OREIMO Volume 13 Ayase IF Route Part -1 Chapter 3


Chapter 3:

The time is near the end of July month. A day before the summer vacation started.

After school, I walked around the corner on my way back to my home.

“The closing ceremony is also over... With this, a long school semester has come to an end.”

The sky was completely clear, almost as if it reflected my state of mind.

As of tomorrow, the summer vacation begins. And with this, the very important preparations for the university entrance exam will also start, and I don’t see any problem with going out with my friends and having some fun.

But... I also don’t have any plans in my mind for it.


So, what am I going to do?


As I tried to avoid a huge yawn while spending my free time, which I qualify as a fruit of my effort, suddenly I heard...

“Eh...? Onii-san...?”


An angel had descended to the miserable world.

“You are here Ayase...? What a coincidence.”


Apparently, she just came back from school just like me, as she was wearing her school uniform.

“Does your class also end today?”


Ayase responded enthusiastically with a smile on her face.

In comparison to the unpleasant tension between us in the last couple of days, I could say that our relationship’s improvement was so indescribable that I could not believe it.

“By the way, why are you so happy? Did something good happen to you, Onii-san?”

“Of course. I am glad I met you here Ayase!”

After I had answered her frankly about my true feelings, Ayase’s face turned red as if she were embarrassed.

“A-Are you going to tease me again...? I’m gonna get mad!”

“But I actually mean it.”

I think a reaction like this isn’t so bad after all. That’s what I thought, as long as I felt Ayase was in a very good mood.

“I’m sorry, but I have something else to do, so if you’ll excuse me...”

“Ah... I understand... The modeling work I guess...?”

This world is very cruel, and the reality is totally different... I raised one of my hands to say goodbye to Ayase.

“Do your best!”

“Thank you very much, Onii-san!”

“Well. Goodbye then!”

I responded while thinking we have to say goodbye, but...


As we were leaving in different directions, Ayase called me.


As I turned around, I could only observe her looking down in complete silence.


Ayase moves her body from side to side, indicating she is nervous. Even her face was totally redder than before.

Although it’s too erotic…no, I mean to say it’s very cute. Ayase’s expression was adorable, but I couldn’t understand one thing. Does she want my help or something...?


I was puzzled and speechless, like I didn’t have anything to say and just waiting for her to speak... Could it be like she wants to go to the toilet...?

“You know... Onii-san...!”

“W-What is it...?”

“Wh-what I want to tell you is... today, I have to go to my modeling work and….”

“Ah... well, you just told me.”

“Ehhhhh, you didn’t get any hint.”

Ayase clenched both of her fists as she tried to restrain herself. She let out a sound to clear her throat. And then said;

“You see, I’m a little bit busy today, but in the following week, I’ll be free.”

“Ohh... That’s good.”

And, I answered naturally.

“It is summer vacation so maybe we should meet more in the best way possible and have some fun altogether!”


I looked confused as I couldn’t tell what she wanted to discuss while looking back at her. Then Ayase smiled charmingly and said;

“Onii-san is...”

“Hmmm? What about me?”

“Is…… an Idiot!”


What happened? Why did she make fun of me for no reason?!

“Gosh...! You are so slow to understand the simple things... I mean~~~~! Ughhh!!!”

Ayase said aloud while making a charming pose.

“T-then, are you busy on upcoming Saturday next week, Onii-san...?”

“I think I am free, why?”


Ayase swings her body from side to side again as if she is nervous.

“Wouldn’t you like to go out with me?”


“Um... I want to thank you for the favor you did for me the other day. Would you mind coming with me...?”

“Of course not!”

“I-I see... Great!”

Ayase put her hands on her chest and let out a sigh, looking relieved at my response.

“But don’t look at it as if you had to return the favor or something, understand?”

I said with sincerity.

“After all, I helped you because I really wanted to.”


I said the previous sentence, showing confidence in myself, but the reality was that inside me I felt like;


As I tried with all my strength to restrain my out-of-control mind’s excitement, I said;

“I will be looking forward to my date with you, Ayase”.

“Wh…what date? What are you saying Onii-san...? G-God... I think you are mistaken. It’s not like I am inviting you for a date.”

