OREIMO Volume 13 Ayase IF Route Part -1 Chapter 4


Chapter 4:

It’s nighttime. The same day as I went to Akihabara with Ayase.

After I came from the bath, I saw my younger sister talking with someone on the phone in the living room.

“Wow, Hahaha! Really? Really~~?”

Kirino was lying on the couch as usual and looked like she is talking happily with her friends. She wore a casual loose shirt and shorts, an outfit which was easy for me to notice her body parts from a certain angle...

Well, it doesn’t matter... Really, I can’t do anything about her… that’s what I thought as I looked at her. And when I was about to leave the living room, I heard something strange in her conversation.

“Huh? What did you say, Ayase?”

Apparently, Kirino was talking to Ayase on the phone. It doesn’t seem odd since they are best friends. But, the problematic part of their conversation...

“Akihabara? Do you want to go to Akihabara with me? Huh? Huh? Why? Why did you bring up the Akihabara topic so suddenly? I don’t have a problem or anything, but...what’s wrong with you Ayase?”

When I heard the word Akihabara, it brought my attention back to their conversation.

What are you trying to do, Ayase...?

“Sure, okay... Will go~!”

Kirino hung up the call with a beep sound. Then, she started moving her head while lying on the couch.

“Um....uh...uh~~~ uh...”

“Kirino, what are you doing? Why are you moaning in the living room? Ahh, by the way, the bath is free so you can take your turn....”

“Shut up!!! You’re so annoying...”

Then Kirino looked at me where I was stood and mumbled;

“I think Ayase isn’t aware of what she told me earlier. She said, Let’s go to Akihabara together.”

“Is it strange...?”

“It is. I am talking about Ayase. Doesn’t it seem strange to you...”

I had the same thought in the morning.

“It scares me when she invited me! I feel like Ayase is hiding something from me... What do you think?”

“Don’t…don’t ask me!”

Kirino is probably very mean when she talks about her friend’s invitation... Well, maybe Kirino doesn’t know, but since I spent the whole day with Ayase today, I can tell what she is planning.

Ayase probably wants to try the fruits of her Akihabara experience on Kirino, which she learned today. I hope everything she’s planning goes well...

“By the way, you went outside the whole day. Where did you go?”



Suddenly, my heart began to beat very fast.

“W-W-W-Why are you asking me...?! I don’t think it’s necessary for me to report to you about what I did today!?”

“Why are you feeling so nervous? I’m just asking.”

“Well, um... haven’t gone...”

When Kirino saw I could not answer her question, she quickly got up from the couch and came where I was standing. The expression on her face indicated like she had some doubts in her mind;

“Oh!! Can’t you tell me where you went today?”

“Nothing! It’s just like…... I went to Akihabara.”


Kirino slightly curled her lips;

“What? What are you thinking?”

“Nothing... I’m just wondering what you did in Akihabara and with whom you went~~~.”

Damn, she is really a troublesome little sister! It doesn’t matter where I went or with whom I went during my day off. No matter how I looked at it, this topic becomes the prime motive to start a huge fight with me! AAAAH!!! This is bad! What should I do? What should I dooo?!

I have to give her a good explanation about why I went to Akihabara, so good that she believes it!

“Why did I go to Akihabara...? You want to know...? Then Kirino! Listen to me, I’m about to tell you!”

As I was surrounded by her questions, I made an excuse;

“I went to Akihabara to buy some Eroges!”


When she heard the word "Eroge", Kirino opened her eyes widely in surprise.

“Yes! I reserved the first copies of the limited edition of『Lovely Sis x Sis Paradise』including a limited edition shop bonus! Do you have a problem with it?”

“N-No, but... it’s not something to be embarrassed about. Hey, can you please give me that game?”

“Ok...once I finish the game, I’ll lend it to you! Fuhaha! See you!”

I left Kirino, who was utterly stunned at the place and left the living room.

“...Okay, Somehow I managed to fool her!”

How had I reached the point where I had thrown away my dignity to get the victory? I don’t think I understood it well...

When I returned to my room, I first turned on my laptop. I was browsing the website about a particular video game development company. You may be wondering what I’m doing.


“I told Kirino that once I completed the game, I would lend it to her! I didn’t think about the things she would say to me after I made the excuse...”

