OREIMO Volume 13 Ayase IF Route Part -1 Chapter 2


Chapter 2:

A month has passed since the 『Love Touch』 incident.

It might seem like a minor accident, but…it seems the relationship between Ayase and Kirino had improved. Although I can’t be fully aware of my sister’s personal relationships...

It’s a great pleasure to have someone you can call a best friend. I just wish the relationship between them would continue in good shape.

By the way, there has been no progress on the “Ayase and my relationship.”

As it always has been, my sister’s beloved best friend still has an image of me as “The most monstrous, incestuous, perverted brother.”

This is unfortunate for me, but to some extent, there were reasons for her to think of me in that way.

Don’t misunderstand me...! The only one I would harass in this whole world would be you... Ayase...!


It is justifiable for her to think of me as a pervert. Because at the end of the day... She’s not wrong at all...

Ayase was supposed to think of me as low-key as a pervert, but...

For some reason, she had recently started asking me for various “advice.” Although most of them had to do with Kirino’s Otaku hobby, she always ended up telling me that she couldn’t talk to anyone else about those matters, and that’s why she came to me.

I wonder if this will go on for a bit longer... If so, I wouldn’t mind if she thought of me as a pervert. I would just like to make up for our relationship. It was my real intention. Why don’t we do something about it...?

After what happened earlier, Ayase had blocked my contact on her cell phone. But... I recently realized she had unblocked me again...

Why is it...?

The fact she has unbocked my contact... will it mean...?

“Call me, please, Onii-san!”

Surely it must be something which she wants to tell.

“Sure...! Wait for me, Ayase-tan!”

Once I had developed such a personal enigma, I dared to call Ayase.


After several attempts, the call finally came through.

“Hello...? This is Aragaki.”

“A-Ayase...? It's me!”


Did she cut the call?!

I immediately redialed her.

BRRRRR... After two attempts, I could finally hear a lovely voice.


“You shouldn’t hang up without even asking the subject of the call!”

“Haa... do you have any business with me?”

“Of course!”

I answered, but... My primary goal was to reconcile with her, so I had no other ideas in mind to tell her specifically.

“Really...? The truth is... I have to talk to you, Onii-san….”

“With me...?”


Ayase didn’t seem to be happy at all. Could it be that she has some problem in her mind...?

Or could it be that...?

“W-What is it...? Are you imagining something strange...?”

Then, to make up for what had been saying before, Ayase answered hesitantly:

“Let me clarify, but... It’s not like I’m going to confess my feelings or anything, Onii-san!”

I haven’t even said anything about it. And you’re already issuing warnings to me?

...And I was so concerned about “this time” because I was thinking about Ayase in a usual way... Despite all the events we have experienced so far... She is undoubtedly a heroine whose popularity is not increasing...

“Why do you keep quiet? Hmpf...! After all, it wasn’t even that important...!”

“Hey... Ayase... Do you hate me…?”

“Haaahhh...? Ooooo-of course I do...! Don’t you remember what you did to me...?!”

I helped you with some advice…!?

“I have dealt with your sexual harassment even more!”

This ill-tempered personality of Ayase is one of her most charming points.

You may think it’s a huge mistake on her part, it’s a little scary, but something inside me was glad to see this side of her.

“So, it means you hate me, right, Ayase...?”

“Yes...! B-Because you are… The disgusting otaku who dragged Kirino along in his horrible tastes” and the perverted brother who loves his little sister!!!”

“Aahh... I’m sorry.”

I had forgotten all about it since we have been talking a lot lately among ourselves.


Ayase remained silent for a while. I felt a sigh indicating a regret of her in my ear. At that moment, I decided to change the subject of conversation.

“Well, how about we get on with business now?”

“Are you done with your thing, Onii-san?”

“Of course, don’t worry. I just wanted to get along better with you, even if it’s a little more.”


“Well... Just as you have something you want to talk to me about, I have something I want to talk to you about.”

“R-Really...? To be honest, I have no interest in getting along with you, Onii-san.”

Please don’t be so direct!

“That topic was enough. Now listen to me.”

“Ah... okay.”

Ayase’s impression seemed to indicate that she simply could not accept the previous statement. Despite this, she hesitantly began to speak.

“To be honest... There is something I want to consult with you, Onii-san….”

“I see... Leave it to me. You can ask me anything.”