Ayase shook both hands in denial of the word date. Though she didn’t know what to do in such a situation, she tried to avoid the topic entirely.

“Th-then... I’ll call you... next Saturday…”

Almost as if she were escaping, she ran out of the place.


I had no choice but to watch Ayase leave this place.


I raised both arms up and jumped vigorously.

“Wh... What’s going on! I can’t believe it! This is almost like some of the developments in the Eroges I’ve played before! It’s a date! She told me it wasn’t a date, but it’s definitely a... I hope it’s a date!”

Kuoooh... I exclaimed, then leaned down and made a move as if I was imitating a pro golfer about to hit the ball...

“I am sure with this, the Ayase’s route begins!”

As if I were imitating a wolf, I strongly shouted my victory proudly.


“Hey, why are you laughing like crazy halfway down the street?!”


I felt almost as if my heart had stopped after suddenly hearing the voice of a person behind me. As I turned around, I could see Kirino folded her arms, and the expressions on her face indicated like she saw some creepy thing.

“How disgusting! Please stop doing this. What would happen if a rumor were spread where we live?”

After scolding me, Kirino left the place quickly.


...I think it’s time for me to go home too...

But before that, let me give you an explanation of what had happened.

I was acting like this because of the sheer effusiveness of the incidents that occurred within a short amount of time. After being invited by Ayase to date (something like a date), probably a few bolts from my mind loosened.

After being immersed in a big commotion, I started to follow Kirino, who had appeared out of nowhere.

“Hey, Kirino! Let’s go home together! Wait for me~~.”

“Huh? Hey… What are you doing? Don’t come near me!”

“Haaa! Don’t act like I am a disgusting pervert!”

“Don’t touch me! You’re really annoying!”

“Hmph, your insults won’t work on me anymore!”

“What’s wrong with you? You’re acting more disgustingly weird than usual.”

And so, we both reached our home.

Finally, the day has arrived when I have my date with Ayase.

We had scheduled to meet at Chiba Station, and then we were on our way to another station on the train.





“I’ve been waiting to ask you since we got off the train, but I think I can’t hold anymore.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why should I come to Akiba with Ayase?”

Yes, Akihabara. The place Ayase had taken me was none other than Akihabara. However, Ayase would never be interested in coming to a place like Akiba since she is not used to the atmosphere of the place.

Ever since she invited me to go out with her, I had a feeling she was planning to do something. But what will be her real intention...? What is she thinking?

As I turned to look at her with suspicious eyes, Ayase smiled and spoke,

“Um... The truth is, I want Onii-san to be my guide at Akiba.”

“What did you say?”

Ayase’s unexpected response only made me a little confused.

“You said you want me to take you around Akiba?”



“I just... wanted to go to a place where Kirino visits a lot.”


And, finally, I could understand what was going on!

“Ah... Now I understand.”

As I think about it, it all makes sense. Since everything Ayase is doing has to be connected somehow with Kirino.

“So... It’s almost like part of a strategy to overcome the otakus, right?”


Ayase answered enthusiastically as she clenched her fists.

She seems to be really excited about this.

I am so motivated now.


Unlike Ayase, who was really encouraged by the Akiba trip, I let out a sigh and threw down my shoulders in frustration.

I see... It’s not as if she wanted to go on a date with me... Although I had imagined something like this would happen initially, the damage I received was not so serious.

This doesn’t make me sad!

“Eh...? Onii-san...? Did you just say something?”

Ayase was confused by my lack of interest. After some time, she opened her mouth,

“Onii-san, you are familiar with Akihabra very well, aren’t you?”

“Well... I would say I am more familiar than you.”

“In that case, I thought I could go and have fun somewhere here with you, as a thank you...”


Did she choose Akiba as the place for our date because she might be able to thank me and plan some fun moments afterward...? With so much confusion in my mind, there is one thing I want to clear from the beginning.

“I think it seems like there’s still a little misunderstanding which has not been solved yet.”


“I’m not the type of Otaku you think of.”


“Yes. So, even if I come to Akiba very often, I don’t know much about this place. Whenever I visit here, I end up being taken by Kirino place.”


Ayase remained silent while opening her eyes. Apparently, my words had hit the mark.

“Ah... so... to think I could go out with you in this place as a thank you... was a mistake... right?”