Damn... How can someone like me, who is not an Otaku, do this? But as I don't have any choice, I have to do it!

“Let’s see... First copies of the limited edition of『Lovely Sis x Sis Paradise』with a limited shop bonus included... Wooh! Why are there so many different bonuses included...? Hmm, since I’ve to buy this game, I should choose whatever looks best... Oh, which shop bonus would it be better to buy...?”

Due to my sister’s impact on me, I have been slowly getting more and more proficient in Eroge.

Suddenly, my cell phone started ringing;


As I turned to look at the LCD screen...

“Ayase is calling...? Hello, Kousaka is here.”

“Good evening, Onii-san.”

“Ah... Good evening Ayase... Are you going to Akihabara with Kirino...?”

“Yes… Yes...”

Somehow, Ayase’s voice, which I heard from my cell phone, sounded a little disturbed.

“Is it okay? Are you really going with her? Wouldn’t you like me to go with you?”

Because I was worried about her, I made a proposal, but...

“I’ll be fine! I’ll do something about it myself!”

“I...I understand...”

“Also... Fufu... Why are you planning to join us when I’m supposed to go and have fun with Kirino?”

“Now as you mention it...I don't have any plan in my mind.”


She made fun of me. Despite that, my concern for her had not yet completely disappeared.

“W-Well... give it your best shot.”

I could not say more, even though I had some concerns in my mind.

“Of course, I will try my best.”

And so, we finished the most crucial part of the call.



Then, an uncomfortable silence remained between us for a moment.


“Do you know...?”

Just at the same time, we both began to talk.


“Ah, I’m sorry. You first, Onii-san.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not important... You speak first, Ayase.”


I don’t know why we both were acting strangely. It was really unusual.

I feel like she was getting nervous for no reason... but... I could sense a different aura of Ayase than usual...

“Well, then, I’ll speak.”

Whatever Ayase talked about, it was something I didn’t expect at all.

“It’s about the ’Summer Comiket’, Onii-san.”

“Summer Comiket?”

Unexpectedly, I heard the word ’Summer Comiket’ out of Ayase’s mouth!

“Saori-san mentioned something about the Summer Comiket today, didn’t she? There is an event which Kirino is always looking forward to!”


Now, as I remember, we talked about Summer Comiket today. However, this subject is extremely sensitive for Ayase...

I let out a sigh and chose my words very carefully;

“During the past summer, Kirino and you suddenly met and fought, remember?”

“No need to remind me.”

“Just then, we were back from the ’Summer Comiket’... you said something terrible to Kirino...”


On the other side of the cell phone, I could tell Ayase was surprised by the previous statement. Indeed, during the past summer...

“...I’m sorry, but I can’t continue to be friends with a person who likes this kind of thing.”

“Yeah, I know. At that time, I said really bad things to Kirino.”

“But, the matter is resolved, right?”

“Yes. Well, you know, I think the more I know about Kirino’s tastes... the more I realize...I’m a really mean person...”

Just as I thought, Ayase remembered what happened last year, and as a consequence, she became depressed. It’s easy for me to say something like, Don’t worry! But... It’s useless in this situation.


Immediately I understood... the reason... why Ayase wants to understand Kirino’s tastes...

She is concerned about why Kirino is so interested in things that Ayase herself cannot understand quite well.

Ayase was probably worried about Kirino’s Otaku friend, who would end up taking Kirino away from her.

I feel like Ayase doesn’t know what exactly she needs to do because of her feelings even now; she cannot understand Kirino and her Otaku taste. That’s why I simply don’t want to sit back and do something about it. I would like to help her in some way...

“Would you like to go to the Summer Comiket?”


“First of all, I would like to warn you. Summer Comiket is a place you probably won’t find interesting. As I experienced in the past, it is a very hot place and you will get tired very easily... There is nothing pleasant about it...”

I apologize to all the Otakus in this world, but let me tell you. It’s not a place where everyone can enjoy themselves... First of all, it is an event belonging to Otakus. That’s why I believe Ayase would not be able to have fun in Summer Comiket.

But this is the reason why I want Ayase to experience it!

“Under such circumstances, would you still want to visit Summer Comiket?”

“Yes, at any cost, I want to go... Would you like to go with me?”


I had no intention to suppress Ayase’s hatred towards Otakus. I was only using reverse psychology, which might have a high probability of success.

