OREIMO Volume 13 Ayase IF Route Part -1 Chapter 1


Chapter 1:

My name is Kousaka Kyousuke. I am an ordinary high school student.

I have a younger sister who is three years younger than me, her name is Kirino. Her athletic and academic skills are excellent. Apart from her skills, she is beautiful, but at the same time, she is extremely rude.

Despite all of the above qualities, she is an OTAKU. She has an excellent fanaticism for anime, video games, collectible figures and is interested in attending any event related to them.

But, the things which she loves the most in this world are... Eroge.

Have you finally recalled everything about Kirino and me?

In this volume, I’m telling my readers the story about"My not so cute little sister.”

I think there is nothing better than a title for a story than:

“It is impossible for my little sister to be this cute...”

due to the significant number of problems I have had with her.

The two of us are siblings; we’ve always had a bad relationship with each other... No, I’m wrong. It’s not like we didn’t get along or anything. Still, our relationship was so complicated and complex, and because of that, we just ignored each other.

A relationship of siblings in which; A sister with a brilliant personality and blessed life, on the other hand, a brother who wanted to live peacefully with his little sister in his day-to-day life. But in reality, our relationship, as siblings, is similar to the never-ending relationship of water and oil.

In my thoughts, my younger sister lives in an entirely different world than mine, moving further and further away from me. On the other hand, my younger sister probably saw me as a ‘good for nothing’ with a zero-ambition brother who only desired a peaceful life.

Even though we lived in the same house, it seemed like a thick wall stood between us. This wall affected so much of our relationship that, even in our minds, the thought of understanding each other or even coming closer to each other didn’t even come.

But, all these relationships between us changed because of A specific incident that happened in the past.

By mere coincidence, I came to discover my little sister’s secret... one of her strangest hobbies...

I want you to help me with some life advice.

One day, she casually asked me something strange.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”, I answered her.

And so, we went through a lot of trouble altogether.

“I told you it’s mine!”

“Let me be clear first. This is the proof of love between Kirino and me!”

I loudly expressed a big lie, and I tried very hard for a goal.

“I’ll become sad if you’re not here with me!”

Even though it was difficult for me, when I confessed my true feelings to my sister, I made my younger sister return to Japan after she went abroad to study.


It’s something crucial for me, that’s why I’ll repeat it again.

Now it’s June, and I’m a third-year high school student. My sister, she’s a third-year middle school student. A year after, I met my younger sister’s unusual and strange hobby just after Kirino returned to Japan. Just let me clarify something for you.

The story I am about to tell you will not be about the relationship between my younger sister and me.

Instead, it will be about the story between Ayase and me.

Aragaki Ayase is one of Kirino’s school friends, and she is also doing modeling work just like Kirino.

She has lovely long black hair, long thin legs, and a lovely voice. She looks precisely like Kirino, but she is also a beautiful girl with a high sense of morality. The thing she dislikes the most is that she hates otakus.

When she becomes angry, she becomes extremely dangerous!!!

One year ago, during the Summer Comiket event opposite the International Convention Center station, my sister’s unusual hobby was discovered due to a coincidental encounter with Ayase. The situation became really complicated.

To reconcile the two of them, I had to lie to Ayase, who hated otakus, by saying,

I am a disgusting otaku who dragged Kirino along in my horrible tastes.

And thus, I was able to come up with a solution to the problem.

Well, a year had passed since then... just after Kirino returned to Japan after so many problems.

One day Ayase had asked me to go to a park which was near to my house.

“There is something I want to talk about Kirino, Onii-san!”

“Is it true that a pattern like this is repeating itself? Am I feeling Deja Vu? How much advice have I given to you until now...?”

Previously, Ayase could not trust me easily; however, lately, she has been asking me for various pieces of advice. Maybe she thinks, ‘it’s good for her and my relationships…’ our relationship has improved, right...?

“Did you say something just now, Onii-san?”

“No... Not at all! By the way... Why are you looking so upset today...?”

“Hmm... How should I put this into words!? I think the cause of my upsetness is the main reason why I came to talk to you.”

By any chance, did Ayase have a fight with Kirino...?

“Well, you can tell me about anything. My ears are all yours.”

“Alright. Then listen carefully. The truth is...”

The story started when school was over today. Apparently, Ayase had a little chat with Kirino in the classroom when the school bell rang.

“Kirino, are you busy today? Don’t you want to go somewhere with me?”

“Hmm...What should I do...? I don’t have any plans either.”

