My childhood friend made a condition of going to school to kiss her every day - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: After the match, we are somehow together for some reason.

The day was Sunday. The sky was clear, and a perfect day to play soccer. I would like to thank my team members for scheduling our match today in an ideal environment.

“Nice shot Hiroki!”

The first match of the prefectural tournament was held in a perfect environment. I was surprised to see my performance during the game. I managed to block any feint, pass, or cross from the opponents, and I didn’t allow their attackers to do any work at all.

I was expecting to be more nervous than I usually was, partly because the opponent wasn’t so strong and because it was my first official game as a starter. I didn’t expect it to go so well.

During halftime drinks break, Kouichi and I praised each other’s performance.

“Hey, Hiroki is playing fabulous today.”

“I’m surprised too, but Kouichi already scored two goals.”

“Well, it’s not a big deal, and the opponent is pretty lame. Watch my game. I’m going to score more.”

We’re still in the middle of the game, but today the score is already 2-0, so I guess I’m feeling more relaxed in the second half. Of course, like Kouichi, I never let my guard down. It’s common for a team to let their guard down and lose the winning game.

“...Well, today Hamachi-san came to cheer for you... It’s nice. I envy you, Hiroki.”

“What are you talking about? Isn’t Yuki also coming to cheer for Kouichi?”

“No, of course not. Entire-time, Hamachi-san was looking at Hiroki.”

“Eh? How do you know?”

“I noticed it when I was skipping the defense part. At the next moment, I saw Yukari, who already noticed my mistake, was staring at me standing next to Hamachi-san.”

“Of course, I noticed your mistake, bastard! You’ve to play defense at that moment!”

No wonder I was getting attacked by others even though my opponent was weak.

“Ohh......uh... a here.”

The coach came to us while we talked, and he brought Kouichi with him. The coach seemed to have something to say to him. This might make the second half a little easier for me.

Then the second half started. We won the match with 5-0 points without losing any issues. In the second half, I was praised by my seniors and the coach for not letting our opponents score a single goal. Kouichi also scored a hat trick and was highly praised. Whatever the reason, I can only say Kouichi’s performance was superb.

After the game, we moved to a vacant spot at the tournament grounds and took a short break. Yuki and Yukari came over to us, and we took a bottle of aquarelle (TL Note: some kind of drink) from Yukari.

“Phew...... Thank you, Yuki. And you too, Yukari.”

“Well done, Hiroki. You played a great role in today’s match, and I think you defended well. The way the game was developing today, everyone was getting forward too much, so I thought we might lose two goals, but thanks to you, we could hold it to zero. Hiroki was really cool back then.”

“Oh, Yukari, are you giving me compliments!? From where the Sun rose today?”

“Hey, what about me? I just scored a hat trick!”

“I’m just saying what I honestly thought! And Kouichi, although you are getting some results, but also making some unbelievable mistakes. I don’t think you should miss the one-on-one.......”

“I got a hat trick, so who cares about small mistakes! What did you think, Hamachi-san? Didn’t Hiroki play well today?”

Kouichi probably unknowingly asked her what I wanted to hear. To be honest, I’m probably more nervous right now than I was during today’s game. After all, this was the first time Yuki came to watch my soccer game since she started coming to high school.

“Yeah, it was, Hiro-kun.”

Yuki looked at me and gave her thoughts with a cheerful smile on her face. I guess I feel like today’s hard work was worth it. Inner myself, maybe those were the words I was hoping Yuki would say to me.

“Thank you, Yuki. I’m glad I was able to play well without making you feel ashamed.”

“Wow, I’m......I’m glad I saw Hiro-kun’s cool gameplay. Well, can I come and watch your performance again?”

“Of course, come and see our next game!”


Yuki shook her head and nodded, her face looking happy.

“Oh, by the way, Hamachi-san. I heard your future partner was here yesterday.”

“Eh, um.......”

Immediately afterward, when Yukari asked Yuki about Akutagawa-san, Yuki had an awkward expression on her face. It looked like she was having some trouble with how to respond. If there is something I can say,, let’s not make such a wrong guess.

