My childhood friend made a condition of going to school to kiss her every day - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: In the middle of studying for a test

“...Hmm. We have soccer practice, there are upcoming matches, and school tests are coming up too. I don’t have any time for rest.”

Three days after the first match, during lunch break, Kouichi was complaining about the problems while eating his lunch. Yes, our soccer team had a hellish practice schedule due to the ongoing tournament. We had to prepare a lot for study because of the tests scheduled at the time of the tournament.

“Yes, you are right. I don’t have any time left for study.”

“But don’t you take......a day off from club activities, Hiro-kun?”

“Yes, actually I have a day off today. But tomorrow, I have to go to practice. Besides, we have morning practice sessions every day, so I don’t think we will spend much time studying .”

“Um......I think Hiro-kun will do his best.”

“Do you think so?.”

“Hey, Hamachi-san, I’m working hard too.”

“Kouichi, you’re not studying.”

“Eh, How do you know?”

It seems like Kouichi is not studying after all. However, he always avoids getting red marks at the last minute, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. No, he might run out of steam this time.

“Haha.......If you don’t get the minimum grade, you’ll be in trouble later.”

“Don’t worry. My parents are lawyers, so I’ll become smarter soon.”

“No, you won’t. Your father will cry if he hears your stupid things. And, how about you Hiroki? How are your studies going?”

“Well, maybe it’s not so good. Isn’t this year’s subject pretty difficult?”

“Well, there are many subjects which are difficult. Hey, since we’re having a day off from club activities, why don’t together?”

“Study together?”

“Yeah, yeah! I think I can concentrate better if I study with someone!”

I can concentrate better when I study with someone rather than when I do it alone. When other people are studying, I feel like I can’t afford to avoid it. In addition, since Yukari has excellent grades and has even been ranked first in class, she is the best person to teach me.

“Let’s do it then. I also didn't study much recently.”

“Yes! Then...”

“Are Yuki and Kouichi coming too? Oh, sorry, you are saying something Yukari!”


My words interrupted when Yukari was about to say something. When I asked, she just let it go.

“Um, I want to go too. I haven’t been able to study much either.......”

“Me......too, but I’m stuck with supplementary quiz lessons.......”

Yuki nodded her head and agreed to join study sessions, but Kouichi refused to participate for some unfortunate reason.

“...So how about the three of us studying together? Do you want to go to the library after school?”

“But Hiro-kun, we can’t talk in the library.”

“Then let’s go to my place.”

“Is it okay, Yukari? Are you sure we won’t disturb you?”

“No problem at all. My parents are working so they won’t be there, and I live with my sister, but she went outside, so she isn’t at home either.”

“Then I’ll take your word, Yukari.”

“Umm, yes. Thank you, Hayashibara-san.”

Well, in the end, we agreed to go to Yukari’s house and hold study sessions for the three of us. Kouichi’s face indicated he wanted to come too.

After finishing the depressing class, we headed to Yukari’s house.

“This is the first time I’ve come to your house...... it’s a really nice house.”

Yukari’s house looked like a princess’s house (Ojou-sama’s house), a few levels better than my house. No, to begin with, when I looked around, I realized it was a residential area filled with magnificent houses.

“Really? I don’t think so. Well, come on upstairs, you two.”

When I went to Yukari’s house, I saw not only from outside, but the inside was also magnificent. There are a lot of interiors I would never have in my house. Oh, by any chance, this...

“Hey, Yukari. This.......”

“Oh, it’s my father’s trophy. Didn’t I tell you my father was a professional soccer player?”

“No, I never heard! That’s why Yukari know so much about the soccer.”

“Yeah. Well, When he was playing soccer, I was in kindergarten, so I didn’t see his game at all.”

“Wow, that’s amazing. What does your father do now?”

“He’s a soccer coach at a university. So if you tell him, maybe he’ll give you a recommendation.”


“No way. He has no authority to do so. Hahahaha.”

Yukari had a mischievous smile on her face, and it looked like she got me with her words. Uh, I was an idiot who fell for her words.

“......But Hiroki can go to a better place.”

“What? Do you think so?”

“...If you keep up your current form. I’m sure someone will recognize your success. Now leave this chat for a while and let’s get back to study. Come to my room.”

And then we were led upstairs to Yukari’s room, where we began to study. Even if it’s Yukari’s room......It is a pretty girlie. There are some cute stuffed animals in the room, and it smells nice.

“What are you scurrying around, Hiroki?”

“No, I was just thinking......when I look at your room, I think Yukari is also a girl.”

“What? I’m a real girl! You!!! Take this!”

“Hey! No, no, no.......Hee!”