At the moment when two teenage schoolgirls were about to agree to have fun in their free time, almost as if interrupting their talk, a notification prompted in Kirino’s cell phone, which indicated she received a message from someone.

“Ah, may I check a message for a bit?”

“Yeah, sure. Why not.”

As soon as Kirino turned to look at her cell phone screen and read the content of the mail, she let out a strange sound.



“Fufufu…!!! Fuhiii~~ Psshh...!”

She had a disgusting expression on her face, so much that it was almost indescribable.


“Huh? Umm... What’s wrong, Ayase...?”

“I think you’ve been acting strange lately….”

“Huh? Seriously...? Although... I don’t think that’s true... Ha ha…”

Anyone can conclude from Kirino’s answers that she was at least paying attention to the conversation with Ayase.

But...! Making strange expressions and smiling while checking her cell phone is simply a peculiar thing, isn’t it?

In the presence of a Kirino who pretended not to know anything of what she was being told, it was normal for Ayase to ask her the things mentioned before.

“Fuhh... Fufuh…!?”

“Are you serious? So, tell me... Who are you chatting with?”

“Huh!? To whom am I chatting...? I don’t think it’s important.”

Ayase seemed like a girlfriend who is asking her boyfriend constantly as if he were cheating on her.

“Don’t tell me... it’s about the person you met at the Summer Comiket... that girl who wore a dark dress...?”

“Ping pong... correct answer... you were able to catch me, weren’t you, Ayase...? Ahaha... ahaha….”

“That was definitely... a lie, wasn’t it?”

“...Ah... this... eh...? I think you’re... right….”

“Of course! I have no doubt... she is hiding something from me……... She is suspicious….”

I don’t know what happened earlier, but you are really scary right now, Ayase!

“Ehh... this one... and then... Do you think Kirino... is hiding something from me... telling lies like she got a boyfriend or something…”

“No, you’re wrong. Surely she was chatting with the new"girlfriend” which he made online recently.”

“Huh?! G-G-G-Girlfriend?! What do you mean...?”

“Obviously, I don’t mean like she got a girlfriend in reality... but in her game!”

“Isn’t that something you are always doing? Wait, what do you mean she’s messaging her girlfriend in the game...? Has she become incapable of differentiating between reality and fantasy from an eroge...?”

Should I be a little more concerned about my sister’s state of mind...?

Ayase then elaborated on the point to me, who did not understand the issue and expressed doubt on her face.

“This is the game I am talking about... If I’m not mistaken... the most popular games nowadays, which allow players to communicate with the characters as if they were communicating in the real world….”


This is indeed to say that gaming technology has improved a lot.

“Kirino has been seriously involved in such games the whole time... Even when she’s with me!”

『Is there anything you like? 』

『Do...Do you like me...? 』

A little phrase comes up on the game screen. In response to the message, with a surprised face, Kirino said,

“Yes... I LOVE YOU...!”

Uwaah... indeed Ayase experienced the same feeling as Kirino did at that moment...

“Really, I swear! Those clothes really fit you! Puhii... you’re so cu-cute…!!!”

“Don’t you think it’s bad, Onii-san?!”

“Yes, it is... In every sense, it is….”

If I called her a filthy otaku, I would surely need to apologize to all the filthy otakus in this world, BUT SHE DOES GET THEM BETTER!!!

“I am angry because I am right next to her, and yet she is playing that game all the time, just when I should at least be talking to her, don’t you think?”

Ayase exclaimed as she came forcefully towards me with an angry expression.

“What does that mean?! Does it mean that she still prefers those girls in the game more than me...?”

At that moment, she started talking as if she was about to cry.

“Come on, come on... don’t cry.”

“Uuh... I’m not crying!”

Ayase’s face was all red, and she was wiping her eyes with her shirt sleeves.

Seeing her like this, I couldn’t help but say this to her in the gentlest way possible:

“I understand. Leave it to me.”

Then, looking up at me with teary eyes, Ayase stared at me.


“Sure, I’ll take care of it.”

Damn... It’s almost impossible for me to refuse to help her when she’s showing me such a cute expression!!!

My heart skipped a few beats while I saw her cute face. I wanted to refuse it at first, but in the end, I accepted her request.

“Thank you very much, Onii-san.”

Finally, Ayase made a cheerful smile on her face.

Well… it looks like this is a big problem in every way.

Once I arrived home, I immediately went to Kirino’s room. Then, I knocked on the door while shouting her name.

“Kirino, open the door. Oii Kirino, are you listening???”

