a morning practice today. If you’re working so hard in the morning, I’m sure you’ll have a hard time after school, and I want to avoid that you don’t have to force yourself to come to my house. Besides, if you come to my house, my mom might find out. So......kiss me now while we have time.”

Yuki shyly explained why she desperately wanted me to kiss her here at the rooftop. I don’t really care about the place, but I don’t want to make Yuki sad. She is thinking so much of me. I also agree there is a risk at Yuki’s home, and her parents will find out about us.

“......All right.”

So I agreed to kiss her here for today. Fortunately, this was a place where no one would come, so no one would see us.

“Thank you, Hiro-kun. I’ll kiss you.......Chuu……..”

Then Yuki kissed me on my lips. It had been a day since our first kiss. There is no way I could get used to it right away, and even though it was just a slight touch, my heart kept beating like a crazy beak. I am trying not to show it on my face.....but I’m sure I didn't hide it properly because my face is hot as if it were burning.


It’s the same with Yuki, her face is so red she can hear a squeak, and after kissing, she hasn’t been able to look at me like yesterday.

“......I’m not used to this. I’m sorry Hiro-kun, I’m not a good kisser.”

“...No!!! It was nice...”

Yuki regained her composure, looked me in the eye, and apologized. I gave her a harmless answer, but I’ve never kissed anyone other than Yuki before, so I can’t even compare whether this was a bad kiss or not. Yuki was also inexperienced, so I guess she wasn’t sure about the whole act. We both still have a lot to learn about kissing.

“I’ll kiss you better tomorrow....... So, will it again?”

Yuki asked anxiously. She might think I will reject her because she’s not a good kisser. But it didn’t matter to me if she was a bad kisser or a good kisser.

“Yes, of course.”

I’m fine as long as Yuki comes to school cheerfully. If she would come to school if I kissed her every day as promised, there was no reason to refuse.

But I’ll have to get used to kissing her little by little, or else I might die of a heart attack soon.

“...I’m glad. You’re really sweet, Hiro-kun.”

“‘No, I Don’t think so.......Oh, the school bell rang. We should get back. Let’s go.”


We kissed each other for the second time and then returned to the classroom. I am sure my heart is still pounding, but I managed to cover it up.


After finishing the lunch break and the next two hours of classes, I went to my club activities, and Yuki went home. As we were leaving...

“Good luck with your club activities...... Do your best, Hiro-kun!”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best. Yuki also worked very hard today.”

“......because of you, Hiro-kun. I am counting on you for tomorrow.......”

We exchanged such conversations. Other classmates heard the conversation, but none of them knew the meaning of “counting on me” was a kiss.

And here I am.

“Nice work, Hiroki!”

“You’re doing really well today!”

“Keep up the good work!”

Maybe it was because of Yuki’s support that I was performing exceptionally well. I was invincible; like anything, I did go perfectly.

After evening practice was over, I went to the club room and changed into my uniform. Suddenly…….Kouichi came and asked,

“Wanna go out for ramen today?”

Kouichi invited me as always. Until yesterday, I would have refused because I had to go to Yuki’s house, but I didn’t have to start today. So I accepted the invitation and decided to eat ramen with Kouichi.

“I want to go too.”

When I asked Yukari about it, she agreed to accompany us. We hadn’t been able to eat out together lately, so it was the perfect opportunity.

Therefore, we went to a nearby ramen restaurant that had good ratings and sat down at a table.

“...Hiroki performed really well in today’s practice. To be honest, he wasn’t so good in the morning practice, but he seemed to have changed dramatically.”

“I was surprised too. He played like an ace player today.”

“Isn’t it because Hamachi-san encouraged you? Yes, it might be because of that.”

“Ahh, don’t make fun of me, Yukari!”

But it’s actually true. Yuki came to school as we promised, we kissed, and she supported me in my soccer practice, so I think I played well.

“If I had such a cute girl supporting me, it would cheer me up. Well, I guess my support won’t be enough.”

“What? No? Yukari’s support is more than enough to help me.”

“Huh? What are you saying suddenly? Damn it.......”

“Yukari, I’m helping here too.”

“Thank you.”

“Compared to Hiroki, your performance was not that much good. You don’t know what you’re doing! Oh, it looks delicious.”

The pork-bone ramen I had ordered arrived while we were talking. It looks delicious. Let’s eat it. Ummm, it’s delicious.

“It’s so good! I’ve never been here before, but I’d like to recommend this place to others. Ah, Hiroki. Does Hamachi-san like ramen? Let’s invite Hamachi-san next time to this place.”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I have no idea. I’ve never seen her eating such a large bowl of ramen.”

“Ah. Indeed, when I look around, there are no girls.......”

We looked around the restaurant and saw only men, including the waitress. The only girl is Yukari.

“I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that I am the only one who is eating here! But wouldn’t it be better if the food was more convenient to eat? Hiroki, do you know what Hamachi-san likes?