“......oh, I was just talking to him.”

“Hmm, and? The conversation is over!?”

“Well, yeah. It seems like he was busy over there.......”

Yuki responded safely. Yukari and Kouichi seemed to know more about what happened, but they did not force her to say anything.

After that, the coach called us for a meeting, and when it was over, we dispersed, but I was unlucky enough to lose in a rock-paper-scissors game and had to help the coach with some chores. I wanted to go home as soon as possible, but I couldn’t help myself.......Well, I lost the bid. I thought I had to go home alone, so I decided to leave a bit later than the others.

“Oh, what’s wrong, Yuki? Why are you here?”

“......Well, I was waiting for you. I wanted to go home with Hiro-kun.......”

It looks like Yuki was waiting for me in front of the school gate where the game was held. Even though it’s been quite a while, she was waiting for me. To be honest, I was quite happy.

“Well, let’s go home. Thank you, Yuki, for waiting for me.”

“......No, it’s not a big deal. And I wanted a............kiss too.”

“......Yeah, right. It’s a promise after all!”

Hmmm. I promised to kiss her every day. Even on Sundays, when it’s a day off, I have to keep our promise. Yuki spared her time and came today to support me for my match. She also waited for me here too.

“But where do we go? There’s no place to hide around here, and we can’t go to Yuki’s house either.”

“Hey, how about Hiro-kun’s house? Ah, well, you know, annoying, right? I’m sorry, I said some strange things.”

“......No, we should do it at my house. My parents are out of work today, so if we kiss in my room before they get back, it...... won’t be a problem.”

I’m sure my parents are going to the mall today to do some shopping, so we should be fine as long as we finish our kiss before they get back.

It’s just a way to prevent the kiss from being discovered by anyone. Of course, there is no ulterior motive, and we are not doing anything more than a kiss.

“Oh, thank you, Hiro-kun. I’m sorry to bother you.......”

And so I am on my way home with Yuki. We went straight to the house.

“I’m sorry to bother you. It’s nostalgic to come to Hiro-kun’s house. I missed it.......”

Come to think of it, how long has it been since Yuki came to my house? Well, she hasn’t come over once since she started going to high school, so it’s been a few years.

“We used to play together at Hiro-kun’s house. I remember like it happened yesterday....... It was really, really fun.”

“We were together all the time back then. Umm, Yuki, can I go and take a shower first? I smell sweaty right now.”

“......Yeah, okay.”

I can’t kiss Yuki with my stinky body. So I led Yuki to my room, grabbed my clothes, and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.


The warm water was very comfortable as it washed away the sweat. I felt like my tiredness was flowing out.

“...I’m glad Yuki saw my best performance today.”

I muttered to myself as I took a shower. Although the opponent wasn’t so strong, I was happy to play a game Yuki thought I played very cool. I hope I can continue to play well in the future so Yuki can cheer me up more.


I heard a rustling sound coming from outside the bathroom. Don’t tell me my parents have come home already? But if so, they should be knocking on the door. Then......a thief? But I’m sure I locked the door properly─── Eh!!!

“......I’ll wash your back. Hiro-kun.”


When I turned around, I saw Yuki wrapped a bath towel to cover her chest and thighs. I only turned my head so I could hide the part which should not be seen.......But how did this happen?

“Hey, why is Yuki here all of a sudden?”

“I thought Hiro-kun might be tired after the game. So I decided least wash your back.”

“No, but Yuki doesn’t have to go to all the trouble.......”

“......But it’s not the reason why I am here. I want to......take a bath with Hiro-kun, like in the old days. No......Can I?”

It’s embarrassing to look directly at Yuki, wearing only a bath towel. I’m not sure what kind of expression she has on her face as I’m talking to Yuki with my back turned. Besides, the last time we used to take a bath together was in the early elementary school years. I’m not old enough to take a bath with her casually anymore.

Moreover, we’re just childhood friends.

“No. We’re not even old enough to take a bath together. Besides...... we’re not lovers.”