She didn’t answer me, so I shouted again.

“Kirino... Are you there?”

Although I had knocked hard... unexpectedly, I had received no response this time as well...

“Wha...? You...?”

I thought she’d definitely be in her room...

Haaaa... so...


Knock, knock, knock, knock. I effusively set out to knock on her door.


I was hardly able to stop the door that had suddenly been opened. In front of me, Kirino did not hide her bad mood in the face because of such an annoying noise...

“You’re so noisy! What do you want?!”

“DON’T BURST ME! How dare you? I’ve told you many times not to try to hit me in the face with the door! How many times do I have to tell you to understand?”

“I don’t care!! WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I’M VERY BUSY…”

“Y-Y-You little...”

I knew beforehand that it is difficult for me to speak when I go beyond a certain level of anger.

I was speechless, but I regained my composure by remembering Ayase’s face in my mind.


After hawking, I went straight to the point.

“Tell me, Kirino... have you recently been very attached to a certain new game...?”

“Wha... eh...? How do you know?”

“That has no relevance. More important than that... this... that game... is it exciting...?”

“Ehh...? What are you saying?”

Kirino blinked her eyes a few times in surprise, and her attitude changed completely.

She looked at me again and again, and as she did so.

“Don’t tell me you are interested?”

“Something like that….”

“Fufufu... Now you understand me little by little.”

She moved her body from one side to the other, and with a voice that denoted an enormous emotion of happiness, she said.

“What should I do...? Telling you or not!? I think I can show you. Fuhihihi… What should I do...? How unbearable…”

And, as I made a considerable effort to avoid reflecting my irritation in my facial expression, I said.

“Stop behaving like Tsundere and show me what you have….”

I need to know as much as I can about this game to correctly correspond to Ayase’s life advice.

“I... I am not Tsundere. Well... you can see what I am playing right now... Why don’t you come in and see…?”

“Of course. Then, with your permission.”

My sister’s room hasn’t changed at all; it’s still the same as when she went to study abroad. It seems like our parents left the room as it was because they didn’t know when Kirino would return.

I always felt a little worried whenever our mother cleaned Kirino’s room, because as someone who knew about the existence of Kirino’s"secret space,” I knew that it was full of her otaku’s things in that place.

On top of the bed, Kirino held her cell phone in one hand and started to show me its screen.

“Ta-dah! This game is called 『Love Touch』, and it’s a top-rated game nowadays!”

She really looks cute when she starts talking about eroge games...

“Hmpf... with just a glance... I think I can say that it is not different from the other eroge games...that seems to be the case, doesn’t it?”

“But it has something that differentiates it from others~ Fufufu….”

Kirino settled down slightly to sit on the bed and patted the space next to her, almost as if she was telling me to sit next to her.

As I did what she said, Kirino sat near me to clearly see the game on her screen.

“Look closely.”

A girl with black hair could be seen on the screen. She was wearing a school uniform, and she looked neat and cute at the same time.

At the bottom of the game screen, there was a window with a black rectangular box. You could see the name of the girl. Her name was"Ayaka.”

Turning to the front of the screen, Ayaka-chan began to speak.

Ayaka: You have finally come. I was waiting for you!? Have you finished your unfinished business?

Immediately, Kirino makes a strange smile on her face.

“Yes, I finished them. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Ayaka-chan. I LOVE YOU!”

Ayaka: ...I’m so happy. I love you so much!

Ugh... she’s really talking to the game….

“Hey, don’t make that face like you’ve seen a weird person! That’s what the game is all about!”


“You know!? The most impressive thing about this game is that you can really experience the feeling of dating the onscreen girls in the game.”

Click, click, click, click...

Kirino kept playing the game. Then the promised date event with Ayaka-chan appeared on the screen.

Date: June 10th.

It seems that this was the exact date that we were in reality.

“She can recognize my voice and response later on. The game can also synchronize in real-time, which is how important appointments are scheduled with the game characters. When the day of the appointment arrives, the game event is activated, and you have to play accordingly; otherwise, she might get angry!”

“Seems like a really complicated game….”

“Precisely because you think in such a way that you are not popular at all!?”

“Ugh... I’m sorry! B-but... it can certainly be a good game when it comes to a dating simulator... almost as if it were something real….”

“A perfect game for an unpopular guy like you, don’t you think? Good for you. Surely if you play, you could get a girlfriend. Do you want to try?”

“How should I react to an answer like that? Should I happily say something like: ‘I’ll finally make a girlfriend’?”