After all, Ayase is the person who will not just sit back and do nothing about the situation. If I simply ignore her and leave her alone, she won’t understand what to do; she’ll wander off and end up hurting herself because of a lack of knowledge. That’s why I want to help her.

“How about tomorrow, Ayase?”

“Are you sure? You are preparing for the college entrance exam, so you are busy with your studies.”

“Don’t worry. Don’t imagine me as a failed student. My scores are good.”

“Ahh but Onii-san isn’t going with Saori-san and Kirino at the Summer Comiket..?”

“No, they didn’t invite me. They probably don’t know about my plans.”

Maybe they presumably planned to invite me to accompany them, but I’m sorry. Well, this year I’m going to the Summer Comiket with Ayase!

“So it’s up to you, Ayase.”

“Onii-san, I...”

It didn’t take long for Ayase to make a decision.

“Please, I am looking forward to going with you!”

TL Note: Here, Ayase said, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. It’s hard to translate the correct meaning in English, but I tried my best to maintain the flow.

“It’s decided then!”

And so, again, with the aim in mind for continuing to understand Kirino’s tastes, Ayase and I would attend the Summer Comiket.

The day of the Summer Comiket had finally arrived.

In the morning, Ayase and I went to the International Exhibition Center via the Rinkai Line from Shinkiba.

Inside the train;

“Wooo... the train is crowded as usual.”

“Why...Why are there so many people...?”

We were squeezed entirely out of the crowds on the train. The overwhelming number of people on the train was similar to the rush hour when people went to work in the morning. However, the train was not filled with office workers, but...

“Everyone is going to the same place as we are.”

“Eh...? All these people?”


Many Otakus, who had gathered at this place, came from all over Japan.

“I want to tell you some things from the start. The crowd at the event is more than the people travelling in this train.”


“Are you scared?”

“N-No... Not at all.”

Ayase grabbed the handrail near the entrance door; she seemed to be trying her best to withstand her surroundings. I stood in such a way that I could protect her from the push of the other passengers on the train.

“Okay... Now as I think about it, these days, I’ve been hanging out with you a lot...”


“Any problem?”


Ayase suddenly lowered her head. I wonder what happened to her.


As she continued to look down, she mumbled.

It was almost impossible for me to hear her soft voice because of the crowd of passengers on the train.

“Onee-san... I mean, won’t Manami-san become angry when she learns about this trip...?”

“What do you mean?”

Why would Ayase mention Manami at this point?

There’s no need for me to introduce her. Tamura Manami, everyone knows she is my childhood friend.

“You know... if Onee-san found out that we were going out together... it would become a big problem for you, wouldn’t it?”

Wait...what are you talking about?

“How can I say...? But Ayase, I already told Manami that I was going out with you today.”


“She actually prepared some water and other things for us. At times like these, she really is reliable.”

I said it while pointing to the backpack I was carrying on my back. When Ayase heard, she lost her strength and dropped down in her place. Looks like she was in shock.

“Haaa... Gosh... Why do you always do this?”

“Why are you angry?”

“You know very well... because of this...I...”

What she said after that, I couldn’t hear quite well because she said it in a very low voice.

“I don’t understand what you said, but Manami left a message for you.”

Be careful when you visit the Summer Comiket and both of you, have fun together!

“That’s what she said.”

“...Thank you very much, Onee-san. I will be careful.”

Ayase said, showing her gratitude, in response to the message from Manami, who was not in that place.

Apparently... before I knew it, an unusual bond had been created between Ayase and Manami.

As we rode on the train, time was slowly moving on. The train remained the same, completely crowded. It was expected, as everyone planned to leave the train at the same station. It’s not surprising for the compartment to be empty on the train.

“...Ufff... I’ve already started to feel tired...”


Ayase is probably tired too. She turned to me with a worried expression on her face.


Perhaps due to the surrounding heat, her face was totally red. I don’t know why, but she looked beautiful for some reason.



Ayase bit her lower lips and slightly moved her body.

What is going on? It was something suspicious until all of a sudden I heard her scream;


She jumps as she lets out a scream.


“W-What happened?”

“W-What do you mean by what happened? You are doing *** in a place like this...I’ll be mad for what you did!”

“What did I do?”

“Don’t play dumb!”