“Yuki’s favorite thing......?”

Yuki’s favorite thing. I tried to recall what kind of things she likes, but...I can answer if I interacted with her more, but at the moment, nothing comes into my mind. When I think about it properly, I realized, I didn’t talk to Yuki much because she went home after school, and since I was in a different class before she was absent from school, I had less of a chance to talk than in the past.

“Nothing comes to my mind.......”

“‘You don’t know?”

“I just don’t know the recent ones! We were in different classrooms in the first year, and Yuki was always a member of the homegoing club.”

“Well, in that case, there’s not many opportunities for you to talk with her, no matter how much you’ve known each other since childhood. Then what about junior high school?”

“Hmmm, junior high school.......”

I guess Yukari just casually asked the question. Indeed, I have many fun memories with Yuki in my junior high school days. However, one event overshadowed all of them, and I couldn’t help but become speechless.

“I mean I know....... but a lot of other things happened in middle school when I graduated......”

“Oh, you mean you got dumped?”


“What? Bullseye!?”


When he guessed the correct answer as a joke, I felt a throbbing pain in my old wound, and Kouichi became impatient seeing my reaction. Yes, I had confessed my love to Yuki when I graduated from junior high school and had been rejected at the same time.

“I’m sorry Hiroki! I just had no idea......”

Kouichi bowed and apologized.

“No, don’t worry about it. It was a long time in the past.”

“But you two seem to be close even now. I don’t understand why you were rejected.”

Yukari asked me nervously. It may not look like the relationship between us is a relationship of dumping and rejection after seeing today’s greetings. I also thought somewhere in my heart that I could go out with Yuki if I just confessed to her. But .......

“......Yuki already has a future spouse.”

There was a reality there that couldn’t be helped.

“Ehhh, a bride?”

It seems the two couldn’t hide their surprise, and Kouichi, who was drinking water, turned away, and Yukari opened her mouth.

“What is that??......has such a thing happened nowadays?”

Yukari has a valid point. When I first heard about it, I seriously doubted Yuki was joking. But unfortunately, it’s true.

“...Yuki’s family owns a Japanese sweets shop, but the head family is in Tokyo, and...... she’s supposed to marry the son of the head family.”

That’s why Yuki rejected my confession. She apologized and told me she had an in-law, so she couldn’t go out with me.

I felt like I had done something wrong. It was a mistake to think that since we could go to high school together, we would not be childhood friends but lovers from now on.

After that, I didn’t meet Yuki before entering high school. Even after entering high school, I didn’t have many opportunities to interact with her because we were in different classes. In the meantime, I managed to end my feelings for Yuki, but......the distance between us kept growing and growing. I wondered if we were going to lose touch with each other. But when I heard Yuki was absent from school, I couldn’t help it anymore and started going to her house every day....... And here we are.

I have no idea why Yuki promised me to kiss her every day, but she actually does.

“No, no. And everything is over? Umm, I mean to say.......”

“You mean a political marriage, Kouichi. So, is Hamachi-san convinced? Aren’t her parents forcing her to do it?”

“......No, no. I asked her about it, but she told me her parents respected Yuki’s feelings. They said she could refuse if she didn’t want to. But Yuki chose to become a bride. That’s what I heard.”

“In other words, does Hamachi-san really like him?”

“......I have no idea. But I once met him, and he has a handsome face, a refreshing personality, a dignity even though he is only one year older than me, and he is a star player at a top soccer school in Tokyo and is attracting attention from professionals. If I compare myself to someone with that kind of specs,...... I’d be no match.”

“It’s too high a standard! I’m sure there are no such people in the area where we live....... Tokyo is scary.”

As Kouichi said, I was surprised to see such a guy when I first met him. Even though I was a little frustrated before I met him, I was utterly overwhelmed. God is so unfair.

“...... Okay, let’s order some more gyoza. I’ll buy it for you, Hiroki.”

“What? No, I didn’t mean to make you feel sorry for me. Besides, ......I don’t have any romantic feelings for Yuki anymore.”

Yes, the only emotion I have for Yuki right now is I want her to have a good school life as a childhood friend with whom she has a long relationship. So I just kissed her as a promise; there was no romantic feeling there. Absolutely not.

“Well, let’s get rid of it here. He wanted to lighten his wallet a little.”

“Then I need fried rice! I apologize for saying no!”

“Wait, I can’t eat this much! So let’s eat together, then. I think we can manage it.”

“Ok! Well then, let’s order it right away. Excuse me.”

They took some kind of sympathy for my broken heart and decided to buy me a meal. None of us couldn’t eat it all by ourselves, so we had to share it. Well, it’s one of the good things about them that they encourage me like this. I’m really blessed to have such a good friend.

Then, the three of us finished the extra portions we had ordered and were on our way home.


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