“That’s kind of gross….”

“Say what you want….”

“Good! I’ll continue my talk!”

Exclaimed Kirino as she proudly held her cell phone.

“This game is really great! If you set up your email, you can receive messages from the girls in the game! Isn’t that great?”

With that said, Kirino pulled her face towards me.

I think that threatening expression on her face is even more impressive than... Nothing. Don’t sneak up on me like that, silly.

I was just taking some distance as if to say, “No thanks, it’s not like you said.”

Although... I think I can only be a little happy since my rude little sister was coming towards me.

“Of course, of course. That’s impressive. But, you know, Kirino? It’s good that you’re taking Ayaka-chan abroad, but...”

“Don’t talk about Ayaka-chan as if it were an object!”

Wait... she is an object, A real object!


After clearing my throat, I changed my facial expression for one more serious and spoke.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to say; it’s good that you go out with Ayaka-chan to the outside, but….”

I turned towards my sister and spoke.

“It’s not good to ignore your real-life friends, don’t you think?”

In doing so, my sister widely opened her eyes. Then she looked away and bit her lips.

“You don’t have to tell me something I know very well. Lately, Ayase has been a little angry about this….”

Apparently, she knew what she was doing.

While inside, I began to feel somewhat relieved. Since I understood that my sister was not a complete fool.

“Well, if everything continues like this, then I won’t have any problems.”

“In that case, don’t worry. After all, I love the Eroge as much as I like my friends; it is one of your favorite phrases, isn’t it? Don’t forget it.”

I had just said something so wrong as to laugh, but... definitely, it was something that simply could not be ignored so easily.

“Sure ... I understand ….”


Kirino remained silent for a moment. Then she began to speak in a low voice.

“Do you know...?”


Almost as if she had made a decision, Kirino raised her head and gave me the game.

“I think I’ll lend you this game for a while.”

“Ehh...? Why would you do something like that...?”

“I-it’s just like... right now I’m really engaged into Love Touch game, and if I have it with me, I won’t be able to stand the urge not to play it..., and I’d like to talk to other people... who have played the game….”

“I can’t hear you! What did you say?”

“Enough! I’m going to lend it to you! During today, you have to make her your girlfriend, understand...?!”



Regretting that my sister had forced me to play Love Touch, I went to my room. I closed the door firmly, and with some distaste, I looked at the game’s packaging. A similar expression to the one I made when I found the packaging of the"Stardust Witch Meruru” game a year ago. On the cover, Ayaka could be seen along with two other heroines.

On the back, next to the explanation and information about the game, I could see a phrase that said: It also includes a yandere route.


To be honest, I have no interest in any route at all. But... a strong man like me, who had previously been forced by his sister to play certain Eroges, was already used to something like this.

Besides, I had managed to keep this game out of Kirino’s hands, just as I had promised Ayase, half my work was almost done, right?

If they come to reconcile, everything will go to perfection; if it came to be necessary, I would only have to return to help them with their thing.

Hmmm... well, that being the case...

“I know very well that it doesn’t look interesting, but….”

I lay down on my bed. I raised my arms, carrying the game in my hands.

“Well, I think I’ll give it a try.”

On Sunday, very early in the morning. My room was plunged into darkness. I could hear the sparrows screeching. The sun’s rays slightly entered my room through the space between the closed curtains.

I found myself squatting and hunched over on the floor playing Love Touch.

How many hours had I stayed and continued to play the game? I can’t even remember. A piece of relaxing background music was echoing inside my room. In front of me was my imaginary girlfriend Ayaka-chan... who, with a sweet voice, whispered.

Ayaka: ...Kyousuke-Kun. Have I told you that I love you?

“How can you say something like that at this point….”

I was entirely at the feet of the Love Touch game... no, I’m wrong, I was at the feet of Ayaka-chan.

Tch... It’s really an exciting game...!

I think this game is far superior to all the other games that Kirino has recommended to me so far...!

Ayaka: ... Don’t tell me you hate me…?

“Of course not! I…I love you...! I love you...!”

I was utterly immersed in the"date” for which I was enormously excited.


It was at that moment, where I could hear a sound coming from behind me.

Eh...? What was that sound?

I turned to look with a suspicious expression as I was suddenly disturbed during my date with Ayaka-chan.

As I did so, I observed Manami, my childhood friend, who had dropped her backpack and was standing there staring at me in amazement.


“Ugh... Manami?! How long have you been there?! How did you get in...?!”