She lowered her gaze, showing her sadness.

“I’m so sorry, I...!”

“Come on, don’t worry!”

I responded nervously in response to comfort her. Am I a fool?! I should probably have realized something like this would happen if I showed her; she was disappointed by this!

“You probably thought about this for a long time, so it wasn’t a bad decision. In fact, I’m happy!”



I patted myself on the chest. “boom.”

“I told you to leave it to me! I’ll show you some of the places Kirino often goes.”

“Okay! Thank you very much, Onii-san!”

... That’s what I told her, but to be honest... I didn’t know exactly where to take her...

“Hmm... a place where Kirino often goes...?”

“Uhyooo! Is this heaven?! Is it paradise?!”

“Kirino, you’re an idiot! Don’t enter that store!”

For a moment, I thought of a place to go to, but I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to take Ayase to that place.

No matter how I look at it, the risk of going to that place is very high. Once Ayase understood what the store was all about, she would surely kill me.


I think it would be best to show Ayase a quiet and calm place, so she can gradually change the attitude she has in mind towards Kirino and her Otaku hobbies.

“Onii-san. Where shall we go first?”

“What about going to an Eroges store?”

“Go to hell, pervert. Die!”


In half guard position, Ayase gave me a front kick that hit my stomach’s middle. It would have been a really serious blow if I hadn’t quickly taken a position to deflect it from hitting a vital spot.

“Of course, I won’t go there! Why do you want me to go to a place like the Eroge store?”

“You told me to take you to the places which Kirino visits frequently, didn’t you?!”


Ayase narrowed her eyes and stared at me fiercely.

“Onii-san, are you doing this on purpose?”

“W-Why do you say?”

“I can see in your eyes. You are having fun by doing it.”

“Hmpf, have you figured it out?”

To tell the truth, I wasn’t going to take her to the Eroge store; she can’t tag me there. I just simply couldn’t have missed the opportunity to tease her.

After all, when Ayase gets angry and becomes a little nervous, she looks really beautiful.

“You must be a big masochist. I can see happiness in your eyes while taking my kick!”

Aren’t we supposed to have fixed that misunderstanding?! What kind of person do you think I am?!

“Certainly, I-I told you...I wanted to understand Kirino’s interests, but...”

Ayase said it while blushing.

“... But really, really...I just... can’t go to an Eroge store...”

“That’s it! That’s the expression I wanted to see!”

“If you don’t take me to a good place, seriously you are the worst person I have met...”

She changed the tone to a high-pitched voice. Ayase further said with a smile on her face and cold eyes:

“I will kill you, Onii-san!”

“Okay okay, calm down!!!! Give me some time to think.”

Immediately I began to think of a better place where I could go with her.

I led Ayase into Denki-gai. We were going to the doujinshi store where Kirino goes frequently.

The second floor of this store is not very different from other stores, so if I show Ayase what’s inside the place, nothing will happen for sure. That’s what I thought, but...

“Woo.... so many comics are there...”

Huh? You didn’t visit this place before?

“Hey, Ayase.... Don’t you like manga...?”

“I don’t like them, but I don’t hate them either...”

Typical Tsundere attitude. In other words, Ayase is not interested in manga. This is a very complicated situation. My poor knowledge of manga is not sufficient for me to tell her how interesting manga is... It means she has nothing in common with Kirino’s tastes. But, even if there’s no way, I am going to let this opportunity slip by!

“This is one of the manga which Kirino likes. Would you like to read it?”


I chose one of the few mangas Kirino mentioned before and showed it to Ayase. Kirino almost forced me to read them after she recommended them to me, but all those mangas are meant for girls.

“It’s not a manga about weird stuff or anything, so why don’t you try reading it?”

“Okay... okay... I’ll read it when I get home.”

“Well, I’ll go and purchase it for you, wait here for me.”

“Eh... I’ll pay...”

“Don’t worry. I suggested it, so I’ll pay for everything.”

“Thank you very much, Onii-san.”

...We are going step by step, little by little, to our ideal date. Isn’t it the correct way, right Kirino?

After buying the manga, I returned to the place and found, Ayase had disappeared.

“Hey? Where did she go...?”

I walked around the whole store, but I couldn’t see her anywhere.