Ayase wrapped her hand on her butt as she looked at me with a highly blushed face.

“You just... touched my butt, didn’t you?!”

“O-Of course not!”

What nonsense things this girl said all of a sudden!

“D-Don’t lie, please! Of course you touched! From the position I was in, only Onii-san was the guilty one!”

“How can you say that to me in a train which is completely crowded?! Do you want to ruin my life?!”

“Because...because...Kyaa!!! You...you touched it again...”

“Like I told you, it wasn’t me!”

It can’t be me! I’m indeed the only one who’s close to Ayase, but...

“Enough Onii-san. If you don’t stop, I’m calling the police!”

When we have such conversation, precisely at that time;

“The molester is here!?”

“No, where… where?!”

“Ahh look, he is standing near the door—”

“Catch him before he runs away...!”

“Somebody catch him!”

I-It’s bad! A big fuss is happening... I was starting to get nervous and then;

“Hey, you there!”

“Eh?! I swear, I...I didn’t do anything! It’s pure lies!”

“I’m sorry, it seems like my little boy was attached to her.”



Ayase and I made a little shout at the same time. Then I bent down to look around Ayase’s legs... I found a little boy standing over there. Apparently, the child sneaked into the place I specifically created for Ayase to protect her from the crowd. The boy clung to her to avoid getting lost on the train.


When Ayase realized the true identity of the molester, she said;

“Now I understand. That’s what it was all about!”

In an attempt to avoid the issue at hand, Ayase let out a cheerful smile;

“Ahaha, hahaha...”


Ten minutes later.

“Are you angry, Onii-san...?”


“O-Onii-san. Please calm down.”

“Huh? I’m not angry or anything.”

I looked at Ayase as we walked side by side and said,

“Anyway... it looks like you don’t have any choice. Under that situation, I was the first one to be suspected.”

“I think you’re retaining a lot of anger... Ok...ok, I’ll buy you juice.”

“Am I a kid or what...?”

I’m not angry or anything about what happened earlier. Really, in that situation, I know Ayase won’t be the one to blame.

“Then, I want a sports drink.”


As we left the International Exhibition Center station, we felt the typical scorching heat of this season.

A blurred vision of the surroundings. And, as the asphalt pavement of the road was heated by the scorching sun of summer, we could smell an odour that made us feel like our lungs were as hot as a frying pan.

“W-What an incredible line. Don’t tell me we’re going to line up over there...”


“Do they all come to participate in the event?”

“Yes, they are.”


Ayase had the same reaction as I had the previous year. Even for people like us who live in the Metropolitan region, it’s unusual to see so many people gathered around. Even if I only look at the scale of the crowd gathered here, I realized the Summer Comiket is a top-rated event.

After taking a deep breath, I slapped my hand with my fist and said:

“Well, shall we go!?”

“Huh? Are we really going to stand...?”

“Yes, but... we have to follow the rules in order to line up and for that, we have to go around the building and start from over there in line.”

“Uwaah... This is going to take a while. So many people stood ahead of us.”

This is the reality of Summer Comiket.

It’s been an hour since we lined up. The burning sun made the Otakus’ dark clothes shine brightly. Because the number of people attending the place increased, the heat of the place increased even more.

“They will open the venue soon.”

“Fuuh... Finally...Finally...”

“Are you all right...?”

“Yes. I am fine.”

I can see Ayase is getting more and more affected by the summer heat. I fumbled with my backpack for a while, took out something, and pressed it around Ayase’s neck.


“Kyaa?! What?!”

Ayase let out a scream similar to when someone touched her butt.

“Manami’s special barley tea. It’s really cold and delicious.”

I immediately gave it to Ayase.

“Thank you very much... But, you didn’t have to put it on my neck.”

“I’m sorry, sorry.”

“By the way Onii-san, you are used to this kind of thing, aren’t you?”

“I think it’s because this is my second time participating in the event.”

Although, to tell the truth, I’m not used to Summer Comiket. After talking with Saori, I started preparing for things in advance.

“Did Kirino also stand in the queue?”

“Yeah. She kept complaining like it was too hot and everything was smelly, while she played with her cell phone along with her friends.”

It is really nostalgic.

Last year, Kirino kept complaining about the heat repeatedly, and she even had a fight with Kuroneko.

“Same as the girl playing games on the cell phone over there?”