“Since a moment ago... Yesterday you promised me that we’d go and play today, didn’t you?! Geez! That’s what you get for not paying attention to other people! Are you out of your mind...?!”

“Hey! Can you not say terrible things like that once in a while?!”

“Muuh... This is your fault, Kyou-chan! What’s that game you’ve been playing for time? Why are you talking to the game?”

“Yo-you mean this...?”

You just hit one of the questions I least wanted to hear!

I immediately embraced Ayaka-chan and hid from the sight of that rude childhood friend.

“It’s nothing! Better said, this has nothing to do with you! Stay away! Shu, Shu!”

As I asked her to leave the room with my hand, Manami strangely made an angry expression.

“Fuh... Hmpf! Are you sure about that? I’m really pissed off! I don’t even know what I’m capable of now!”

“Hee... I don’t care! Do what you have to do! It’s not like I’m afraid of you just because you’re angry!”

Although she’s terrified when she’s angry... to tell you the truth, in a typical little daily discussion, I’ve never been able to get Manami to be angry.


“Sure, see you later….”

Showing great confidence in myself, I said those farewell words to Manami.

And as a result,

“Onii-san! I heard something about you! Is it true that you were elated with the heroine of that game? I think your strategy didn’t end up going your way and instead affected you!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Damn it! That Manami! Of all people to say that to Ayase...?!

“I TOLD YOU THAT YOU’RE WRONG! This has an even deeper meaning.”

“Shut up! It won’t do you any good to make excuses, you pervert!”

I had been called by Ayase to the park near my house, not for a reward... but for a scolding.

“I told you to listen to me! I’m analyzing that game! I’m doing it for you!”

“What?! How dare you say such nonsense?!”

“After all, Kirino was taken from you by the heroine of that game, wasn’t she?”


It’s working! I have to keep insisting!

She pulled her hair back from her forehead and said, “Hmpf.”

“That’s right... People say, “Know your enemy, know yourself, and you will have no suffering in a single battle.” Not that I was completely caught up in that game, you know? I was this deep into the game for the sake of researching the game. Hey, Ayase... Don’t you think it’s worth for while to hear more about what I want to talk to you about in my room?”


Ayase spent a moment thinking lovingly about what I said to her...

“I understand... I will listen to you... all for the sake of Kirino.”

And that’s how I managed to get Ayase into my room.

“I-I want to make it clear to you... Just because we’re alone in your room... don’t try to do anything strange, okay?”

“Not at all.”

I answered in a good way. While Ayase, she bit her lips, denoting some dissatisfaction.

“God...! Why do you seem to be having so much fun...? It’s suspicious.”

However, when I put Kirino as an excuse for this, she agreed to come to my place... although it’s not something, I should tell her who brought her here.

“This was so easy; I think you should start to worry…."

“Hey? Did you say something?”

“No, I didn’t say anything.”

I had tried to play a joke on her. But, just like Kirino yesterday, I took the cell phone in one hand, moving it back and forth, and showed it to Ayase.

“Ta-dah! This game is called Love Touch!



Please, Ayase-san... Could you stop looking at me with that cold and indifferent look? It seems as if she is about to awaken a strange inclination.


After hawking, I regained my composure.

“There is something I have realized while playing it.”

“What is it?”

“Well, you see…."

I started playing the game and got Ayaka-chan to start talking.

Ayaka: Hi! I’m Ayaka! I’m counting on you for today!

“The heroine that Kirino created is entirely similar for you.”

“Hee...? Heee...?”

“Hee...? That’s your reaction?”

“How am I supposed to react then...?!”

You are right.

It’s already a big deal that I told you she looks like her.

“W-wait... Does she look that much like me...?”

“I already told you that she does. Both her appearance and her voice. Look!”

I started flirting with the heroine in her room, and the “Love Touch Mode” was activated.

And so...

“You touch the screen, and when you feel the heroine….”


I had gently touched Ayaka-chan’s breasts.

Ayaka: Hyaa! Noo...! You’re a pervert... Kyousuke-Kun...! Where do you think you’re touching me...?

“And that’s what it is going on….”

“But what do you think you’re doing all of a sudden...?”

Wow! I had been struck by her.

“Aah! I just wanted you to see that she’s really like you!”

“Why is it necessary for you to make that character who looks like me let out those perverted voices?! It’s more than enough to make her talk, isn’t it!?”




Exclaimed Ayase as her face reddened, and she said she was upset.

I only moved my neck back and forth in disapproval and extended both hands.