I answered quickly and energetically. Then Ayase replied, looking somewhat embarrassed.

“Ehh...? R-Really...? How can you accept it so easily...? If I haven’t even told you what it’s about….”

“You probably hate me, but... I really like you.”


“No matter what your request is, I will accept it.”

“Surely you talk like this to every girl...! It means you’re planning to do something strange again, right...?”

“I don’t know if it’s something strange, but I’m definitely planning something!”

“Just as I thought!”

“I planned to accept any request you made to me, so you could change your perspective towards me, even a little bit!”


Yessss...! I’ve done it. I am sure Ayase will fall in love with me.

“Fuh... Fuh... I wonder how you can say embarrassing phrases like that without even hesitating….”

Huh...? How strange... She didn’t fall over at my feet... As expected of Ayase, it’s not so easy to make her fall... It wouldn’t make sense for Ayase to change her perspective on me with just a few simple words like the previous one. Although what I said a moment ago was not a lie.

“Anyway, why don’t you tell me?”

“Sure... Lately, I’ve been feeling that Kirino is acting very cold to me….”

“Haha, I knew you’d say something like that. The concerns you have in your mind always have to do with Kirino, after all.”

“You have a problem?”

“Not at all. In fact, I appreciate it.”

“I’d like to know more about it. Perhaps we could meet somewhere….”

“In that case... Let’s meet in the same old park.”

“In the park, hmmm?”

If Ayase wants to talk to me, she always asks me to meet her at the park near my house.

“In the back of that park, there’s a police station. So you won’t try anything strange to me, Onii-san!”

“Haha, I won’t!”

Damn it... She didn’t truly trust me.

And that’s how I met Ayase in the park near my house. Do you remember? That place where Kirino made an impressive appearance. Ayase and I were standing face to face in the same position back then.

“So... What do you think, Onii-san? Do you think Kirino has been avoiding me…?”

“I think it’s your imagination.”

“It’s not true! Today I invited her to go home together, but she rejected me saying she had something to do... Don’t you have any clue why she is acting like this, Onii-san?”

I can’t think of anything...

“Isn’t it because you said something about getting rid of Kanako last time…”

Didn't Kirino get too scared?

“Ah, that was a joke! And she figured it out too!”

“Oh, I see. Hmm... I wonder what it is….”

I thought for a moment about it. Suddenly I realized something on my mind.

Or, instead, I remembered something.

“Ah, I think I already know.”

“Do you have an idea in your mind, Onii-san?”

“Today is Friday.”

“Does Kirino do anything special on Fridays? Does she go to any special school lessons?”

“Well, the same old thing. I just noticed it, but most of the game is released on Thursdays. So she’s probably sitting in her room right now playing with all the games she bought yesterday.”

“Uh...Um... And what does that mean...?”

“I think it happened again the same as before. Kirino wants to play with her new games and probably refused to go with you for that reason.”

I could observe how a ‘#’ was drawn on Ayase’s forehead for an instant.

“So, does it mean Kirino cares more about the newly released games than me?”

“No, not at all!”

At least let her play with those newly released games! Isn’t it almost the same development during the 『Love Touch』 incident? It seems neither Kirino, nor Ayase, nor I have matured...

Ayase bit her lips and then complained;

“Doesn’t she understand that the female characters in the games won’t come out of the screen?!”

“Maybe you are not wrong, but don’t tell Kirino, understand?”

After all, if you do, the two of you will end up fighting.

“Hmmm... If it was me, I would do anything for Kirino….”

Ayase has not changed; she is still as dangerous as ever. Well, it just proves how much she cares about Kirino.

“Whatever the case, calm down first. If you don’t mind, I can help you.”

“I…I appreciate you always helping me….”

Ayase thanked me while crying.

“I think... You are the only one I can talk to about this advice for Kirino, Onii-san….”

“I told you many times. No problem at all. I always say it, don’t I? Since I really like you, Ayase.”

“A-again with such trivial phrases...?”

Ayase’s cheeks turned red. And almost as if she were blaming me, she turned her gaze on me.

“I’m sure that’s what you tell all the girls, isn’t it?”

“You’re the only one I tell, except for Kirino.”


“I’m not lying.”

Although I don’t mean it to Kirino...

“L-Like I care...!”