“...No...No way... Don’t tell me!!!”

Somewhat out of concern, I went to the second floor of the doujinshi store. I have a very bad feeling...!



“This... What kind of place is this?! As soon as I went up to this second floor, I couldn’t help but found all... all erotic books...”

“It is what this store is all about.”

“Huh... It means you brought me to this store because you want to sexually harassing me?!”

“You’re wrong! It’s your fault for entering the second floor without even seeing the warning sign at the entrance!”

“Uuh... B-But...”

Ayase trembled, almost as if she were about to cry.

“I-I can’t take this anymore... Let’s get out of here.”

“Are you all right?”

She clearly wasn’t all right. Rather, it is quite obvious that it will be difficult to walk around with Ayase in Akiba.

She might have agreed to come here, but...

Ahh, my stomach hurts...

We left the store and were now on the sidewalk of the central street. Ayase seemed to be too exhausted after what she had seen before;

“Now where do we go...?”

“How much energy do you have now?”

“Because... because this is for Kirino’s... I mean, for my sake!”

“How about taking a little rest?”

“Doesn’t matter. Let’s go to the next place.”

Awesome, now she’s back full of energy. It was my intention to rest a bit, but... even if I tried to ask her in a normal way, she wouldn’t listen to me.

“Hmmm, then why don’t we eat something? Let’s have lunch at a shop where Kirino frequently goes.”

I managed to convince Ayase to take a break, but... She would have probably rejected me again if I hadn’t mentioned it was a place Kirino visited too much.

And the place where Kirino frequently took her lunch when she visited Akiba is...

“Take your time and relax, Master and Ojou-sama.”

…This is the only place. Beautiful Paradise Garden, a Maid Café.

We came to the place where Kirino met Saori and Kuroneko for the first time, and they have wonderful memories. We were sitting face to face at a table where only two chairs were available, and it was in the center of the Café.”

“Here is the menu.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“Um... Onii-san, What… What kind of place is this...?”

“It’s a Maid Café.”

“Maid...Maid Café...?”

“Yes, it’s a Caféteria where pretty maids receive the guests and serve the food to the customers.”

“Then... these clothes the local maids wear are...”

“Exactly, a maid’s costume.”

“And why is the maid’s costume so much shorter...?”

“Don’t worry about the details.”

She probably had this doubt because the maid’s costume, which Ayase imagined, is totally different from the Otaku type maid’s costume, which Kirino likes.

“Anyway, this is a typical Akiba maid Café.”

“I-I see... S-So we have to come to one of these things to experience it...”

This was the best excuse to let Ayase into a Maid Café.

“H-Heee... Who would have imagined there was a store like this in this city...?”

Ayase didn’t stop looking from side to side; she seemed really uneasy. I think her reaction was similar to the one I had when I first entered this Café. At some point, I ended up getting used to this sort of maid Café.

“Well, what do you want to eat?”

“Now if you mention it... I don’t understand anything written here on the menu.”

“In that case, how about we order Omurice and some black tea.”


“Then it’s decided. Excuse me...!”

I raised my hand and called a maid. Ayase observed everything that I was doing. She looks a little surprised.

“You... You’re used to this stuff, aren’t you?”


“Does Onii-san come to this Café regularly...?”

“N-Not at all... I don’t come to this place very often...”

Don’t confuse me with a perverted Otaku who likes to see maids, Ayase! I told you it’s a misunderstanding! I swear I don’t come to this place very often!

Just when I tried my best to defend;

“Ah! Onii-chan! Have you come to see me again~♡...! Kirara is happy to see you around so often ♪!”


This maid──! She said the worst possible sentence at the wrong time!


“Ohh, you have come again...Onii-chan!!!”


“No…no, Ayase! Listen to me...”

“Why did she call you Onii-chan?”


I had no explanation, but the maid, who seemed a bit childish, answered instead of me.

“Hello, Ojou-sama~~♪... In this Café, we perform something called special customer service! We call masters who come to this store for the first time and then they decide how they want us to be called!”

“In other words, you asked to be called Onii-chan?!”

“It’s very common!!”

Guhhhhhhh! Kirarin! You’re really ruined my world again...! How could you even think of calling me Onii-chan?!