“Haa... Each and every day, you always do the same thing... every two words I say immediately, you exclaim something like: “I’ll call the police”, “Die, pervert” ...what do you think I am?”


After seeing the beautiful Ayase from head to toe, I exclaimed:



“Whatever the case, I just wanted to show you what this game was all about, Ayase.”

“Now you act as nothing happened? What do you want to show me...?”

“I wanted you to see how similar she is to you, Aragaki Ayaka, the heroine of this game.”

“I want to remind you that it won’t help if you try to ignore all the sexual harassment you just did to me a moment ago!”

“You’re still at it? Anyway, why don’t we think of a strategy to get Kirino back from Aragaki Ayaka-chan?”

“Do you have any ideas in mind?”

“I think so….”

I crossed my arms with great confidence as Ayase looked at me with her eyes closed.

“I have a very bad feeling about this.”

“Just listen to me. This heroine really looks like you. But the real question is, why is Kirino ignoring you, but is she really goofy with the girl in the game? I’ve been researching that in my own way, you know? Sure, playing this game with my whole being!”

“And that’s how you became a total pervert who likes to whisper things like I love you into the game.”

“Leave that stuff aside. So... after playing it, I understood from the bottom of my heart that Ayaka-chan, the heroine of this game Love Touch, is almost like the closest thing to a Bride. All because using your looks and sweet voice, I could hear her whispering my love for me!”

Ayase’s expression changed entirely to a look of disgust after listening to me.

“That’s disgusting!”

“Listen to what others have to say until the end! In short, you could say that Kirino sees that female character as if she were her partner of the opposite sex. SOMETHING LIKE THAT! Besides, Kirino loves you very much, Ayase!

“Isn’t that why you’ll really find this game fun?”

Ayase leaned forward and exclaimed.


“Not even I could have imagined something like that. Of course not!”

After receiving a scolding, with a hesitant voice, Ayase exclaimed:

“Then what do you mean?”

“You see, what you just said has a totally different meaning. To begin with, you don’t have to go that far. It would be enough if you could remember the character’s phrases and actions so that you could show them to Kirino, which could make her happy!”

“Now I understand... You have a point.”

“So, now it’s your turn.”

Next, I lent the game to Ayase. She stared at the heroine too much like her and babbled.

“That means I have to... take this game as a reference... learn the phrases and actions... and practice them, right...?”

“That’s right. How about we get a good start? Why don’t we repeat some scenes in order of departure? We’ll start with going to school in the morning.”

Ayaka: Oh, Kyousuke-Kun!

“I’ll explain. This heroine always comes to pick up the main character from his house every morning.”

“That’s something I can imitate. Wait... But I’m already doing that with Kirino every morning!”

“Ah! That’s right!”

Are you Kirino’s girlfriend?

“In that case, why don’t you try to imitate her lines?”

“What phrase?”

“Something like that….”

Ayaka: I am Ayaka! Let’s go together!

Ayaka: ... Huh? I…I just... wanted to see you as soon as possible, Kyousuke-Kun... Ehehe...

I couldn’t help but smile when I heard a phrase like that.

“Fufufu... What do you think? Nice, isn’t it? Why do you have such a cold look on your face?”

“Nothing special…”

“Well, then try saying it. Of course, now you will use your name. Three, two, one….”


“Three, two, one….”

As I encouraged her for the second time, Ayase began reading with a stunned expression on her face.

“I’m Ayase! Let’s go together! ... eh...? I’ll just... wanted to see you as soon as possible, Kyousuke-Kun... Ehehe... S-something like that...?”

“It seems like you don’t feel like it! What’s wrong with you?!”

“To be honest, I almost feel like throwing up. Being in a situation like this where I have to tell you a sentence like that is simply too complicated for me, Onii-san.”

Ugh... being told something like that is going to make me cry.

“Ah... I’m sorry... you don’t have to say my name in that case….”


“OK, now we’ll go for the next one. Try to include all your feelings in it, okay?”

“I’ll try to do that.”

I started playing the game, and I had Ayaka-chan say a phrase that Ayase should imitate.

Ayaka: This... you know... I... have always been in love with you, Kyousuke-Kun...

Ayaka: I think... I can’t live without you anymore...

Ayaka: I love you... I love you so much...


With a massive smile on my face, I clapped my hands.

“Well, go ahead. 3, 2, 1….”


As Ayase watched me, I could see them reddening up to their ears.

“This... you know...? I…”


“I... this... for a long, long time….”


“I’ve been….”