Ayase quickly turned her head sideways. Looks like she feels disgusted.

Again, I succeeded in getting Ayase to come to my room.

“This is the second time you’ve come to my room, isn’t it?”

“You are right... I thought I would never come again.”

Ayase had come to my room to ask for my advice, saying she no longer cared much about the previous 『Love Touch』 incident in which Kirino kept talking to Ayaka-chan, the heroine of the game.

By the way, last time, Ayase got terribly angry in the middle of the conversation and ended up leaving my room furiously. Although, it could say she hasn’t learned her lesson, since she has come back to ask my advice despite all the above.

“Tell me, Ayase. I think we failed in the above strategy because we had done too many unnecessary things.”

“What do you mean?”

“Last time, you and Kirino talked to each other, and finally, you were able to reconcile, right?”


“That’s why we are following the same concept for this case. I’m going to call Kirino, so make sure you talk to her properly and reconcile with her.”


“That’s the best option. You guys are best friends, aren’t you?”

“Y-Yes, we are!”

Ayase nodded affirmatively.

“It’s almost impossible for you to misunderstand each other if you don’t talk to each other. Am I wrong?”

“Not at all... You’re right... In that case...”

And, just when Ayase agreed to my idea...


A sound coming through the wall.


“Huh?! Is that Kirino’s voice...?”

“Ahhh! Fuii! Hioyoyo! This is great...! Too cool and...! Too erotic...!”

“Ugh...! How can you do something like this just because our parents aren’t around, Kirino...?!”

How can you keep playing an Eroge with your headphones on...? This was my mistake... I should have guessed what Kirino would be doing today and still...!

“This... Onii-san?”

“Huh? What's wrong?”

“What is Kirino doing at the moment...?”

“What is she doing...? I already told you, didn’t I? Probably playing her new games.

I have tried to trick her for the sake of my little sister.

“Her new games...?”

Ayase turned her despising gaze to the place where Kirino’s voice was heard.

“Defuuuh...! This is great! Fuiii... Fuiii...! She finally let out a strange little laugh filled with Moe...!”


This is bad... The distance between the two of them will increase if it continues like this...

Even though she is my sister; the attitude of a filthy otaku she is showing now is really embarrassing. Surely, she would have never imagined that beside her room, there is none other than but Ayase listened her erotic voices.



Uuh... This is bad...

“T-Tell me, Onii-san.”

“Huh? W-What do you need...?”

“Why... does Kirino... like... that kind... of... erotic... games?”

That’s... A question that involved many explanations. And at the same time, I felt it was a question I definitely had to answer honestly.

“Well... you see...”

Finally, after hesitating for a moment... I responded in the same way I had done before.

“As I had told you before. Because it is the bond of love between Kirino and me.”

Although it may look like the bond has been forgotten on many occasions. But, that ideology should not be overlooked.

Ayase’s understanding of me is A perverted brother who loves his little sister.

However, this is precisely why Ayase has insisted that I help her to solve whatever is related to Kirino and her otaku hobby.

“I sincerely cannot tolerate Kirino’s Otaku hobby.”

“Even now, I still think it is a disgusting hobby.”

“But the fact that this is entirely his perverted big brother’s fault, and it is a point which is out of the question.”

“I have to protect Kirino.”

That’s what I think...

Many things have happened since then; even now, Ayase has forgiven Kirino a little bit for her Otaku hobby.

However, to reveal the truth to her now is too early, isn’t it? Perhaps before Ayase actually accepts Kirino’s hobby entirely over time even if she thinks evil of me.

That’s what I had decided.

“You are lying, aren’t you...?”


What did you just say...?

“Although I can’t say for sure how much you lied to me.”

Staring at my eyes, Ayase said:

“Now I can understand... that you can stain yourself to help Kirino and me.”

In her eyes, I could see the tears building up.

“And, regardless of all that... I took advantage of your kindness... I made you look bad... And I cheated my heart... Onii-san...”

I mean, who would have thought she would have realized that I was lying...

“I had always thought of apologizing to you. But I just couldn’t do it...”


“I’m really sorry!”

“Ah! Th-This...”

Ayase bowed her head enormously.

What does this mean? I thought hazily.

If I let her stay in that position, I’ll surely give her a terribly bad time. That’s what I thought when I saw Ayase bowing her head.

Fuuh... I let out a big sigh.