No matter how you look at yourself, you look about X years older than me?!

“Ufufuh! Would you like us to call you something special, Ojou-sama?”

“N-No, thank you.”


This maid is Hoshino Kirara-san. There’s no need to explain, but she’s a maid who works at the “Pretty Garden”, the maid Café where Kirino and I usually hang out.

“This one... Please give me two Omuraisu and tea.”

“Okay ☆ Onii-chan... Today you brought another girl with you ♪♪”

“Hey, you are doing this on purpose, right?!”


Kirara-san covered her mouth with her hand and started laughing suspiciously.

On the other hand, in a low, charming voice, Ayase said;

“W-What does this mean... Onii-san?”

“Do you realize what you’ve done...?! How will you take responsibility for this...?”

“Huum... It’s been a while since the “Captain” is interested in you.”

“Huh? Captain? Who’s the Captain?”

“She’s a person you know very well, Onii-chan. A client who frequently visits us a lot~~, shall I call her?”

“Huh...? Huh...?”

I have no idea what the hell the Captain is. When she saw a suspicious expression on my face, Kirara-san raised one of her hands and said through the megaphone:

“Captain~! Onii-chan is calling you ♪”

“Yes~! Here is the Captain, Saori-sama!”

“Are you the Captain?”

A tall girl appeared in front of us, wearing an Otaku style of clothing and glasses having a strangely circular design. It is not necessary to introduce her. She is Saori, one of Kirino’s friends.

N-Now, I understand! She is a regular customer of this place, that’s why it’s not strange for me to meet her here!

“O-O-Onii-san...! Do you know her...?”

In front of Saori’s great stature, Ayase was a little scared when she saw her closely.


H-How am I supposed to explain...?

“The truth is, I’ve been watching you since you entered this Café, Kyousuke. Can you tell me who this pretty lady is?”

This is the first meeting between Ayase and Saori, huh? If I make a mistake right now, there will probably be a big problem. I got up from my chair and carefully chose what I would say to her;

“Let me introduce you, she is Aragaki Ayase. She is Kirino’s classmate.”

“Ni...Nice to meet you, I'm Aragaki Ayase!”

Ayase stood up from her seat and bowed as a sign of respect.

“Oh! Now I remember, I think I saw her on the way back from the Summer Comiket.”

“At that time... she was together with Kirino...”

Apparently, the two had already met each other.

“She is Saori Vageena, Ayase.”


I think the reaction is expected. Saori replied, showing her self-confidence;

“Exactly. That is the name of my soul.”

“Don’t say something weird. You’ll only make her more confused.”

“Hehe! I’m sorry.”

“Damn... Ayase, “Saori Vageena” is just her nickname.”

“A nickname...? I see. Then, may I call you Saori-san...?”

“Sure! Can I call you Ayase-san?”

“Uh, uh...”

Ayase was a bit stressed in front of the unique personality of Saori.

“What are you doing here, Kyosuke and Ayase-san?”

Saori asked us. Before we could say anything to her, she quickly concluded herself.

Doing a little tapping between her hands,

“Oohh... Are you on a date...?”


D-Damn, I didn’t think about what I said...

“Ooh! Just as expected from you, Kyousuke! You shouldn’t be underestimated! Here, take this and this!”

“Hahahaha! I think... you might say something like that...”

As Saori was tickling my stomach and I was feeling really excited, Ayase said;

“You... Wh-What are you saying?”


She suddenly started pulling my hair tightly!

“What are you doing?!”

“Who taught you to lie openly?”

“It won’t matter if I show off a little bit!?”

“Show off...? At what...?”

Ayase’s attitude remained peaceful up to a point, and so; as a result, I let myself be carried away by the moment and said;

“Besides... This is almost like a date, isn’t it?”

“You’re wrong.”

Her reaction was really cold... Looking at herself in anger, Ayase turned her gaze back.

“God... That’s enough. You always end up getting carried away...”

Because her face turned away, I couldn’t see Ayase’s angry expression. Saori, who was watching our conversation, said in an unbelievable tone;

“Kyousuke, Kyousuke~~.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Are you playing some kind of sadomasochistic game?”

“Not at all! I’m sorry I lied to you; this isn’t a date.”