Ayase had pointed to the front. Over there, some girls are playing some monster-hunting games, exactly as Kirino and Kuroneko did a year ago.

“Yeah. Same.”


“Would you like to try?”


“I also have those kinds of games too. How about playing some of the games? So later you can play with Kirino.”

Ayase will probably be happy.

“Can I?”


“In that case, please Onii-san.”

“Sure, here.”

The best way for Ayase to understand the Otaku thing is to keep trying various things without doing it slowly. She’s giving her best effort, which I admire.

And so, time had passed again.

“Finally...We finally entered the building!”


At last, at last... The two of us enter the event site.

“Uwaah...! It’s very hot here too!”

“Although we just came in, wouldn’t you like to take a little break? You should be tired by standing in hot weather.”

“No, thanks... I’m fine!”

“You don’t have to push yourself. We’re not here to buy anything and we’re not here to attend a specific event either...”

I told Ayase softly and gently to motivate her because she looks tired.

“We just roam around slowly.”

“But... If it were Kirino, surely she wouldn’t take a break, am I wrong?”

“You’re right.”

If it was Kirino, she would head straight to the East Building to buy some books she wanted. Or maybe she would have led to the West Building, where the enterprise corner is located. Although, last year, she couldn’t buy what she wanted because it was sold out, and indeed it made her feel depressed.

Suddenly, Ayase turned her head and said,

“Then, I want to do the same.”

Will she do it to understand Kirino even more?

“I see, then let’s go.”

As soon as we went forward, I noticed something. I imagined Kirino’s figure, who walked ahead happily and called my name.

After entering the building, even though the scorching heat rays did not enter directly into the place, there was still an enormous heat sensation. As we frequently drank water to keep ourselves hydrated, we were immersed in the great uproar inside.



“Careful, don’t fall!”

“Ok... Kyaa...”

“A-A-Are you all right...?”

“I’m...I’m fine...”


Ayase... I don’t know if it’s because she feels nervous over being in a place where there are too many Otakus, or is it because she visited for the first time something like this? But, She has lost the attention she had until a moment ago.

“Hey, Ayase.”


“Shall we hold hands? So you don’t get lost here.”


Because of the heat in the air, Ayase’s blushing face was made even redder after what I said.

“N-No... I don’t want to!”

“There is no need for you to refuse it so strongly.”

“Because... because... it’s...”

Ayase started to open and close her hands, showing them somewhat sticky. Then she said in embarrassment;

“...My hands are all sweaty...”

Does it matter?

I can’t even say anything in this situation.

“Then, why don’t you grab the corners of my shirt? Last year, Kirino did the same thing.”

In fact, the same thing Kirino did back then.



Looks like I managed to convince Ayase. She obediently grabbed the corner of my shirt.

Then the first place we headed was East Hall 4.

A lot of booths from different groups were lined up inside the ample space of the building.

“This is where the doujinshi community convention takes place. Otaku say that this is the place where most of the important activities of Summer Comiket take place.”

“I still don’t understand what a doujinshi is at all....”

Ayase craned her head and started looking at the sides of the building.

“Could it be the same as the booths over there...?”

“Yes, they are distributing their doujinshi one by one...”


“Isn’t it?”

Even though I couldn’t understand it, it made me a little proud.

“According to Saori this is an event made by everyone...”

Ayase and I didn’t make any plans to buy doujinshi, so we just spent time looking at what was there.

“Is that Meruru's book which Kirino likes the most?”

“It seems so. Do you want to go over and have a look?”

Ayase was surprised when I asked her.

“Um... I noticed something suddenly. Don’t you think Kirino may come to this place?”


I forgot about such a possibility.

“You are right. I was not sure about Kirino’s plans for today, but she’ll probably come here.”

“Isn’t it creating a major problem?”

“No... Don’t worry. There are so many people around here. It’s nearly impossible for Krino to recognize us in this crowd.”

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice;

“Good! I already got my copy from Kabe~~~ Which one should I take next?!”

The thing I just heard a moment ago... it was a voice I think I remember...

“Is something wrong, Onii-san?”

“No… it’s nothing. I thought Kirino wouldn’t show up at this place, but we’d better stay away from the Meruru group’s booth for the time being.”

“Y-You’re right...”

Both of us quickly walked away from Meruru’s booth.