“When did you realize...?”

“The day I reconciled with Kirino. Just when I was returning home.”

He’s probably like that, was what I immediately realized when I sent you the message, Onii-san.”

To Onii-san, the big liar.

Thanks to you, I was able to reconcile with Kirino. Although it doesn’t mean I have entirely accepted her hobby. For the moment, I have decided my thinking will not change until we manage to overcome our conflicts. But I will never give up! I assure you I will save Kirino from your clutches! I will never lose to you!

PS. If you do something strange to Kirino, I will kill you.

“I see...”

I had understood what Ayase wanted to tell me, and by remembering that message, ...I could see the complicated problems in her mind showing up on her face.

“But are you serious?”

I said ambiguously. Ayase smiled nonchalantly and responded.

“Yes, I finally realized... I can’t keep lying to myself anymore.”

“I see...”

“I am so sorry. I have always done a lot of bad things to you, Onii-san.”

“Don’t worry. It is something I did because I wanted to. There’s no need to worry.”

On the contrary, I should apologize too.

“I’m sorry I lied to you all this time.”


DAP... A small tear had fallen from Ayase’s eyes.

“And I really hate...lies...”

In contrast, she smiled, signifying happiness.

“Although... such lies as these... are necessary, aren’t they?”

And that’s how the misunderstanding between Ayase and me was finally resolved. Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought. Even the tiniest trigger is capable of drastically changing relationships between people.

I can say this because, previously, the same thing happened in the relationship between Kirino and me. This moment was probably a turning point for me to restart the relationship between Ayase and myself.

The next day...

“Good morning, Onii-san.”

“What’s up? Come in.”

Ayase had come to my house again. To continue with the “advice” that couldn’t be completed because Kirino spent the whole day yesterday playing her Eroges.

“I’m sorry, I think Kirino came out for now.”

“Ah... I see...”

“Why don’t you wait for a moment?”

I went to the living room with Ayase.

“Once Kirino returns, it will be best if you finally talk to each other today.”

“Sure. But, before that...”

Immediately before arriving at the living room, Ayase said:

“Can you answer the question you avoided yesterday...?”

“The question I avoided yesterday...?”

“Why does Kirino... like erotic games so much...?”

That bond of love between siblings was a lie, wasn’t it...?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

If everything I told you was true, you’d be in big trouble.

“The truth is even I don’t understand why.”

I answered honestly.

“I even asked Kirino once...”

“I…I don’t even know!!!”

“What do you mean by you don’t know? It’s your hobby after all, isn’t it...?”

“I…I already told you I don’t know... I really don’t know... It just happened suddenly and I started to like them...”

“It was what she told me.”

“Do you think she is not lying?”

“Huh? I think there was no reason she would have lied to me at that time.”

“I see...”

Ayase closed her eyes, looking thoughtful. The look on her face showed she could not accept it.

“Tell me... Onii-san.”

Ayase lifted her head and called out in a loud voice.

“I would like to... understand Kirino’s hobbies.”


To understand them, huh?

“Could you help me...?”

That was a really unexpected request.

“But... you are still against Kirino’s hobbies, aren’t you?”

“Yes, although... If possible, I would like to overcome such an idea that I have on my mind.”

I think it’s something very complicated... Actually, I really think it’s something too complex.

“I would like to have... some “similar conversation topic” with Kirino.”

Ayase said with a severe tone.

“And the thing is... what worries me is... Kirino is really involved in these games, even though she can’t understand why...”


It didn’t look like she was lying. However, neither did it seem like she was showing her true intentions. Probably, what really concerns Ayase is...

“Can Kirino make friends...?”

“My nickname is... Kuroneko!”

“I am Saori Vageena.”

That’s probably it, isn’t it?

Well, anyway... It’s already clear what I have to do.


Ayase was looking at me cautiously with her eyes turned upwards. I turned to her and tapped my chest, and said;

“I understand! Leave it to me!”

Then she replied:


So, I took Ayase to my room with the responsibility in mind to accept the request and life advice of my sister’s best friend. Well, a moment ago, I had obtained what I wanted from Kirino’s room when we snuck in. The preparations were already more than ready, and I immediately mentioned what I had in mind.

“Let’s play this game, Ayase!”


Indeed, what I had shown Ayase was...

“It’s the game Kirino was playing yesterday!”