Putting her glasses back on, Saori blinked.

“So, what are you two doing in Akiba?”

“To tell you the truth, Ayase doesn’t like Otaku things.”

“Hohou... Doesn’t it make things even more incredible?”

“Onii-Onii-san... don’t say anything so straightforward...”

Ayase mentioned in a low voice. She was probably worried because I said she “hates otaku” to Saori, an otaku.

“Don’t worry.”

After all, Saori wouldn’t be angry about it. Then I continued to explain to Saori.

“She doesn’t like otaku things, but she is Kirino’s best friend.”


“So it doesn’t matter if it’s only a little bit, she wants to try her best to understand Kirino’s interests and hobbies.”

“So that’s what this was all about, huh?”

Saori’s mouth was shaped like the letter ><.

“You are a really amazing person, Ayase-san.”

The same goes for you too.

We settled down at the table so the three of us could talk. I began to explain in detail the relationship between Ayase and Kirino. The incident occurred after the summer Comiket.

“I see... I think I understand now.”

After hearing all the explanations, Saori repeatedly nodded in sympathy.

“I’m sure Kiririn will be very happy when she finds out that you have taken care of her so much, Ayase-san.”

“It’s N-N-Nothing... ehehe...”

Ayase blushed and covered her face with her hands. Then she said in my ear;

“Onii-san... Although she is an otaku, Saori-san is a great person.”

“Isn’t it?”

In fact, I was happy to see Ayase praise Saori a little bit. As Ayase said, Saori is exactly that kind of friend.

It was not what I had planned, but I wanted Ayase to understand Kirino’s tastes. Still, it really helped that we encountered Saori here. After all, in the same way as now, I could also change my mind towards otakus thanks to Saori.

“Thank you very much, Saori.”

“Ehh, I haven’t done anything great to deserve your thanks.”

Saori was a bit embarrassed and confused when I thanked her. But then, she turned back at Ayase.

“If this is what you’re trying to do, then let me help you, Ayase-san.”


“Ooh! It would be great! What do you think, Ayase?”


“It is not like I am bad, but her knowledge of Akiba is superior to mine in every way.”

Then, as if to give my seal of approval on the matter, I said:

“I assure you that you were right to trust Saori!”

“You trust her a lot, Onii-san?”



I could tell something was really strange because Saori was grinning as she blushed. After seeing us talking the way we had before, it seemed like Ayase had finally decided. And, she said loudly:

“I understand! Please, Saori-san!”

“Sure, leave it to me, I’ll take care of it!”

Afterward, to give Ayase a little more understanding about the Otakus, Saori began to discuss some really interesting and fascinating stories.

For example: what makes an anime interesting, and what is the most charming part of the manga...?

“Let’s see... For those of you who are somewhat formal, Ayase-san, how do you like this work...”

She recommended some books that novices can easily understand and explained Kirino’s tastes... She did that in a way even more understandable and gentle than I had done so far with her.

“There will be some works which you like and others that you don’t, but the important thing is, it is not really necessary for you like the same works which Kiririn likes.”

“Huh? But...?”

“You really don’t have to like everything which she likes. ... That’s why the friendship between the two of you was growing!”

“Hmm... Really...?”

Indeed, that’s how it works, Ayase. Even though it applies to our relationship, the simple fact we have different tastes means our friendship has existed.

“The important thing is to find something which you really think is interesting from the bottom of your heart. And then, have fun at your own pace.”

In a certain sense, the method I had used a moment ago is just like an otaku would do, without showing any intention to pressure another person. Almost as if... she had the same experience of having someone do that for her...

“What I have just explained to you a moment ago, is the shortest way for you to truly understand Kirino and her interests.”

“I understand. I will try to follow your instructions!”

“Hahaha... I think I got carried away by what I said a moment ago, I’m sorry.”

After Saori finished her explanation, Ayase again bowed ingratitude deeply;

“Thank you so much for helping me today, Saori-san!”

“Thanks to you, I feel like I have been able to understand Kirino a bit...”

“I’m glad to hear...”

It’s a fact. That is why Ayase met with Saori today was the most important thing for Ayase. Well, not to mention Ayase arrived here, thanks to her concern for Kirino.