The next place we went was to one of the doujinshi’s works I had seen before.

“Oh, isn’t this Maschera’s book?”


“It’s an anime. And I quite like it.”

Due to the influence of Kuroneko, one of Kirino’s Otaku friends, and my kouhai, I learned about "Maschera” anime. I ended up enjoying it quite a lot. "Maschera” is a work that competes with Meruru, the wholly fantastic and childish anime which Kirino really enjoyed.

“Are we going to have a look...?”

“Of course...”

We went to the booth where a group was holding a work derived from Maschera’s original, Lonely Cat.

Hmm... What a good name for a doujinshi group. The illustration on the cover is also good.

“Hey, Ayase. Don’t you think the protagonist looks like me?”

“Which one?”

“This one.”

The demon protagonist, looking somewhat handsome and cool, is wearing a black cape.

When Ayase saw the illustrations, she said very clearly;

“But you are not as handsome as he is, Onii-san.”

“Hey, you should think a little more about what you say. It hurts...”

“I’m sorry, but...Fufuh...”


“You told me you weren’t an Otaku, but now when I look at you, I think you are truly an Otaku, Onii-san.”

“...Ehh... Is that so...?”


“And was I disgusted?”

“Yes, too much.”


“You are too straightforward.”

I looked down, looking sad with a tear in my eye.


I don’t know when, but I turned into a disgusting Otaku.

“But it’s not something which I dislike.”


After hearing those words, I raised my head and saw Ayase’s face, which had a big and beautiful smile.

“What did you just say, Ayase...?”

“Fufuh.... Onii-san what I...”

Before she could finish her sentence,

“Would you please stop flirting with her right in front of my booth...?”

A low, terrifying voice interrupted Ayase’s words.


When I turned to see, I could recognize who it was;


In an outfit of a Gothic loli, there was a Japanese beauty standing there with red eyes.


Who else could it be, Kuroneko, Gokou Ruri?

“You are mistaken.”

It doesn’t matter how I look at her; she is Kuroneko without a doubt! And yet, she denied it!

Then, a cruel and mocking smile appeared on her face.

“Kukukuh.... I am Yamineko. The one who, once received the Erosion, was reincarnated as an angel...”

What the hell is she saying? It always ends up doing the same thing.

“You are Kuroneko, right?”

“I’m saying you’re wrong?!”

She is Kuroneko. There is no doubt about it.

“Now I see, your group is also participating, right?”

“Well, yeah... Although, it’s only me.”

I don’t know why, but she seems to be in a horrible mood.

“Hmpf... That’s always the case. Even the same thing happened at the Winter Comiket... After all... the world in which humanity lives and in which I live, is completely different...”

Kuroneko moved her body, letting some tears appear between her red eyes.

“Hey...hey...why are you so sad?”

“I’m not sad or anything...”

Of course, you are!

“Better talk about you. Is it really okay for you to be here? Your entrance exams are coming up soon.”

“No problem. I’ll be fine. In fact, I have a lot of free time after Summer Comiket.”

To make her feel better, I deliberately made a cheerful excuse.

After hearing my answer, Kuroneko opened her eyes widely;

“What did you say?”

“Haha, I appreciate your concern for me.”

“N-No way... Then... why haven’t I...”

Apparently, she had gone into shock. Somehow, she showed some anger and started to move her hands, began to mumble something like: "asked you...the desire I have to invite you…” and so on.

“What’s wrong?”




What’s wrong with you, Kuroneko?! Why did you suddenly start screaming...?

“You are an idiot. Hahahahahahahaha...”

Suddenly, she laughed at herself.

“What are you talking about?”

“It has nothing to do with you. It’s my own business.”

Kuroneko changed the subject of the conversation, denoting more anger in her voice.

TL Note: It looks like Kuroneko wants to invite Kyosuke for Summer Comiket. She wants Kyosuke to help her in her booth activity. Still, she doesn’t know about Kyosuke’s schedule and imagines he was busy with his college exam preparations. But when Kuroneko found that Kyosuke was not busy and enjoying Summer Comiket with a girl, she became angry…

“Hmpf... And...? Did you come here on purpose to make fun of me for not selling a single book...?”

“Of course not!”

I knew it. So you haven’t sold a single copy?