Ayase covered her face with her hands eagerly. She tried to watch a little bit from the opening of her fingers...

“That’s not an erotic game...?!”

“Yes, it is!”

I accepted the fact quickly.

“Just as I thought! What are you thinking about, you pervert?! I’m-I’m calling the police!”

“Huh? What does this mean...? Didn’t you tell me you wanted to get over the idea you had in mind...?”

“Tch... I indeed said that... I said that but...”

Ayase said, her cheeks turning red as she glanced at the game package. Ayase’s beautiful blushing face was even more erotic than the heroine illustrated on the game package. I can’t tell her that, though!?

“It’s all right to act a little embarrassed, just sit next to me and see how I play.”

“Of course, I’m super embarrassed!”

“In that case, why don’t we try another method... Although this may be a bit complicated for you...”


Ayase turned her head down and bit her lips in frustration.


It was expected Ayase would act this way since even I felt the same way when Kirino made me play one of her erotic games.

“I think there is no other way...”

I let out a big sigh...

“We will be playing the version for all ages.”

“If you had something like that, you should have taken it out from the beginning!”

Ayase basically said the same thing I did at “that time.”

“You don’t understand...”

I slowly moved my fingers in denial.

“Even if it’s the same game in its all-ages version... it’s just not the same up to a point, you know...”

“Heee... really...?”

If I told you what Kirino once told me, surely Ayase wouldn’t listen to me.

“Well... let’s start again...”

I’ll tell you a little about the new game I bought. This game is 『Sister x Sister』 (for all ages). This game is the predecessor Kirino was playing yesterday called 『Sister x Sister』 Dinasty Legends.

Previously, Kirino...

“The all-ages version of 『Sis x Sis』is out! I have to buy it now!”

“The content of the game is the same, right?”

“They’ve added the gameplay of “Asahi-chan”, a new heroine!”

“Didn’t you ever say something like: “just adding one heroine is useless”, or something like that...?”

“That’s a different subject; it has nothing to do with this!”

“Of course, of course...”

“Once I finish the game, I’ll lend it to you, so make sure you play it!”

And, that’s what she told me.

“There will be no erotic scenes, so take it as a “beginner’s version”, so you can understand Kirino’s hobby, Ayase.”


“Okay, then let’s get started.”

I made loud applause. But doing that, Ayase was staring at me instead of clapping.

“Sounds like fun, right?”

“We’ll see... I’m going to start.”.

“I-I understand... I’m ready now. Although I’m a little embarrassed...”

Ayase looks too pretty when she is embarrassed. Uuuh... I’M EXCITED!

“H-Here I go...”

I clicked on the game icon on my PC desktop. After the developer’s logo appeared, the game’s menu could be seen on the screen. Then, a sweet, high-pitched loli voice was heard.




This is too embarrassing to see. I had completely forgotten about all this after thinking about how beautiful Ayase was looking embarrassed. Somewhat, my common sense had been lost because of my younger sister’s fault.

Who would have thought one day I would be playing a game of beautiful girls (based on an eroge) for all ages along with Ayase...?

Why, on my own, did I take the initiative and end up in a complicated situation like this... Am I stupid?

“What's wrong, Onii-san? Why don’t you play...”

“Ah, right...”

She seems to be completely prepared. I can’t tell her at this point something like, what if we drop it here?

“W-Well, let’s get started. I’ll teach you how to play, so you can play too.”


At first, I told Ayase to sit in the chair, and I stood next to her. Usually, it is how to watch the game when Kirino plays. That’s how, with no further delay, I let Ayase play the game.

Indeed, I don’t need to explain it at this point, but this is an adventure game with a ubiquitous structure; it has scenarios in the background, the characters are mainly positioned on the screen, and there is a message window at the bottom.

The story’s beginning in this game is located exactly when the protagonist “Ayase” (it’s a man, but that’s how we named the character) meets his unseen younger sister again.

『Ayase: It seems there is a younger sister. Although, not only one of them but there were two. My parents had divorced a long time ago; at that time, my mother took me with her, and my father took my sisters with him. Since then, we have been distant. I didn’t know anything about their existence until my mother told me about it when she returned to the house after my father’s funeral. 』

『Mother: They are your sisters, Ayase. They will live with you in this house from today, so get along with them. 』

『Ayase: I don’t even know what I should do, you telling me something like so suddenly and now it becomes complicated... 』

I couldn’t be more confused by a fact like that.