“So, so…”


Being in the same place, Ayase turned incredibly fast and kicked me very hard in the face.

Without even giving me time to let out a scream in pain, Ayase immediately approached me and screamed in exasperation.

“You’re the worst! Even though you told me you wouldn’t sexually harass me again...! No, I’m not going to ask you for anything anymore, Onii-san! I’ll ask someone else for advice! Hmpf! Don’t ever talk to me on the phone again, you pervert! Drop-dead...!”

After making a big fuss, she left the room.

“Ugh... it hurts, it hurts, it hurts….”

Even while lying on the ground, I kept holding the pain in my cheek with my hand.

How come every time I talk to her, I end up getting a little cocky and talking to her like that? I always end up regretting it once I calm down...

“Ugh... Huh? Did she go and take the Love Touch game with her...?”

What do I do...? That game is Kirino’s...

I’ll ask someone else for advice!

“She told me that, but... Who the hell is she going to ask for advice from...?”

After having left the Kousaka family’s house, Ayase had arrived at the Tamura family home. Little by little, it had become a habit for her to talk to Manami, the Kousaka brothers’ childhood friend.

She was in Manami’s room, located on the second floor of the Tamura family home, which had a pleasant and endearing aroma.

Ayase and Manami sat facing each other. With a voice that sounded like it was about to burst into tears, Ayase began to speak to a trusted Onee-san.

“Listen to me, please, Onee-san! I, I…”

“What’s wrong, Ayase-chan? Calm down!!!, you can tell me anything….”

“I... I… Just a few moments ago... I was running away from Onii-san’s house because he sexually harassed me….”

Manami was startled at the place where she was.

“Se-se-se-sexual H-h-h-harass...?! What do you mean?!”

“The truth is….”

Ayase began to explain the details about Kyousuke’s suspicious behavior and everything that happened in his room.

As she did so, Manami sighed heavily...

“Oooh... Ah... now I understand. That’s what you meant... I was really scared when you told me he sexually harassed you!”

Manami changed the angry look in her expression.

“But I think Kyou-chan is to blame... it’s wrong that he was happy to make you say those phrases, Ayase-chan... I swear I’ll make sure he gets a good punishment!”

“I’m counting on you, Onee-san!”

“Of course, leave it to me! By the way, that thing you have in your hand, is it that game...?”

Ayase was sitting on her knees on a cushion. She placed the game in front of her knees.

“That’s right. It’s that cursed game that has driven Kirino and Onii-san crazy.”

“Cursed game...?”

“Hmpf... we’d better break it up. Let’s get rid of this game... I don’t mean this cursed game.”

“No! That’s not right! That game from Kirino isn’t it?!”

As soon as she realized what Manami had told her, Ayase bit her lips.

“You’re right... So, I guess there’s no choice but to do that.”

“What thing?”

“Isn’t it obvious? We’ll have to practice the nice phrases of the game, take them as references and deal with them both that way!”


“I hate to admit it, but... I think what Onii-san told me to do makes some sense.”

“It’s true! I don’t want this device to be the one that takes away your beloved Onii-san, Onee-san! It’s something I definitely don’t want to happen!”

“Hey...?! What are you saying, Ayase-chan? There’s no relationship between Kyousuke and me like that, you know!”

With a highly red face, Manami turned both of her hands in complete denial.

Although, clearly, Ayase could not easily believe her words.

“Hmpf. But, but... if Onee-san would dare to show him her essence and practice those beautiful phrases, surely Onii-san will be able to realize your charms and will easily be able to attract, right?”

Hearing that, Manami unexpectedly behaved a little embarrassed and did not seem to dislike that strategy at all...

“Do you think I can do it...?”

“Of course! With great ease!”

“Really...? Will it really be easy for me...? Ehehe... I think I’ll try to do it….”


That was easy, Onee-san. Ayase thought.

“In that case, let’s get started. Let’s mimic that Fujisaki Ayaka! We’ll start with your special training!”

“I’ll do my best!”

The next morning.

As I left my house to go to school... unexpectedly someone was waiting at my door...

“Kyou-chan, good morning.”

“Uuh? Ma-Manami...?”

Faced with something as surprising as that appearance, I had no choice but to let any expression come out.

Manami was looking to the side as she was embarrassed,

“This... ahem... I can do it...! This... I’m Manami, let’s go together….”

“Well, I think I have no problem with that, but... Why did you come today to pick me up at my house...? I think it’s good that you wait for me where you always….”