When I said that, Yuki remained silent for a while. I think I’ve said too much. But it should be okay. I don’t want to take our relationship further in a strange direction.

“......Please, Hiro-kun. Can I wash your back......?”

But Yuki wouldn’t listen to me, honestly. She asks me in a faint voice as if she is about to die because of embarrassment. Even so, I think I should firmly refuse her request. But I guess I’m too soft on Yuki’s request.

“.....Can you go and get me a towel? I need something to cover up my lower body. Otherwise, it’s......a little embarrassing.”

She agreed to it. I think I’m a bit naive. But I want to do everything for Yuki. I don’t want to go through without seeing Yuki again.

“Thank you.......I’ll bring it.”

Then Yuki brought me a towel, and I wrapped it around my waist and asked Yuki to wash my back. At first, Yuki washed my back hesitantly, but as she got used to it, she started to get closer and closer to my back. The stimulation was too intense for me since I was only wearing a bath towel. The screws on my brain are likely to come off here and there.

“How’ feels, Hiro-kun?”

“No, no, no, no. You don’t have to......get close to me.”

“......My body doesn’t have big boobs like Hayashibara-san. So, this is nothing for Hiro-kun, right?”

“Why did you mention Yukari? I’ve never touched Yukari’s.......”

It wasn’t like I’d never touched it before. Last time my head got buried in it. So, I’m choking on my words.


Yuki called me a pervert which made me a little disappointed. Ah, it’s quite heartbreaking. I feel like someone has just pierced my heart.

“No, no, no, it, it was just an accident! It’s not like what you’re thinking, Yuki.”

“I don’t care about.......I don’t mind. Men like the bigger boobs. Ohh, does it feel good here?”

"No, not on the side....... Ahh...hah...hah!"

Even though she said she didn’t mind, she must have been thinking about it on the inside. Suddenly Yuki rubs my weak spot, the flank, deliberately to make it itchy.

“Fufu, Hiro-kun has the same weakness as he used to in the past.”

“Yeah, that’s how Yuki used to tickle me when we took baths together.”

“Hahaha. Even if you have a nice built body, you......still have the same weak points.”

“Is it a compliment?”

“I’m glad Hiro-kun is the same as before.”

“Ha, so. Why don’t we get out of here? When my parents get home, it’s going to be a problem, and I won’t have time to......”

In the bathroom, Yuki washed my back, and I was going to leave as soon as possible, but I ended up staying quite a while. My parents will find out if I continue to stay here, and I’m not going to be able to handle it.

“......So, do you want to kiss me here?”


But Yuki said she wanted to kiss me in the bathroom, so I couldn’t just get out of the bath. I can’t even see Yuki’s face from here, so I don’t know what to do.

“......If we do it here, we won’t have to go to the trouble of doing it in Hiro-kun’s room. And I want to......kiss you here.”

Are you saying there’s a different kind of excitement to kiss me here than usual? Indeed, we’re in a different situation now; we’re now almost naked. So there is no doubt the kissing will make us more excited than usual.


If Yuki wants to do it, she can. In my head, for some reason, I agreed to kiss Yuki in the bathroom. Maybe deep down, I just want to kiss her too, but I don’t dare to do it with her.

“Thank you, Hiro-kun. Then turn......over here.”

“Oh, okay.......”

As we were going to kiss, I stood up and turned around to look at Yuki’s face for the first time in the bathroom. Her cheeks were red, and her expression seemed very bashful, but her bare skin was white and so beautiful I almost fell in love with it. And her eyes were looking straight at me.

“Then......I’m going to......kiss you, but be careful; your feet might......slip.”

“You too, Yuki. Be careful.”


We kiss in the bathroom, worrying about each other’s feet. The kiss was much more exciting than usual, as we were closer to being naked than usual.

At first, Yuki kissed slowly, being careful of her feet. But she gradually forgot to pay attention to her feet and kept kissing my lips harder and harder. Immediately, I noticed that Yuki’s bath towel was slowly falling down from her chest. Yuki’s naked body would be exposed if she didn’t do anything about it.