At that moment, Rinko appears on the screen. In contrast to all her beauty, she was moody and had her arms crossed.

『Rinko: Is he, my brother...? This can’t be true...! 』

Later, “Miyabi”, one of the sisters, appears on the screen. Her character’s impression is that of being a beautiful neat girl. And, unlike Rinko, she arrived with a smile on her face.

『Miyabi: I hope I get along with you, Onii-san! 』

『Ayase: What will happen now...? 』

After observing all this, Ayase said:

“I think Rinko... is a nice girl...”

“Huh? Do you really think that...?”

To tell you the truth, I don’t like the character of Rinko at all. Although I don’t understand why...

“I think it looks a bit like... Kirino...”

“I understand...”

I wouldn’t want to go her route!

Well... It seems this game is about a romance between the two heroines who are sisters: “Rinko, the rude and arrogant one” and “Miyabi, the sensitive and kind one.” I want to emphasize that I played the “Miyabi Route” with Kirino, but... to be honest, it was a somewhat complicated game to play since I have a younger sister. While I was thinking about that, the game kept going, and I could see the scene of the first contact with Rinko, the arrogant sister.

『Ayase: Uh... can I call you... Rinko-chan...? 』

『Rinko: How unpleasant... Don’t talk to me as if we know each other so well... 』

『Ayase: Uh... well... what if... 』

『Rinko: Stop talking! You irritate me too much. Are you an idiot? 』

『Ayase: What...? 』


I let out a small sigh.

“Well, now as I think about it, this looks like...”

“Doesn’t it? It is a game that seems interesting. I think I judged these games without trying them out before...”

Ayase seemed happy to be playing, unlike me, who was puzzled to some extent.

“Ayase... Does it make you happy to be talked to in such a rude way...?”

“Well... isn’t it adorable in some way...?”

“You have a serious mental problem...”

I was trembling. On the other hand, before Rinko’s complaints and rudeness, the “choices” for the protagonist began to appear on the screen.

① Lower your attitude!

② Resist, resist her attitude...

“Well, now choose the first option Ayase.”

“No, I should choose the second one.”

Despite my opinion, Ayase chose the second option. Rinko crossed her arms and looked up at the man with some arrogance.

『Rinko: Who would imagine you wouldn’t be angry after I said all of the above? You’re pathetic. 』

Impressive, she said a phrase that could be similar to Kirino! Now Ayase has to say something like: “And what do you suggest I do about it...?”

『Ayase: And, what do you suggest I do about it...? 』

It seems as if the main character has read my mind; he has said what I thought! After saying, the bitch Rinko laughed sarcastically, and...

『Rinko: How about you die? After all, it wouldn’t do any good for someone like you to stay alive, am I wrong? 』

『Ayase: Wh-What are you saying...? How can you say something like that to me? Did I do something wrong to you? 』

『Rinko: … 』

『Ayase: We’ll live together from now on, won’t we? Being so… 』

『Rinko: Shut up! You’re just a stranger, don’t act like you’re my real brother...』

At that moment, Ayase stopped progressing in the game... And, she kept staring at Rinko.


Will she be angry...? When I thought about it, just as I was about to ask her, Ayase suddenly said;

“Onii-san! Onii-san!”

“What happened?”

“You told me there was another version which wasn’t for all ages, right?”

“What? This time I’m calling the police!”

The otaku essence in her has woken up or something? As I stared at Ayase’s strange and sudden behavior from the sidelines, the game continued to advance.

Surprisingly, really, impressively... Ayase liked the game. Although, for me, this game is really complicated. To begin with, it is really impossible for a person who has sisters to yearn for a character who has characteristics of a younger sister. I just can’t understand the feelings of those people who can smile when doing perverted things with little sister characters...

I made Ayase move forward in the game. The main character, who just now had a fight with Rinko, had been called by her younger sister “Miyabi.” As he looked up, Miyabi’s eyes were full of tears.

『Miyabi: Forgive her, Onii-chan. Don’t be angry at Rinko. 』

『Ayase: Hmm, you asking me something like that is… 』

『Miyabi: I assure you, like you, Rinko is also pleased to meet you, Onii-chan… 』

『Ayase: Really? 』

『Miyabi: Of course. She is a very shy person. 』

There was a beautiful and bright smile on her face, unlike a younger sister I know... In fact, I let out a small laugh in front of a charming attitude that I observed from the side of the screen.