As revenge, Yukari began to tickle my weak point, my flank. It’s really a weak point, so I can only hold back a miserable laugh. It’s really tickling...

“......Start studying both of you.”

Yuki, who couldn’t stand to see us fussing over each other, became a little angry and raised her voice.

“You’re right, Hamachi-san. I’m sorry, I just got a little carried away.”

Yukari apologized and took out her textbook from her bag.

“Well, let’s get started. What subject do you want me to teach you?”

“...I’m thinking about math.”

“Um, yeah teach me math too.......”

“Well, let’s start with math. Tell me about the problems you two don’t understand.”

And so our study session began. Yukari’s teaching style was excellent, and the problems I didn’t understand came quickly into my head. Yuki seemed to be doing the same, and she could solve the problems she couldn’t do on her own.

After some time,

“Let’s take a break. If you maintain the pace, you are both doing fine. You are doing pretty well.”

“No, it’s like Yukari is a good teacher.”

“Ehehehe. Really? If you want, you can praise more!”

“Wow, You are the best!”

“Well, it’s just a nice compliment. But as I’m in a good mood, I’m allowing you to take a break. I’ll bring some juice for you. Will be right back, wait for me here.”

“Oh, thanks.”

Then Yukari walked outside the room and went downstairs to get the juice. I’m happy Yukari taught me how to study. I think I can handle the parts I’m not good at, and it’s really thanks to Yukari.


“Hmm? What’s wrong Yu...?”

Suddenly, Yuki called me and when I turned to her, she......pushed me down and started kissing me without any hesitation.


Yuki forgot about her surroundings and kissed my lips with all her might. The kiss was so intense that it was as if she was trying to take everything away from me. I’ve never experienced kissing this hard before. Oh no, if we keep doing this, Yukari will see us. But even if I tried to resist, I couldn’t move a muscle, as if my body wasn’t able to deal with the unexpected force.

" I......"

Yuki continued to kiss me, looking like she was about to cry. It seemed as if she was venting some uncontrollable anger.


I couldn’t resist as I had no energy left inside my body. I’m sure Yukari will be back soon. I’m not sure what will happen if she sees me, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be wrong.

However, I can’t stop Yuki. It’s just I have no idea how to control her right now.

“Hiro-kun......only me.......”

“Hey you two. What kind of juice do you want? Orange? Apple?”

I can hear Yukari’s loud voice from downstairs. Therefore I tried to stop kissing Yuki to respond to her, but.......

“I still want to....... Don’t go......Hiro-kun.”

“Yu, Yuki, ......!”


Yuki grabbed my hand when I resisted and wouldn’t let me flee. She starts kissing me again; it looks like she is begging for more kisses from me.

“Hey, what is happening to both of you?”

“Yu, Yuki......stop.”

“Mmmm......chu, chu, chu......”

Yukari came upstairs, wondering why we didn’t answer. The footsteps are getting closer and closer, and soon Yukari will come to her room. If we don’t stop quickly......we’ll be caught red-handed.

But Yuki didn’t seem to stop kissing me at all. The last time we kissed on the rooftop, she would stop herself when she felt we were about to be discovered. But now, she is selflessly sucking on my lips, and it seems as if her mind has gone somewhere else.


So I had no choice. Because if Yukari finds out, it’s over. So I forced my......unmoving body and then pushed Yuki with both my hands to force her to stop kissing me. Fortunately, Yuki fell on her back and didn’t hit her head, and didn’t disturb the things in Yukari’s room.

“Oi! Why didn’t you answer me?”

“No, no......a bit.”

Yukari didn’t know we were kissing. But I couldn’t even tell a quick lie, and I was at a loss for words.

“......I fell down.”

“What? Are you okay, Hamachi-san? You’re not hurt right?”

“Umm, yes. I am fine. Hiro-kun protected me.”

“Oh, as expected of Hiroki. Ah, here’s the juice. I brought both Apple and Orange, so let’s drink them together. You can choose the one you like.”

“Oh, thank you, Yukari. I’ll take it then.”

However, Yuki managed to cover it up for me on her own. So, somehow, we managed to avoid being exposed to the fact that we were kissing.......After that, I lost my mood and didn’t progress in my studies. I guess after the kiss, I couldn’t talk properly with Yuki today.

“I’m sorry Yuki. I.......”

“......I’m sorry for today, too. Hiro-kun didn’t do anything bad. Well then......See you later.”

On the way home, Yuki apologized to me and walked back to her house. She looked genuinely sorry, and I guess Yuki was pretty out of control. But even so, there was no way I could allow her to push me out of the way. I felt the guilt on her face.

How am I supposed to talk with Yuki tomorrow?


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