“Then, did you come here to show me your cute and beautiful girlfriend? But, let me tell you, it won’t affect me. I don’t care with whom you are dating, since I have already given my heart to the darkness, therefore, I cannot feel pain.”

W-What a paranoid complex...

“You are really apathetic, Kuroneko...”

Suddenly I felt the pressure of the dark aura coming from Kuroneko, so I took a few steps back from her.

Intervening in the conversation between Kuroneko and me, Ayase said;

“O-Onii-san... Do you have problems with this person? She seems like a really dangerous one.”

Don’t say this to anyone!

“O-Oye, Kuroneko... Calm down, I think there is a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? What do you mean?”

“First, let me introduce you to my friend.”

Then, I directed my hand towards Ayase.

“She is Aragaki Ayase. She is Kirino’s best friend and colleague.”

“She...? Kirino's Best friend...?”

“Pleased to meet you...”

Ayase bowed down to greet Kuroneko. Looks like Kuroneko has something on her mind because she stared at Ayase’s face continuously.

“Now when I think about it... I think I’ve seen you before...”

“Ah, yes...yes. You saw each other at last year’s Summer Comiket.”

“Ohh... It was at that time.”

Sigh... Apparently, the misunderstanding is solved.

“I can’t believe you... How could you lay your hands on your sister’s best friend? You are the worst.”

Apparently, the misunderstanding hasn’t been solved yet!

“Whh...what’s wrong with you...? What are you talking about?”

“You didn’t deny it?”



“Sorry, I just got carried away for a moment...!”

It’s not the right time for me to get carried away. Still, unfortunately, I took a long time to deny everything that Kuroneko said.

“G-God...! This... is a misunderstanding.”

Ayase tried to deny what Kuronoko said previously, and it looks like her efforts worked it out well. But there is no need for her to deny it so strongly... Because of her actions, it seemed like the misunderstanding had been resolved.

But Kuroneko was staring at us. Her behavior was somewhat strange.

“Fuh... Kukuku.... Now I understand your relationship. It’s called the feeling of wanting all the happiness of people in this world to explore.”

Kuroneko emitted an aura that could be seen as the Omen awakening from her.

Kyaa Boom...

And she kept shaking her body.

“O-Oye, Kuroneko. I already told you don’t misunderstand us. Today...you are behaving stranger than usual.”

“Hmpf... What did you say? I told you. I am not Kuroneko. Right now, I am…“Yamineko”. The Angel of Revenge!”

Yamineko, huh?

“Aaah! This is so painful. My chest hurts, it hurts too much...”

Sarcastically laughing and making a wicked smile on her face, Kuroneko said;

“What do you do if I tell all this to your sister?”

“Please don’t...!”

“Huh? Why? You guys aren’t doing anything wrong or whatever, am I right?”

“Even if we’re not doing anything wrong, no, no! Because if you tell Kirino, it will create a misunderstanding, and it leads to a lot of chaos!”

“Hmpf. It’s none of my business?!”

“AAH! This is bad...!”

As I was arguing with Kuroneko, who fell into darkness, someone pushed me aside and came to the front.

“Can you stop messing it around?”

Huh...Aya... Ayase...

“Step aside, girl #2. Can’t you see I’m talking with Senpai?”

“No, I won’t move. But now I can understand.... You are a crazy woman with weird eyes, aren’t you?”

“What...? What did you just say? My demonic eyes are weird...? Are you insane...?”

Oh, no...! I should have predicted this from the start!

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? To tell you the truth, I hadn’t understood it until now, but finally everything started to make sense to me after observing your way of acting and listening to your distress.”

Then Ayase started laughing sarcastically.

“Who would have thought Kirino is constantly saying she hates the demented woman having a demonic eyes?”

“You’ve got guts.... Is Bitch’s friend really a Bitch...?”

“Bitch...? Is that what you’re calling Kirino...?”

“Hmpf. And if so, then what?”

This is bad! There’s no way Kuroneko has to say those rude things about Kirino and Ayase. Almost as if a chill had invaded my body, I turned to look at Ayase’s face from the side.

“Fufufuh... Fufufuh...”

I see it...?! The light in her eyes disappeared...!

In response to the dramatic change in Ayase’s appearance, Kuroneko... I mean, Yamineko said;

“W-What an impressive bloodthirst... Kukukuh... You have managed to hide your true nature until now, you monster.”