“Fufuh... fufuh...”

『Ayase: Shy...? It didn’t seem like it at all… 』

『Miyabi: You know, Onii-chan? I’m glad I met you. So I think Rinko feels the same way too. After all, we are twins. 』

『Ayase: ...Really? 』

After saying that, Miyabi gently grabbed my hands and wrapped them with hers.

『Miyabi: I love you so much, Onii-chan. 』

“Fuhaaa... This is... Buhii...”

Then I started to express my thoughts on the game aloud;

“As I thought, I really can’t understand this kind of game having the “'moe little sister” character.”

“Even if you say something like that... just look at you... you’re smiling all over the place, aren’t you...?”

“What do you say? Of course, I’m not.”

“What disgusting...”


“Don’t look this way. It’s a little uncomfortable.”

That really makes me feel bad... And so, our fantastic “first couple’s game” between Ayase and me continued. As the game progresses...

Knock, knock, knock, knock!

There had been a loud knock on my bedroom door.



Ayase and I let out a little scream at the same time.

“Hey, I’ve been hearing someone’s voice for a moment! Who are you with?”

Kirino’s voice was coming from the other side of the door.


Ayase put her mouth close to my ear, and with a nervous voice, she said:

“Don’t you tell me that Kirino won't be in your house this morning...?!”

“She wasn’t here until a moment ago! It seems like she came back a while ago...!”

“W-What do we do...?”

“What do you mean, what do we do...?”

The situation began to worsen little by little as Ayase, and I got nervous.

Clang, clang, clang, clang... And the doorknob was turned...


Again, Ayase and I let out a little scream and immediately headed to the door to prevent Kirino from entering the room.

“Eh...? The door does not open...? What are you doing, stupid brother? You were never supposed to lock the door...?”

“A-Ayase... hold the door tighter... I didn’t lock it...”


“We have to somehow manage to trick her and make her leave...”

“If she finds me in this place, I will definitely kill myself!”

The 『Sis x Sis 』game is still running on the PC!

“Hey... why are you pushing the door...?!”

Apparently, Kirino has noticed it. It was not a coincidence that Kirino had let out an angry voice.

“Don’t tell me you were expecting me not to be home so you could put a woman in your room again...?!”

“Are you my wife or something?!”

“You’re a pig...! A pig...! How can you call your little sister your wife...? Are you an idiot?! Open the door now!”

“What do you mean “again”, you’ve already brought another woman here, Onii-san?”

“Can you please ignore those things, at least for this moment?”

I quietly pleaded to Ayase. And then, I shouted to Kirino, who was on the other side of the door!

“Don’t come in this room without my permission! Nobody is here!”

“Then why are you pushing the door? Don’t you want to see me or something?”

“You’re wrong! Just stop pushing the door and get out!”

“Now, explain to me why you don’t want to open the door!”

Damn it... why did Kirino arrive right now?!

“Onii-san... Try to make a better excuse!”

“What should I tell her...?”

Think, think, think...! I got it...!

“K-Kirino...! I’m actually playing a game right now, and it just came out as a really embarrassing scene, so I don’t want you to enter!”

I think this was the best excuse I could come up with for now; I think it’s compelling. After all, it’s not a lie entirely. I don’t even know what would happen to me if I told Kirino I’m playing with Ayase at the moment...

Kirino’s reaction to my excuse was...

“Eh...? Really...?”


“Hee... Just as one would expect from a filthy perverted gamer to lock himself in his room from noon to play Eroges, huh?”

As she said one of her irritating phrases like the previous ones, the force with which she pushed the door diminished.

“What are you playing...? Ah! Are you playing 『Sis x Sis 』? Did you finally feel like playing it? You spent a lot of time! How was it? Tell me your impressions of the game?”

Damn, I think I made a mistake when I told her that. It has started to show even more interest! Because of this, Kirino pushed the door hard again so she could see the eroge I was playing with.



This is bad...

Kirino started to enter the room slowly.

“How could you think of making me wait so long out there...? Hey...? Are you alone...?”


I turned my head to look at Ayase, who until a moment ago was behind me.