“Yu..Yuki, you have to fix your......bath towel.”

I told Yuki about her situation. She was so engrossed in kissing me, she only realized it after I told her and looked surprised for a moment. But Yuki didn’t try to fix it and continued kissing me.

“If Hiro-kun wants to can.”


I couldn’t hide my surprise when Yuki said it embarrassingly. If I said I didn’t desire to see it, it would be a lie.


But it’s not acceptable. So I will stop kissing Yuki for now.

“......No, Yuki. You have to take care of your body. It’s not something you can show off easily.”

I’m not her boyfriend. I’m just a childhood friend. We are not in a relationship where she can easily show her naked body. We kiss every day, and I didn’t say anything when she said she wanted to kiss me here in the bathroom, and we’re in the bathroom together like this. But if I see Yuki’s naked body, our relationship will go to a place where I really can’t get back.

“......Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, I said something weird.”

Yuki obediently listened to what I said and fixed the bath towel.

“Don’t worry about it, Yuki.”

“Umm, yeah. Can I continue......?”


“Thank you.......Chuu.”

And once again, we begin to kiss.

“Mmm......phew. I did a lot of......kissing.”

After finishing the kiss to her heart’s content, Yuki said with a smile on her face. I am sure she’s happy to kiss me longer than usual. When we do it at school, we do it between after-school hours, so we have a limited amount of time.

The smile on Yuki’s face made me stunned, and I couldn’t help but look away from her. Not only did she look cute, but she also looked kind of erotic, probably because she was wearing only a bath towel.

“Well, let’s go back. Yuki can go first.”

“Thank you. Then I’ll go.”

After changing clothes, we took a rest in the living room. My parents had informed me on the phone they were going to be late due to traffic, so it looked like they weren’t going to be home for a while.

“Here, orange juice.”

“I’m sorry, I gave you get juice for me...... Oh, the picture…..”

I looked at where Yuki was looking and saw a picture of Yuki and me in kindergarten.

“Oh, this one. My mom loves this picture.”

“Nostalgic.......I’m sure it was the first time Hiro-kun and I met, right?”

“Yeah. By the way, If I am right, Yuki, did you just move at that time?”

“Yes. Dad decided to open a shop nearby, so we came here. But if my mom wasn’t friends with Hiro-kun’s mother, we wouldn’t have had the chance to know each other since we were in different kindergartens.”

Yuki was right. My mom and Yuki’s mom were best friends in high school. Only because they met again here in Nagano, our families started to know each other, which led to our meeting. I guess this is called a fateful encounter.

“I remember Yuki didn’t talk to me much back then. But did you enjoy playing here every Sunday?”

“I’m not good at talking to people even now, but I was even worse in the past.......But Hiro-kun tried to make me happy, so I could only play with you. I am always looking forward to playing with you on Sundays.”

“I am glad to hear, but I never thought we would go together in the same elementary school.”

“I was actually planning to go to a private school, but I became a little selfish, and I insisted on my parents, and they changed my school.”

“Selfish? I don’t know what you are saying.”

“Fufufu…It’s a secret.”

Yuki didn’t answer my question, although she smiled in return. I wondered what kind of selfish thing it would be to change schools. Did she hate the school lunches at the other elementary school because they tasted so bad? But I guess I don’t know what it tastes like before I go to school over there. Hmm, I don’t know.

“When we were in elementary school, we used to play together every day. I really enjoyed those days. I want to go time again.”

Yuki mumbled to herself in a low voice. It’s true when I was a kid, I was allowed to play as much as I wanted, but now I must live my life with a certain amount of responsibility. If I could go back in time, I’d like to go back too. I want to enjoy those golden days when I could play with Yuki purely and innocently.

“It’s about time to go home, Hiro-kun. Thanks for...... today’s kiss.”

“You’re leaving already? Then I’ll walk you to your home.”

“No, no, it’s okay. I want Hiro-kun to get some rest. See you later.”

I walked with Yuki to the entrance door, and then she went home.


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