“By the way, Ayase-san! How about taking a picture to commemorate today?”

“Ah! Sure!”

Again, the W-shaped smile was drawn on Saori’s face.


“No...no. It’s nothing.”

I think Saori is plotting something...

“Then, come this way, Ayase-san...”

“Huh? Eh...”

Saori slowly took Ayase into a certain part of the Café.

After remaining completely alone at the table, I mumbled to myself;

“......Hey, Saori...Where did you take Ayase...?”

Before I knew, next to me was Kirara-san, who answered my question;

“She took her to the dressing room, Onii-chan...♪ At this very special moment, we are offering the special service called ‘Cosplay Souvenir Photo Service’ ♪♪♪

“Photo session and cosplay...? Don’t tell me...”

I had a bad feeling about it. After some time, Saori and Ayase had returned from the dressing room, and...

“W-What kind of clothing is this...?”

“Ha-ha! It looks great on you, Ayase-san!”

They were both dressed the same way as Kirara-san, in a maid’s outfit.


I was completely amazed at the lovely sight in front of me while seeing Ayase, who I never thought one day would be dressed as a maid, and next to her Saori, who I had previously seen.

Even Kirara-san, who had been impressed to see something out of her expectation, let out an exciting voice.

“Impressive~~ You look so cute, Ojou-sama ♪♪♪!”

“Why...How... I’ve never dressed like this before... Not for a photoshoot.”

Ayase was a little embarrassed, but something would make it worse.

“Well, let’s take the picture, Ojou-sama!”

“Huh...?! Huh...?!”

“Say: cheese ♪ ♪”

CLICK... Kirara-san turned on the camera and clicked the picture.

As expected from a model. Ayase had naturally picked a good pose in front of the camera.

“Fufufuh... This is going to be a great souvenir of this meeting.”


Is it possible for me to believe that Saori and Ayase have already become good friends...? I never imagined something like this would happen when Ayase brought me to Akiba. The outcome of the date was very good.


I was able to see Ayase wearing a maid’s costume.

“Hey, you two, can I get a picture with you guys?”

“Definitely not! Don’t look at me with those sparkling eyes, pervert!”

That’s how Ayase completely rejected my request, but... on the inside, with the camera on my phone, I secretly took extremely precious photos.

I did it!

It's nighttime.

Ayase and I had returned to the front of the station closest to our homes.

“……Then, See you later.”

“Thanks for the date. You did very well today.”

“Onii-san…you… Anyways, you took care of many things for me, so I should be the one who is telling you thanks.”

“Well, I only introduced you to Saori.”

“That was more than enough, Onii-san. It was really helpful to me.”

I could feel a tremendous number of thoughts accumulating in my mind as I listened to Ayase’s pleasant voice.

“Well, after talking with her, how did you feel about... Saori...?”

“She was very friendly to me... I think Saori-san is a very good and gentle person.”

Apparently, Ayase also liked Saori’s personality.

“It makes sense. Now I can understand why you trust Saori-san and why Kirino appreciates Saori-san...”




“I still can’t quite understand... Kirino’s hobby.”

Ayase looked down, looking sad.

“Even if it was only a little, I felt I had understood something about Otaku, but... I think I still have a long way to go.”


I responded with a big smile;

“This... You’re giving your best effort, so let me tell you this... you don’t have to try to push yourself to understand someone else’s hobby, you know...”


“After all, it’s not like Kirino asking you to do this either, right?”


Apparently, it looks like Ayase can’t accept the fact easily.

“This... Onii-san.”


“Can I... can I still ask you for your advice in the future...?”

“Sure... You can ask me as many as you want.”

“Really...? Because I’m serious... I’m really looking forward to getting an answer from you.”

“I told you already, I’m ready for anything, I can’t get off this boat anymore!”


“Because, I like you a lot, Ayase!”

Just kidding...!


As she continued to look down, Ayase remained silent for a moment. Then she turned around without even looking at me and said;


Almost as if she were running away, she left the place.


After I was left alone in front of the station, I talked to myself...

“The reaction I just saw... It was completely different from the previous ones...”

I was not physically attacked by Ayase like in our previous meeting, but... this was something I did not expect at all...

At the time, I didn’t fully understand... What the hell is she thinking...?


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