Kuroneko’s tone was the same as a demon witnessing a fallen angel.

“You were hiding your true nature like a real bitch and you are trying to get close to my Senpai?”

...I can’t stand it anymore! Don’t blame me for what happens next.


I screamed with all of my breath and came between the two of them.

“Hey! Stop making a fuss as if you were about to kill each other at the Summer Comiket! Instead, since you saw each other in a bad atmosphere, why do you need to end up in a fight because of the conversation?! I can’t understand it, and I’ve been standing next to you all this time!”

“Because you’re a big idiot, Senpai!”

“Did shit replace your brain cells in your brain, Onii-san?”


I had no choice left but to accept it when they started to insult me. But, I believe I have already understood the reason why both Kirino’s friends are confronting each other. They are fighting for Kirino. This is really troublesome.

“...It feels like the fools can’t think of anything but nonsense.”

“I think the same thing.”

And so, the first meeting between Kuroneko and Ayase ended in a tremendous and problematic conflict. It was almost like the first meeting between Kirino and Kuroneko...

No... Besides, there was no reconciliation during their talk; the situation became much worse this time.

Later, I said goodbye to Kuroneko and returned to the main hall with Ayase. Well... It was challenging to seal Kuroneko’s mouth.

“Fuuh... Ayase, there is no need for you to be angry about little things...”

“Ahh but...”

Ayase bit her lips angrily;

“Tell me, Onii-san...”


“What kind of relationship do you have with her?”

“What kind of relationship...?”

“Tell me.”

“Hmmm... There’s nothing between Kuroneko and me. Don’t ask such complicated questions. This... For me, she’s...”

“What do you think of her?”

“Well, she’s a very special Kouhai.”

“Very special Kouhai...huh?”

“You are also one of my most important friends.”

“...Your most important friend. And?”

“...Kuroneko is also my friend.”


The irises in Ayase’s eyes had disappeared, and she was staring at me. Then her expression returned to normal.

“I see. For Onii-san, Kuroneko-san is a friend, huh?”

“Yeah. But why are you asking me so suddenly?”

“No, nothing special... hehe... Just asking casually.”


As we talked absurdity, we headed for the Enterprise booths located in the west corridor.

On the way...

“Uwaah... Are those cosplayers...?”

We passed through the cosplay area.

Many people disguised as different characters were all around doing poses, and people were taking pictures of them.

“Yup, it’s incredible, isn’t it?”

“Yes, they all look like they are enjoying it.”

This feeling is not bad at all. Even for me, I thought this place was excellent when I first came here last year.

Wait a minute… Is this a chance for me to become cool?

“Look over there, Ayase!”


“I’m sure you know this character too.”

“Which one?”

I had pointed out a girl dressed erotically and beautifully;

“Look at that girl. She is cosplaying Stardust ☆ Witch Meruru.

“Isn’t it Santa?!”

“It hurts!”

It was incredibly painful for me.

But when Ayase saw the cosplayer carefully,

“What are you trying to do by showing me erotic cosplays, you pervert?!”

“You think about it too much. I just wanted to bring up a topic for discussion.”

“No, definitely not. You’re probably thinking of making me dress up like that again, aren’t you?”

“Ooh... It seems like there’s a lot of noise out there.”

“As always, trying to avoid the topics.”

“Calm down, let’s go and take a look.”

“Ah! Wait...! Geez...!”

We were headed for a stage set up by one of the local enterprises. Many Otakus were gathered, and due to some reason, the crowd was tremendous. On the stage, Meruru’s PV is being projected.


On one side of the stage, several fans were wearing pink jackets, they probably bought it at some other booth nearby, and they were shouting madly to support it.


“Onii-san... I think I’ve seen something like this before...”

“What a coincidence, even me too.”

Sooner, after we went near the stage where Meruru’s event was taking place, many fans with the same tastes as Kirino started to gather.

Maybe it’s my imagination, but they all seem to be adults... However, it’s something really remarkable that fans created a big uproar just because of a Meruru PV projected on stage. It’s probably an extraordinary event for them. But, just when I thought about it;

“Oh, it’s really you Ayase?!”

I definitely did not think I would ever hear a charming voice in this place called Ayase.

“Eh...? What? K-K-Kanako...?!”