“I just... wanted to see you as soon as possible, Kyou-chan... Ehehe…”

What are you saying...?

“Ma-Manami... What’s wrong with you... I think you’re acting strange today….”

“Heh...? Really...? Fufu... What do you mean I’m acting strange...?”

“You’re too disgusting. Are you okay...?”

I answered directly.

“Disgusting...?! You said I was disgusting...?!”

“Of course! For your childhood friend to suddenly arrive and say something like, I’m Manami! Let’s go together. is something that anyone would immediately doubt! Are you imitating an Eroge or something?”

“You’re so rude! It’s just what Ayase-chan told me….”

“Hey...? What about Ayase...? Ah, don’t tell me...?! Ayase went to ask for advice yesterday... Is that you...?!”

“T-That’s right... K-Kyou-chan, could we move away from here...?”

“Ehh? Why?”

“H-Hurry up, quickly.”


Manami took me by the hand and led me around the corner. As I looked in the direction of my house, I could see the moment when Kirino was leaving the house. And at some point, Ayase was already there.


“Ayase-chan and I had agreed that we would be waiting outside her house for Kyou-chan and Kirino-chan to come out, respectively. If we had stayed there, we could have interrupted their reconciliation.”

“Now I understand.”

After I understood things, I turned to look in the direction of my house again. Then I could see the exact moment when Ayase and Kirino were about to meet.

“Ah, Ayase!”

Kirino’s voice was heard as soon as she saw Ayase.

And then,

“I’m Ayase! Let’s go together!”

Being hidden, I babbled.

She...! She really imitated Ayaka-chan...!

Although clearly, Kirino didn’t realize that this was a phrase from the game 『Love Touch』, she took it as usual.

“Ahh... this... Good morning, Ayase! I’m sorry about the other day! Could you forgive me…?”

“Of course, Kirino! I apologize too! For getting angry about something so trivial!”

They both laughed. As we spied on what they were doing, Manami and I exchanged glances and laughed.

“Did you see, Kyou-chan? As I planned!”

“God... of course, whatever you say.”

“Damn it... the two of them, they really made up so easily. And here I am worried about more….”

“How can you say that when you already feel so relieved about it.”

“Silence. Well, I think everything went well.”

When Manami and I were talking...

“Listen! Listen to this, Kirino!”

“Eh? Of course…”

Suddenly Ayase began to behave somewhat strangely. She raised one of her hands.

“How do you do? I’m Ayase!”

“Huh? I know…”

“Ehehe... it’s just that I wanted to see you as soon as possible, Kirino….”

“Don’t we see each other almost every day...?”


She was an Ayase who was striving entirely in vain.

You should realize the intentions of your friend, Kirino! Poor her!

...That was what I was thinking, but Ayase, who was nervous, raised her face. Her face was completely red, her eyes seemed to be overflowing with many feelings inside her.

“You know, Kirino...?”

At first sight, you could see that her eyes didn’t denote seriousness. Could it be that Kirino had been able to realize something?

“Wha…What happened, Ayase?”

She responded with some hesitation. Ayase placed a hand on her chest and continued talking slowly.

“Do you know...? I... I… I don’t think I can live without you, Kirino!”


Kirino’s and my reaction were the same. Ayase continued to move in the direction she definitely shouldn’t have gone.

“If it’s because of you, Kirino... I…”

Surprised, I opened my eyes,

“I could even get rid of Kanako!”

“Don’t tell me she played the yandere route?!”

I was supposed to be hiding, but I ended up screaming loudly. Wait, Kanako has nothing to do with this! Why do you want to get rid of her?! I don’t understand you at all, Ayase!

“Tell me, Kirino. What do you say we go now and get rid of all those who are interfering with Onii-san’s path?”


My legs started shaking like a newborn deer.

Before my eyes, I could see how Kirino went towards Ayase and energetically agreed with her,

“Wow, I don’t dislike that idea at all!”

Well said, Kirino! Just now, I can see you as an angel for me!

That was the message I had sent to my beloved sister from the shadows.

Almost as if I was expecting something from her, Ayase asked.

“So, Kirino? Don’t you think I’m acting a little different than usual...?”

“More than usual... I’d say unpleasant….”


It was too direct!


Immediately Ayase’s face turned pale.


Asked Kirino, who was perplexed. Ayase closed her eyes tightly, and in an instant...


She turned around and started to leave the place.

“Wait, Ayase! Wait for me….”

This event, named the Love Touch, would be the first trigger of the story’s beginning between Ayase and me.