Eh...? Ayase is not here...?! Where did she go...?


Kirino walked to the center of my room, turned around to all sides, watching suspiciously.

“What do you want, Kirino...?”

“Sniff Sniff... I can smell a woman.”


“Sniff sniff sniff...”

“H-hey...! What are you trying to do by coming to my bed...?!”

“Nothing special... I was just wondering if any woman wasn’t hiding around here... Let’s see!”

Kirino, showing her self-confidence, lifted the blanket off my bed.

“There’s nobody, eh...? How about here...?”

And, quickly, she opened the curtain.

“No one either...”

“I told you no one is here!”

To tell you the truth, I was puzzled too. Uh? Uh...? Ayase isn’t here?! Where did she hide?


I looked out of the corner of my eye under the bed while Kirino was turning her back to me. And as she did so...


Are you a ninja?

I can’t believe it, Ayase had hidden under the bed! I walked out of my place as if I hadn’t seen anything. And, just at that moment, Kirino turned to me.

“So, no one is there, huh? Maybe it was only my imagination?”

“I-I told you, didn’t I? That there was no one here.”

“Hmpf! Whatever.”

“Anyway, get out of here...”

“Ah...! You are playing『Sis x Sis』right?”

“Yes... You told me to play it, didn’t you...? That’s why I’m playing it...”


Kirino let out a little laugh.

“Now I understand. You panicked when I suddenly tried to come into your room because you were playing and watching these scenes, huh?”

Actually, right now, the kissing scene with Rinko is seen on the screen. Apparently, she completely swallowed the bite. It is good to know the main character’s name is not visible on the screen... Otherwise, she really had called me a perverted brother because I am playing the game with the main character called “Ayase” ...

Miraculously and ironically, Kirino started to laugh.

“Pupuh... What a pig you are...”

“Didn’t you tell me to play it...?!”

“What did you think? Just tell me.”

“Why should I tell you what I thought of this game...?!”

“Come on, just tell me.”


If I don’t tell her anything, it will probably turn out badly... Although, I can’t think of anything good to say to her all of a sudden...

“Tell me quickly!”

When I had no other choice and was rushed by my sister, I started to tell her what I really thought.

“I think... Rinko... looks like you.”


Kirino widely opened her eyes in surprise; her face turned red after that.

“W-What are you saying...?”

“It’s just like...”

“You’re disgusting. How dare you say something like “she looks like me” while showing me a kiss scene... Isn’t it sexual harassment?”

“Aah... I’m sorry...”

All this happened because you pressured me to answer you; I didn’t have time to think.

“By the way, I have a question... What exactly do you think it is that resembles me?”

“I think she has a rude side...”

“And anything else...?”

“Her insane side...”


“She also look-like on your arrogant side...”


Kirino tightened her lips and crossed her arms, almost as if she were Rinko. It is, exactly through expressions like those, that Kirino looks like her.

“When I was playing the game, it was strenuous for me to keep moving forward because every movement she made reminded me of you over and over again...”


“For me, the new heroine “Asahi-chan” is my favorite.”

My intention was to fool Kirino by continuing with this 『Sis x Sis 』talk.

“You do not understand anything!”


“Maybe, on the surface, “Asahi-chan” is the kind by which you like your heroine so much...!”

Suddenly, Kirino raised one of her fingers.

“But the truth is she is a Yandere.”


“In the climax of the “Asahi route”, to have your relationship with Asahi acknowledged, there is a scene where you have to convince your sister to do it... If you make a mistake in choosing the option, you will end up being killed by Asahi-chan.”


“It counts as a Quick Dead End. I don’t recommend that route to a rookie, so you’d better postpone your idea of following that route. Oh, by the way, you don’t understand Rinko-rin’s charm at all.”

Kirino said as if she were a wise woman teaching a poor idiot.

“Aren’t there any other likable, erotic heroines you like?”

“The fact that the heroine who looks like you are exceptionally erotic gives me a real problem!”

“That’s disgusting! Stop comparing me to her! Listen to me, I’ll explain to you the charm of Rinko-rin!”

I don’t want to know!

“How did we end up like this...?”

Kirino was trying to explain to me the charm Rinko-rin has with great confidence...

An eroge (for all ages) running on the PC...

And, Ayase has hidden under the bed...

“This is chaos...”